Learning by observing the errors of others 23

not believing the overcoming
not planing for birthchild
being envious
not increasing your power aka freedom
losing passion for life
not learning communication
not being serious with the important matter
choosing misery and suffering
living in another frame
being in denial, not truth, not searching further
not doing what you want
believing in technology
trusting psychial mediums
uncertainty of purpose
impostor syndrome

blaming external narrative
stirring drama
not doing muscles building
not doing sports, dangerous dings, travelling, fighting, violence
letting pride, hurt, flawa manifest
not discussing ideast

lack the ability to see the truth and not go blind.
horrible at disassociation

Didn’t prepare enough, wasn’t ready because of this.

Didn’t put enough effort into it, to get what I wanted

Didn’t understand the people around me well enough to properly predict their behavior.

Didn’t find the people who wanted to share in the kind of success I wanted in my life.

not doing it for the sake of humanity, choice, hope
believe only in reaction and not action

not vetting properly, not having good frame
not beig redy for consequqnces
letting past hurt define you
not knwoing the reality of lawas

Learning by observing the errors of others 23

Learning by observing the errors of others 22

using sloppy reasinong – > reassess
keeping up with the joneses
seeking permiision
feeling helpless
being in scarcity
being weak/ignorant, coercing
try to change the system
being in everything
crying for everything
rejecting yourself
waiting it to happen
living in a no world
staying with people who dont accept you
not using authority

having guilt, loss of individuality, or impotence are the only exuses

not setting boundaries
be cautious, but dont alter your life fundamentally
not using things as a weapon
seeking the wrong things

Its just one form of SP going to another.
partenering with someone no comptaiblity
not seeing an opportunity that matches with your talents

using someone, seeing sex as too important or using status to get it -> there are other ways

not using the potential for the people
only using achievements (self) and forgetting others (non-self)
trying to get with 1-2 sd lower intelligences people
trying to get with another socio-ecomic background getting bored
not knowing what you want ? loyal attractive or intelligent ?
expecting too much from other peple
not fiiting in with your friends – or girlfriend friends

not seeing the things in cycles
not seeint that emigration was always there
repeating the same complaint over and over
not deleting the problem, but painint gold over it
not taking advatnages of the crises
repeating the same problems over and over
not seeing the entire map but a portion of it
not saving some amount of money
not looking at Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Panama Argentina, Uruguay

Learning by observing the errors of others 22

Learning by observing the errors of others 21

assuming something -> listen
quiting the gene game, non competing _> competition is awesome,continue, need to give your genes
not being able to draw distinctions -> you will lose
being shamed to do something -> it wont work
putting to much money in someting -> guard your money
not being able to detach content and author. content and emotions. prescription description -> writing is complex

getting into uninformed, pollyanna, shoulda’-saw-it-coming, ONEitis fueled, shame induced, bound for bankruptcy, scarred my children for life, marriage -> marry only for good
needed someone to help you -> help yourself first
not being determined -> have killer instinct. TRY. spread your energ
being to satistied, -> be dissatified -> get angry to get it

rejecting yourself.
Greedy people make poor life decisions
not lign your habits and vision.

believing your right -> engage seriously and openly
bickering, making false claims, insulting and shaming
believe iq is optimum

Waiting Until the Last Minute
Sold Myself Short
Sought Permission

seeking approval
calculating too much

assuming something
quiting the gene game, non competing -> competition is awesome,continue, need to give your genes
not being able to draw distinctions
being shamed to do something
putting to much money in someting
not contemplating
seeking for a role model
using the same lifestyle when not the same personality/values

clining to impermaments things (rs, ppl, job, self, dreams, material) -> cling to permanents (self)
fear is avoiding the future -> prepare the future, give your best.

Learning by observing the errors of others 21

Level Up

Man with no option -> To options -> To intermingling others

Style in boutique > Stylisted boutique -> Customed made -> Own boutique

Money to survive -> Money to thrive -> Money to collaborate

Upgrade :

CLothing : Zara, H&M -> Eco-clothing > Make your own life > Collab with others > Use fashio as message
Parfum : For the public -> for your personality -> for your ambient > for your your sourrinding & world. Theirs, Yours, Collective Parfum.
Price for photo : 75 euros, 150, 250. 500. 1000, 2000, 10000, 50k,etc

Travel alone : Travel alone, Travel with travel buddy, travel with group, travel with community

Memories :  Rather the memories of one could be done by realizations (books, constructions, art), evolution (truth, personality, sharing, family), presence (personality, events, memories (photo, journal)) and business (value, investments, cooperation).


Level Up

The Errors of MEN / 20

Most men dress like shit -> playboy
Most men are out of shape -> hugh hogan
Most men have poor posture -> dont’

-anorexically skinny -> eat
-unkept hair/beard -> shave and get a cut
-tattered clothing -> refresh clothing
-horrible posture

Often Start With Paths they drivel . They Make the Same Mistakes -> choose the right path. write about your mistakes
Don’t Really Want To Change. They Place The Blame Elsewhere -> full responability.
They Often Need To Be Bailed Out Of Bad Situations -> it’s up to you
They’re Slightly Dysfunctional – Behavior That At Times Is Awkward or Irrational -> change your behaviour
They Live Day-to-Day, And Don’t Think About the Long-Term -> think in long term

-Anxiety -> life
-Indecisiveness  -> just go
-Lack of Planning -> write
-Lack of direction -> question yourself
-Instability -> eat better
-Moodiness-> chill

I was focusing on the imperfection of others in order to avoid the fact that I know every single one of my imperfections…
requiring one thing I lack: Discipline.

Their reality is weak, needy, supplicating

No leadership, no vision

And cant handle chaos

—-> replace by


So Hot, I love the wild side of Clark, OMG so…so… in control, going after what he wants. Totally sexy. Bring on red Kryptonite.

– NoFap -> talk to girls
– Cold showers -> stop that warmth
– Aggressive affirmations
– Yelling/war cries
– Boxing/MMA
– Business

Propose these roles :

1) Resource Provider
2) Anchor
3) Entertainment
4) Status
5) Validation

The Errors of MEN / 20

Learning by observing the errors of others 19

Writing everything down -> feel it, let it sink, forget it
preparging too much -> just go
putting wealth before health -> health is wealth
not anticpating breaksdowns -> prepare emergence fund
keeping up wit the dramatics -> focus on you

believing the fantasies, not seeing the cost -> know the cost of the realities
not believing in our greatnesss -> multiply your vision
being afraid to make a mistake -> make the mistake and laugh about it

having analysis paralisy -> breath, plan, do. dont be depressed
having a comfortable life -> life troughh discomfort, make it happen
having limitations -> analyse your patterns, break them, live

not seeking out better source of info -> seek better source, they should put your in delith
hoarding and filtering -> don’t, not often, once a year, otherwies create
fear-monging -> do not fear, prepare. or prepare
fearing violence, intimiadation -> be strong
following pupular people on twitter -> contact only people who can respond back

not publishing popular topics -> either publish popular or really independnet
not having your own platforms -> have your own website
not being the change -> do something about it

not using your natural talent -> use it
focused on losing, on hating -> win

being not consistent -> more routine
not asking out -> just say hi

ruling out people, thinking they dont have the same interest -> you need to try
not trying multiple times to talk to people, women -> try again
not dressing well -> dress to the best
discussing with people who cannto do it -> discuss with the worthy
being too intellectual, not enoug sexual -> be a beast

not using the intelligence i have /| use it perfect it
not publising on the righ site/ search for the right platform

having bad shoes , having coloured shirts when not mastering it -> master the basics

dont trust anyone with agenda (race, power)
not reflecting on the multiple/variety of money use -> think -> reality

not sleeping -> sleeping is important
not simplifiying -> you will crumble
not searching for solutions -> just do it
not trusting each other -> trust makes the world rond
not using the tools -> find the right tools for your work
not having the purpose -> have a big one
not applying for job -> either be employed or search
not appearing for photos -> photos are memories
not being aligned with the gaols -> step up and realign
not having valid reaons -> stop making exuses and do it now
not applying the learning > know foresight, desire, strategies to use it
running away from problems/strucutre/cycle -> you have to deal with it

one thing at the time -> less is more
being resistant at something -> accept is it right espiecally if done by older people
not being aware of the consequence of life -> choice = consequences
not redefining standards -> you will drown in life

not seeing cautioanry tales > other makes you learn
using different perspectives -> use yours
lacking intellectual rigeur -> develop ti
resisting things, not asking -> try the method
whylistening, reading is not enough -> doing aka results is what matters

do not be impressed -> value yourself
do not distance yourself -> give them something
don’t have social greed -> open yourself to others, make them join
forget the individual opinions -> talk or enjoy your life

evilish : taking things from other people/doing the same thing/opening many tabs/dismissing other people opinions

being pedantic, over precise -> let people slip
not having fireworks in you -> be furous, engage, social, furious

Learning by observing the errors of others 19