Learning by observing the errors of others 7

Publishing too much content, tsunami of information, thus no visibility -> publish less and it should be more visible

talking too much for no substance -> talk when you can impact the world

not trying enough with people -> Do your best everday

waiting new year for resolution -> Don’t wait for new years to do something

not diggin in a blog -> you can’t find useful info everywhere
not going trough differents groups and viewpoints in order to deconstruct the biases -> talk to as many people as you can

training in only one intelligence -> train as many , they will be useful soon

not giving others ultimatum -> people only respect boundaries

have always stoic face -> you dont need to protect yourself all the time
not doing as fast as you can -> if you can do it now do it
putting to much trust in young people -> be self reliant and learn the skills
not re-reading what you write -> if you reuse you forget
not supporting full expression of partner and waiting -> dont live a half life
not being rough with your partner, having a not sexual compatibility partner -> sexuality is more important than you imagine

trying to view in the same way as yesterday -> change your perspective every day

not fitting clothes, no bodybuilding -> build that physique

essaie d’expliquer tout -> don’t try to explain everything
commenter trop de choses -> don’t explain everything to everyone, do it one time and then link
perdre du temps sur internet -> use your time wisely

be real, speaking your fuckin mind, dont be ashamed -> Life is only worth when being real

dont push be people away -> Heal yourself, help people dont’ push too fast

dont go too serious, feel free to associate -> don’t try to be to logical or to linear

dont be in the frame of others, to qualify, to wait for reaction -> be your own universe
wanting to tell your story everywhere -> don’t overqualify

hating other people -> there is no reason to
not confronting your ideas -> put your ideas out there
thinking that you are at fault -> you are not always at fault

Learning by observing the errors of others 7

Learning by observing the errors of others 4

Jumping to conclusions quickly and snap at people. Don’t do it, take more time to assess people.

Thinking your psycho concludes everything, but in fact limits. You have less limits than you think.

Dreaming too much not doing enough. You have to see big.

Discussing problems over messenger, too much room for misundertstanding. Discuss every problem in face if you can, at least per phone (voice).

Trying to win against someone who has fas more knowledge. Just listen, then talk.

Not speaking up, tolerating crap. Cut the bullshit as soon as you can. If something bugs out you should speak up.

You’re merely judging him from your own perspective. You need the perspectives of the other person.

Caring too much about problems you cant resolve now. Your life needs to be in place and you need the right people and tools to fix.

Relying on one person for emo support. You need more than one person to fulfill your emotional needs.

Staying in a rs with no passion, no fire, no comittement only bc they dont want to be alone. It’s better to be alone and healthy than ill accompagned.

Begrudged success. Elevate other people.

Underestimating people. Inspire and elevate, focus on growth.

Posting things no one cares about. Post things for the WE more than the I. This includes
posting childish content on social media, repeating the same narratives.

Se cacher ne pas se dévoiler, ne pas montrer la génialité. Show yourself.

Ne pas s’associer avec d’autres personnes. People are everything, gather with them.

Not having the me time. You need alone time.

Not wanting to be taken in photos. You will be not part of history.

Assuming actions of others to protect instead of asking. You’re gonna have a lot of misinterpreataions.

Having pride being egoist. It’s not just about you. You should listen, open up and open up people.

Not considering enough the other viewpoint, writing it down. Write it down, learn by accessing the other world.

Culpabiliser pour qch. Dont put too much negative emotions by yourself, on yourself.

Penser what is for me : insted of what is for we. It’s always about the collective history.

waiting for someone to organize. Do it by yourself.

Not sharing informations to people who could it use more than you. Sharing is caring and improving the world.

Learning by observing the errors of others 4

Learning by observing errors of others 2

Having a too arranged life not enough surprises not romantism, not travel. It will drive you crazy because of boredom. You need creativity in your life.

Not demanding enough from the wife/husband, not raising standards in the relationship. Comfort never brings satisfaction, and lazyness kills passion and drive.

Thinking of yourself as bad if you need/had help. No you’re gonna need help, you cannot do it alone.

Attitude loser who blamed « luck » and a « rigged system » for failures. No it was probaly your fault, and you had a skewed vision of reality.

Wanting to matter . Then live , do not wait or want.

Searching for truth, too much. This was/is the philosopher tomb. Life is not only about understanding. The same can be said about reading biographies, it does not help that much. Be your own hero.

Dwelling in the past. No wrong focus. Focus on the present.

Think popular days are important, no they arent. Only if you them importance, they are.

Being alone when family time is possible. Family and relationships is what life is about.

Making quick jugements and not asking questions.Congrats you’re elimanating a possible good person for your future

Staying with a narcisstic pervert. Strive for healing and for better relationships.

Focusing on what someone is missing, instead of the mission. No person will fulfill you totally. Too much focus on one person is too heavy.

Smoking with no reason or rationalisation or spending and drinking to much. Don’t endanger your life.

Not going to the root problem. You have always to go to the root.
spending too much speaking and not doing. DO more, think less.

Not connecting with other cultures and people. Living in your own buble doesn’t offer that much.

Living behind a fear paradigm. Be very precise about your fear, find statistics about it and be very rational about when to be.

Not appreciating the play you are living. This is life.

Talking to much about yourself. Life doesn’t only exists for monologues.
not forgiving yourself. You know you have too. Drop that weigh.

Ne pas assumer son histoire. assume your story be real.
ne pas oser devant les gens. be confident , this is life baby.
ne pas être balancé. Try to find some balance, it’s probable that it will give you comfort.

ne pas avoir automatic income. IF you haven’t one you will be dependent.

Holding on the illusion the perfect man, woman. It’s imperfect and this is good for you.
Destroying the relationship even if’s good. Why do you do that. Search well for the reasons.

Not asking if someone wants to be a parent in a couple. Do not waste years by not being upfront in the relationship.

Not demanding more in the couple, being apathetic, not seeing the real person. THis is gonna crash.

Not healing onself, you and the couple. The cracks will explode.

Blaming someone instead of taking responsability. Take reponsability as much as you can.

Thinking too much of the future. YOu live in the present, remember ?

you can never blame the other person, just yourself for not realizing it sooner. people do ruin your life…..but only if you let them

Dont mispeak on other people. It often comes back. Karma style.

asking what others want to do. Choose what you want to do.

Not beginning the interaction. Be the leader, begin first.

Do everythings as a couple. have your time, so desires is present.

Dont take a to big house. You probably need much, unless you have kids.

being prooud of sexual numbers. It this really the best metric you can have and brag about.

no shared values. you shoudn’t ever see each other.

Not knowing how to declare the problems  Try to be explicit.


Lecturing someone when you dont know about their situation, their life and when you have less life experiences. Do not ever lecture, it’s not worht it.

Thinking be the lone wolf is cool and necessary. No life is about necessary.

Commenting on other people sexuality. Too much external vision and not enough on your self and body.

Being impulsive too much. at the risk of lives. You have a brain use it.

Talking about definitions too much. Words are invented by humans, and definitions too, you will never come to a perfect agreement.

Ne pas avoir des conversations brutes. You need honest conversations far more than you think.

Joindre un mouvement ou tendance populaire. No dont’ do it. It will forgotten very fast.
Not cutting contact cut off contact directly. Embrace the change. Go cold fucking turkey. She/he is dead to you

Learning by observing errors of others 2

Learning by observing errors of others

Three ways of learning life exists : learning by onself (experience), learning by books (reading), learning by others (observation). Here I deal with the observationnal part, recognizing the errors of other people. It maybe not an error for the concerned one, but as Judge at the right moment, it was.

In real life errors

Victimisation error : To consider onself victim by some/the system. Does this bad system really exist or is it just a cry for sympathy ?

Phenomenon error : Not undertanding what is happening, not understanding the pattern, the why, the who of a moment.

No help error : Not asking for help, even if needed and it repeatedly sayed. Swalloying the pride is a good thing if you cannot achieve this alone.

Letting the others do it error : How will you learn ? If someone does it instead you, you cannot acquire the experience. Be it homework, some tasks on the computer, thinking about somehting

Playing too much error : Even if someone needs to play, to have fun in life, it’s very unclear when it becomes too much. And when it becomes a delaying of the work. When it’s instant gratification

Not growing error  : Everday one should grow, and not be comfortable. To experience the pinnacle of human experience and fulfillement in every domain possible. Otherwise com|pla¦cence sticks in, as well too much routine and life quality reduces.

Wanting to follow too much popular culture error : Popular culture is designed for the masses, but never for the individual. The substance is not very profound for those people wanting a deep and maybe introspective experience. Plus there are some very dark political theories about popular culture which doesn’t give envy to follow it a long time. Maybe you will see the vapidity of it, one day.

Only consumming and not producing error : It’s nice and fast to consume. But. There is no confidene gained about consumming something, only when producing confidence arises. It’s also about what last when you’re quit the earth, and consumming leaves only ashes behind, not seeds and trees. It’s forgetting to give ! Only taking ! Oh such a soul can be very tortured at the end.

On Internet and Twitter

Buys the last commercial product, an Iphone. But does it help ? Is it really needed ? Or to follow the crowd ?

Writing too much life on social media down, even if the Internet remembers everything. It’s far more wise to keep it to a few friends.

Having tatoos far too fast fast and with not enough reflexion. Tatoos were always linked to a tribe, to difficult situations, to show a personality and not for adorning the beauty or raising self esteem.

Being to fast in communication, here was the excepert : OWN your words, idiot. + Sorry for the name calling. Simple solution dont name call or judge people.

Some woman star raising her children alone. Why not, but there are several studies showing declaring it will not have the best effects on the kids developpement, when the dad is missing. Plus there is the question of the capacity to really do it.

Not question yourself about relationships, and thererfom missing the appriopriate relationship model. There are many variatios of relationships.

Comparing oneself to others. It doesn’t make any sense, not everyone had the same mind, same experiences, same relationships, same reality, same oppurinities, same personality, etc.

Saying too much I don’t know. Then don’t say it or reflect more on it.

Crying to attempt an argument.  Speak slowly and put your ego to the side.

Thinking bad of women or men. Probably due to a very inaccurate perception. It only makes missing oppurtinities.

Having a steady social circle. Too comfortable in relationships and not seeking more adequate will always detrimental to the construction of the ideal life.

Thinking you have to have some particular body. No, you are probably okay and not ugly. Dont fix on something which is not a problem.

Waiting for relationships to happen. It doesn’t just happen, you have to show your intent and poursue people.

Not etablishing boundaries with people. People will as much take, attack, trample you as you let them.

Staying with someone who doesn’t love you. Don’t do it. Relationship are making or breaking you.

X has not learned to control his addiction.Fix your issues and healing is critical

Only writing on some subjects. Not exploring therefore the vast possiblites of the brain. But also for debates. And to develop oneself by being more curious.

Admiring someone for too long and not become a model oneself. You cannot become authentic if other people have too much influence on your molding.

Gossiping about stars. They are taking your time when you’re observing them, thus not living, merely existing.

Focusing too much on how one will bring happiness. Happiness has to come from within, this is well known. The less you await completance by others, the more you feel responsible to achieve it by yourself.

Learning by observing errors of others