What is your mindset ?

Your mindset is your personal guide, your mover. It will occur when your conflicts happen, discussing about politics, interacting with people, going out, building a business. It’s your mental toolbox. With the years and the experiences, if refines and redefines itself. It’s impossible to live 100 % to one mindset, but it’s a ideal we should strive for.

Here I present my current mindset, to give some inspiration ;



I am already in the greatest adventure : my own life. Life everyday as a new life and everyday as it were you last. I will live memorable moments. I welcome every moments with joy and laughter knowing that every second is unique and temporary. Play with the world, amuse yourself, flex the world, jump around, giggle & touch, cry, love.


Every moment I expose myself to new sensations. I shall taste new food, new spices, new mixtures, having a large appetite. A habit to initiate new experiences is in the mind. Not to forget the pink wonderland, sensuality sexuality and it’s discoveries.


Grabbing life by the balls. By not being in homeostasis, I will spread my joyous seed. Face your fears all the time, you won’t die. Also kill yourself a little bit everyday, by remembering that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


My time is very important. TO build my life, my love, my empire. I don’t waste time for with negative people. We have only life, so make it the best it can be is a good bet. I value my lone time as value time with my friends, I need both.

Life toolbox


I will create opportunities. We’re all gonna make it brah, I’ m not superior. If I can support you, I do. Be the sun, be generous. More inner richness I have, more I have to offer. My goal is to build a so abundant being in-myself, never tired to giving, to further society.


It’s time to start yourself seriously.Focus on your mission, each day and it will be good. Always maintain a purpose. I choose a limited of friends who will join and support my mission.


Every day I try to grow, a day without improvement & action in some part seems wasted. I can only compare myself to my yesterday-day and I shall already be better than my tomorrow version. Changing my life, so I will be who I cherish, becoming more than a person, an idea, an verb, a historic figure, an inspiration. I have to seek legend-status to pretend I lived to my true self. When ever I can I compliment people who are inspiring

Laugh my friend

Laugh about your mistakes, to say it’s okay, it’s funny, it’s a dumb things. Laugh about society, conventions, laws, traditions, life because sometimes it seems like a really big joke. Laugh because it’s good for your health.BE silly about life and your work .Start a conversation with an some anecdote or question, such as asking the group to suggest names for a five-legged cat, the president of Mars, the forename of a tree to get a good laugh.


I remain calm as much as possible, breathing trough my belly. I don’t let affect myself by things I can control. I have my own frame, sense of reality. I cannot fear death since I don’t know what it is. So I enjoy life as it comes. We all make mistakes, it’s okay, don’t make a big thing about it.



Be everyone’s soulmate!:) We are one human family, let’s connect. There is no reason to hate, only to love. Smile when you see a baby, when a couple kisses(compersion). I am happy when my friends are happy.


Be the one who set’s fire in each person. Be not selfish to hold your inner treasure for yourself and show it the world. Each person is unique, and has something beautiful in them, There’s so much life in every person. Appreciate this fact whenever you can. Remind yourself that the other person will benefit to talk with me and I will too.

I will treat everyone with same amount of respect , whatever the job/gender/appearance/status/living/condition. Perhaps the person is not beautiful in a physical sense, but I will go underneath to discover the essence of the person. I don’t attack, name-call people, gossip, because it’s a stupid, childish, non comprehensive behavior. If judgement occurs I will restrain myself to voice it.

Everyone is connect do me in some sense. Everything is connected, filled with emotions and perceptions. I stay positive or stoic against negatives peoples, giving love to not walk on the wrong highway.



Commit to your masculine energy. Live trough your brain, body and balls. 3B FUSION. Live up to your potential. Be the King/Warrior/Magician/ Lover fusion combined and unleash the energy. I am proud to be a man, to be the best. Depending on the situation I shall my invoke my CAVEMAN side, welcoming risk, trying to be wounded, being primal. Primal can be defined as being playful, being crazy, being bold, being crazy so much that I know all women desire me.


I am an hero myself ; number of sufferings, number of mental discrepancies trough the continuous learning, learned skills, learned mindset and attitudes. Add to this the things renounced, erasing the old mindset to forge a new one. I am a socially and emotionally intelligent person seeing trough the life matrix. I am important, I deserve an awesome life. I am enough, I am worthy of love, sex and life. I You are beautiful, cause you’re developing yourself everyday

Who am I

I am the shit, I’m awesome, I’m the prize. BE the one who sets sparkles around them, who creates butterflies in each girl belly, the one who is praised by the young’s and respected by the old people.

And what’s your mindset ? How does it affect your life ?

What is your mindset ?