The Errors of MEN / 20

Most men dress like shit -> playboy
Most men are out of shape -> hugh hogan
Most men have poor posture -> dont’

-anorexically skinny -> eat
-unkept hair/beard -> shave and get a cut
-tattered clothing -> refresh clothing
-horrible posture

Often Start With Paths they drivel . They Make the Same Mistakes -> choose the right path. write about your mistakes
Don’t Really Want To Change. They Place The Blame Elsewhere -> full responability.
They Often Need To Be Bailed Out Of Bad Situations -> it’s up to you
They’re Slightly Dysfunctional – Behavior That At Times Is Awkward or Irrational -> change your behaviour
They Live Day-to-Day, And Don’t Think About the Long-Term -> think in long term

-Anxiety -> life
-Indecisiveness  -> just go
-Lack of Planning -> write
-Lack of direction -> question yourself
-Instability -> eat better
-Moodiness-> chill

Their reality is weak, needy, supplicating

No leadership, no vision

And cant handle chaos

—-> replace by


– NoFap -> talk to girls
– Cold showers -> stop that warmth
– Aggressive affirmations
– Yelling/war cries
– Boxing/MMA
– Business


The Errors of MEN / 20

Learning by observing the errors of others 19

Writing everything down -> feel it, let it sink, forget it
preparging too much -> just go
putting wealth before health -> health is wealth
not anticpating breaksdowns -> prepare emergence fund
keeping up wit the dramatics -> focus on you

believing the fantasies, not seeing the cost -> know the cost of the realities
not believing in our greatnesss -> multiply your vision
being afraid to make a mistake -> make the mistake and laugh about it

having analysis paralisy -> breath, plan, do. dont be depressed
having a comfortable life -> life troughh discomfort, make it happen
having limitations -> analyse your patterns, break them, live

not seeking out better source of info -> seek better source, they should put your in delith
hoarding and filtering -> don’t, not often, once a year, otherwies create
fear-monging -> do not fear, prepare. or prepare
fearing violence, intimiadation -> be strong
following pupular people on twitter -> contact only people who can respond back

not publishing popular topics -> either publish popular or really independnet
not having your own platforms -> have your own website
not being the change -> do something about it

not using your natural talent -> use it
focused on losing, on hating -> win

being not consistent -> more routine
not asking out -> just say hi

ruling out people, thinking they dont have the same interest -> you need to try
not trying multiple times to talk to people, women -> try again
not dressing well -> dress to the best
discussing with people who cannto do it -> discuss with the worthy
being too intellectual, not enoug sexual -> be a beast

not using the intelligence i have /| use it perfect it
not publising on the righ site/ search for the right platform

having bad shoes , having coloured shirts when not mastering it -> master the basics

dont trust anyone with agenda (race, power)
not reflecting on the multiple/variety of money use -> think -> reality

Learning by observing the errors of others 19

Mental Déconstruction


cheaper service
rebuy enterprise, local
revise the trash
resell package
distribute to
produce publish

Mindset of Business

redesign: reevaluate, future ahead, long game,invest, planify, vision

opportunity : collaboration, love, friends, contact, supporting, input & output

determination : standards, constructive criticism, habits, chances, epiphany, taking it

values : honesty, love, free , sprit, strong, , risk, sharing, curating
keys : time, maximum, if, possibility, breaks the rules

mind :see nothing yet, setting a precedent, in five yeers, you could,mold of gold, legends

Mindset of business 2

core → results/congrats/success → core

map & perspective & lenses




inspiration, exhilaration

effirt & timelapse & effort

Information Gathering


Information taking, information choices

Info sharing, receiving

Manipulate reality, perception, fun and how much frequency

Time spent management


ecoute, note, reflexion, emotions
note, strategie, changement
observation, reevalution
partagement, discussion
evaulation, changement

Learning base

philo > etymologie > ontomologie > logic > sciences

high consciouness


selfless, couragic
open, truth
foresight, adapting
responsabilitz, ethics
long term, long channel
self govenrance


People associations

Fastness of perspective acquisition, replacement of paradigms

Higher quality people, high quality books and environnement finding and integration

Solo and group mindset, us vs them mindset

Putting the right people effort in

Flaws, weakness, strengths and according lifestyle to that

Deconstruct universe

All – Forms – Senses – Infinities – Realities – Words – Boundless
Chaos – variables, time, information, folding, dimensions, portals, imagination
rearragement, disassemblement,light. possibilities (nothing impossible)

Deconstruct Time

Ressources alllocation – Investement – Energy – Productivity – Rest/Work


your chamber

paper peint

piece de rassemblent
things on windows
construction materials
tables, chairs


couvre chef
hairs, air-rings,
acessoires, objects

-way of thinkings, sociazlign, expressign, goalsambitions, energy



Mental Déconstruction

The Primal way

Swimming, Hunting, Arching, Black-smithing, Building, Gardening.Dance, Rituals, Sexuality, Conception.Animals, Riding. Costumes.Much of Happiness comes from : Mediation, Purpose, Contemplation, Slow Deliberate Action. Being. Less Friendship, Less Hobbies, more Being.

Free from vows, obligation, assumptions, projections, projects, projections, shame, guilt,

No cinema, no reading, no technology, no job.
NO style. no camera

Experiment : Sleeping in a tent – Exchange clothes.
Visualisation : about near-death, life chaning experiments, other person, other elemen.t

The Primal way


hard questions :

save the content, the pics, the music or delet it

Pro to save : for others, to inspire, to grow
neg to save : everyone needs to find their way


you don’t do it bc 1) you don’t want 2) you dont know 3) you dont have good teachrs 4) you think it’s too late

dou you like libert or is too much for you


are in your frame or frame of others


a life of variety or specialisiation ?

should i quite my job ?
should I stay with my friends.

when do you get married ? where do you want to live ? what I can do for other people ?

auquel gens je peux m’associer
quel produit de beauté simple

Imaginative questions


quelle nouvelle technique d’art


how can i take photoshot in one day

how to dance tribal


how can i met rihanna in  2018, how can i be with supermodels

how can i promote someting really fas

how to make spiral events dynamics


comment créer un style dingue
quel combo de couleur peut-on permettre


how to make yourself in trannce

how to get drunk without alcohol

quelle facon d’augmenter la conscience
how to tap into bio-consciousness


quel job mobile on peut inventer – comment faire venir les choses à toi et non l’inverse
comment s’ouvrir encore plus
quel projets/expriements peut-on lancer en meme temps, ensemble


how to have sports equipement with you

comment avoir un gym portable


comment effectuer un voyage chaque jour, plusieurs vie dans un jour
si tu pouvais écrire un livre sur le sujet

comment fondre dans les elelments

how to have your own house with owning it ?

quel endroit stimule de folie
comment intensifier folie intérieur (vêtement – make-up)


Learning by observing the errors of others 18

thing there is a bad situtaion out there -> everyhing about perspectives
lifestyle choices and poor decisions, its built on apathy for themselves and self-hate. That’s why people conform -> choose your own
hyperstressing, hyperbol, not dealing with confusion -> learn to master your emotional state
such a lack of focus, that anyone can suddenly change > FOCUS
Using psychological awareness or on intellectual dishonesty as a weapon -> Don’t
expecting sometone to be this or this emotional state -> let people be
not walking the talk -> you wont get respect
lying about people -> be honest
Your past is an excuse. You’re lack of confidence and determination. You are too depressed -> get up
paralysis by over-analysis. not making a choice -> act
not owning yourself -> do it
doing things which don’t resonate with you -> do only your vibration thing
look in the past ->go the future
using false premises -> coming to false conclusion
believeng people with no scientifc validation/percetion -> careful
Committed the twitter mistake of chiming in w/o reading the whole conversation -> read first.
who martyred their lifestyle and health for ‘success’ and this is where normies mistake -> Health > Wealth
thinking that you need to be in hurry -> slow down
thinking that reading or listening is improving . no you need to plan, to act, to change, to delete. -> action and planning or nothing
seem subsconously go out to people to get you -> it’s not the case
only judging people by looks -> wont’get far
waiting for the ideas -> go get it
not taking the shoot -> you miss 100 of 100 the shoots you dont take
not bettering the transmission of info, the proces of learning, the values -> better it, more outcome
saying obvious things -> stop. use complex things
looking up to another person -> be your own
watching things when you know the lessons -> watch yourself
believing only in utility -> how do you define it
questionning, framing, defining -> let it be
delete people, who can be succeful after this -> don’t delete, just don’t contact
self loathing -> dont do, raise yourself up
using revenge, hatreed, resentement -> bad negative emotions
letting the hubris cloud your vision -> keep that in check
being too arrong or confident -> you will make mistakes
putting too much energy on someone -> not worth it
having meaningless fury -> calm
being anitculture -> be pro-culture
conversing on twitter, not mastering the tool -> if you use a tool, master it
giving exuses of uglines, no confidence -> improve yourself

Learning by observing the errors of others 18

The Ideal INFP

The « Pure game »

– very empathic & kind
– Welcoming, communicating
– Sharing, helping
– Connecting ppl
– Loves all Cultures
– Beauty, Love

Become the Signal, not the noise

keep the integrity of my own standards, w/out imposing them on others. Discard all judging, descriptive words. Don’t status signal.


Listen to others, counsel them. help children. Hug people. No music when reflecting, but music for impulsing.

Don’t worry, one step at the time. Reflect on the righ step. You can no go wron, only experience.

If you are in service, you’ll always be in flow.


dont engage in history, news,  logic/philosophy, violent films, world problem, avoiding emotional trigger outlets. « Take a cue from Tim Ferriss. If you want to eliminate a bad habit: take up an anti-charity and donate a painful amount of money when you break the habit. »

only you can fulfill your soul/happiness
-> internal -> only thing you can control
-> not reyling on the external

fuck obligation, fuck vows, fuck morals. do your thing.


Produce desire, which produces comittenment, which produces contentement, which produces joy – emotional mastery ( channeling) and flowing into the high states plus strategy seems to the be the attributes of the winners

Perfect Friend

i think also it’s easy to burn bridges (i did too many times), too have too many expectations (projected unto others), and not having patience (that the person becomes well rounded). but then it’s up to us what we want of life, mostly. Sucessful life (what is it), or friendly life or both ?


Intellect defines. Imagination designs ~Imagination is the last step of the Intellect.
Begin to wonder. Statements are like « <> ». Questions are like « 123456 ». Statements are compressing. Questions are opening/liberating.

You need to know

which responsabilities you can take- which one you can’t
which domain of science are interesting for you and which one are not
which professional setting is not for you

Develop cog processes

develop fe → call your friends, organize meet-ups, put people together, carea bout somone, listen to interviews

develop se → do volunteering, help, make instant jokes in the street, go big places, interact with many, reuse things in another way

develop ti → redefine your blog, words, goals, relationships, processes

develop ni → pourpose your way, express yourself, deliver. Life by intution, aspiration, love

develop te → planifiy, execute, ask feedback, revision, stragetize. Change places, change following. Delete unuseful things. Change your information sources, processes.

Dreams : Twitter Meeting. Interviewing people. Book of quotes rewritten.

The Ideal INFP