Disent bonjour a tout le monde
Progresser et encouragent facilement
Chaque chose est merveilleuse pour eux
Font des calins au pere, mère
S’ accroupir pour observer
Caresse les animaux

Old Soul

Character – Confidence – Exceptional – Talents

Good job/career placement – Focus – Skills stack

Empathy – Sensitivity – Respect – Deepness

Communication – Precious words

Oneness/Togetherness/Humanity – Mortality – On the Same Boat

Building – Proactivity – Engagement

Creativity – Connecting/Fusion – Improving

Social – Love – – Commitment

Detachment – Forgiveness – Aloofness – Transcend


Perspectives – Patchwork – Adding dimensions . Seeing life composure

Wisdom – Meaning – Teaching – Learning – Maturity of possessions, relations, talk

Being – Gravitas – Assurance – Responsibility

Slow but focus – Know what you like/want – Big Picture

Romantic Essence

Romantische Wellen sind überall erwünscht, wie kann man diese erwecken und hervorbringen. Es gibt verschiedene Stuffen und Farbengradiente , sei es in der Liebe, in der Seduktion, oder Sensualität.

Welch sind die am meisten geliebten romantische Filme ? Welch sind die grandiosen Akte die die Liebe erwecken.

  • Den anderen Partner wirklich und mit Wärme zuhören
  • In der Welt der Anderen Blicken und mitmachen
  • Ein paar Schritte im Park, mit Uberblick auf den Schwanen
  • Briefe schreiben, bedeckt mit Parfum, Stickern, farbisches Pier, chinesiche Tinte

Viel von dies hängt, vom Kontext ab, von der Schelligkeit, von der Ehrlichkeit


Science, pppl background , way of moving, way of expressing, way of job, problems, contrasts. Interaction with publicum. Trangression

Woman essence

dance, socializing, sharing ( family, language, partner, activities), cocking, sharing, , massage

God’s View

When you watch some movies, read some books or analyze some comcis, you discover a God perspective. It’s not the usual human perspective, but far more elaborated.

Here are some common patterns

Things with no obvious relations can be combined, rearranged. Things can interact independtly as well with others in harmony.
The human laws are rediscovered trough a new angle, presenting the loops of human mind designing laws.
One understandable model and universal is not the only one which can provide for explanations.
Even non explained things can live.
The non existants forms in our world can exist in theirs.
Paradoxs can coexist
There is no preference, no consideration allowed
The God sees
the relations between cultural models
can see trough time
Knows that is no force in play
Sadly I don’t have any documents to illustrate my claims.