tech / offline


art b00k

photoshoot instructiors

clean background
clean lenses
check result midtime, take more breakds
test beforehand, by yourself
test diff materials, lights

train focus, lenses
use diff settings

art b00k

mbti notes

Comment créer ep pe

Dj, diverishty, élocution

Fwetske dance

Job interviewl, surveillant, animator, photographer, teacget, podcstsr

Ne need to do their own way, to be satisfied


Nf+nt diff, but addtivr model
If no ne + se then boring. One has to have a lead function

Fi should have their own business
Helped by a te

J order, p experience
Screen by knowing what the type hasn’t either experience, exactitude, public, rythm

Esfj educator, eramsus plus leader.
Isfp music director

Quotes, events, groups affiliative (Nf, SJ)
Innova, requestion solo (Ti, ni)

mbti notes



Zlya archetype


cluster a/b/c/d
shaming tactics
leader, cult
npd, bpd, hbd
flatterer, love bombing
egocentric, delusion
psychopath, sociopath, narcissit
dread drama triangle

attachement style
assortive mating
v gulenko

emotional intelligence
growth mindset

bionic/biological/biomimicry design


ying yang
kibbe styles
harmones of lines


linda berens
minute manger
tribal leadership
kegan order of consciousness
sustainbilitz leadership comptency
old souls
generositz spiral
ecological selves
leadership developpement framework
wooden pyramid
three stages of mind developpement

andragogy, heutagogy
kolb learning style
pact learning cycle
cone of learning
cognitive bias
unicist ontology
five principles of learning
bottom up / top down thinking
hierarchz of evidence
kieren egan stages of understanding
boyathiy theory
trivium, quadrium
boaring school curriculum
complex problem solving


red-blue ocean



detect them
Enfp online Make jokes, make grimace Make network via insta stories, use stickers, have a inner weird feeling

Enfp, copy trends or make one, push the vision where, make abstract into corporeal
enfp catalylist/unifier

play style : idealistit socialiser narrativist (chatting, roleplay, storytelling)

factor : high wanted inclusion, high wanted expression

temparement : sanguine-mel


DISC : dom/conscientious = strong intentionlist
langauge process: talk it
talk : processs it trough

impact on : people, innovation

info filter
seek ; identity, protecotres (twitter account)

motiviation ; emo relationships

strategy : diplomacy
logic process :

problem sovling : persuasion
embobdy impresssionts, stimulator

observer (gather, organise)

get things going (discover advocate,facilator caretaker,explorer inventor, motivator presentor) / iniative / informing /coworking

persoanlity disorder : ADD, hyperactive

rebel, detective, actors, adaptors, dreamers,

np : theorise, nf idealize, fp harmonize, ep excitement, ef rightouhness, en causationy
brain : mirror others, manage process, tone and voice affec, visualize impression

np : theorise
nf idealize, human individaiied, complete soul
fp harmonize (open questions to common ground)
ep excitement,
ef rightouhness

Fi fairy like
Deep empathy
Truth of life
Attunement purification
Emotional palate
Dinner essence
Créateur like
Idiosyncratic self-expression


Ne draydrskming think huge
Metaphoric pictural
Panopyic decuvce
Mass data, pulsic
Puns himor

Imitating paraofies
Plasticity generative ability

Fi +ne
Meaningful life
Énergies understanding


Besoin de stimulation

Initiative, intrepedite, interaction




Idée, hypothesis






External possibility


Impact personnes

Soul affect humaine


La vision







Art music

Symbolism archétypes

P > Receuil info plaisir, Plastic, Flexibility, Perform arts

Fe > Harmonie

EP > Explorer Variety

Nfp > Rebel


Enfp : Protector Social charming witty Bold spontaneous party Inspiring explorer apocalyptic Possibilities options potential Future High op needs Communication

Their job : Interpreter Event planner Translator, explainer (en) Art thérapie (Fp)



Capture of info:fluid, blurry, loose, spontauds, creative, and destruct to re-emerge (fluidly) and not contain rulizh (ti , te ; opposite biofunctokality)

Old files or apparent data hinders the flow data
All environnement (ppl phone social media) gets scanned
Non pictural non colorful info doesn’t brinf much

To grow

Need si, te

And tj (définition, heuristics

can integrate a portion of sj and nj and sp

in charge (get , chart the course, behind the scence)



Phone not attentive

Cannot digest xrikquey, counter recaion, pressed by fi


Cook together, let another person cook, have alarms to look (interrupt n flos)





descirbing functions ; adjectif, color,effect, additional/substract, rest/continuation,

Ni, psychic mimic, ne reproductive mimic, se muscle mimic, fi value motivate mimic

Ni dev, long time, hidden, effect, trend, résistance, cross, change, finish cycle, environnement, state, consistence, source, context, occur, everyone, timing, intention

ni : fillin the blanks
2 ne : connecting

3 te : see the use

4 se : use

5 sii :observe the use

6 ti : define the use

7 fe : teach the use

8 fi : evaluate the use

ti = define, propretieies, truth proclaiming, repeat way logic

  1. fI ? Intropersonal intell, historybioni = outcomesne = create, emergence , ressources invest, accumlation of happenings

    te = optimize, binding propretiere together, coodinate
    NT = competence of ideas (intellectual), transmutation
    NF = human individaiied, complete soul

  2. tp = liberty of tool, open to suggestion, collaborative technical work
    sj = routine
    sp = insctive, movements
    sf = playful, sensual
  3. ef = suave, human directives, sanguine
  4. es= dancerish, outgoing
    fj = territorial of friends
  5. fp = high individualism, high appreciation of others
  6. tj = direction action, effcient of process, structure
    tp = liberty of task doing, better doing, design
    nj = obession with huge data
    np = quirks, new processesstj = monitor (concrete performative evauluation)
  7. stp = operator
  8. ntp = enginer
  9. ntj = controllers (idiosyn perfomrative evaluation)sfj = conservators
  10. sfp = players (concrete human liberty)nfp = disciples (idiosyn and free human behaviour )
  11. nfj = mentor (idiosyn tested human )s = sensate, concrete, carnal, animal, literal, pramtkc, reality, concrete, ressouecs
    p = impulses
    f = human, soul, poetic, suave, caring, phlegmx
    s = sensate, accuratej = cut, rules, routine, proves
    n = nove, ideas, goal, allowance to deviate of concrete
  12. t = efficency, criterias, pragmatic, choleroc cause abstain of feeling, human dimension, righteousness, sumperimpose of rules


Limit of ti, subjective interpretation doesn’t create
Limit of si, mal adapat of modern context
Limit of ne, non useful innovation
Limit of ni, one perspective

perceinv = large info, use
judging = constrict, evaluate

0 why mbti

To find blindzpots and then u can find the adequate person to delegate
To know strengths and weakness, use for career, com, gaming type
To understand the motivation of some ppl, to know how you can motivate or influence them
To find the learning style, teaching style, com style, love language style or reinforce it
To get epiphany or awareness
To real how interactions feedback loops works
To know prefered authors, music, movies

to reteach

Teaching, Eating, Therapy, Clothing, Job, Sports, Communication


on which plaftorm

ne = novelty = insta ?
Ni = audiobooks
ti = phi

Which medium


Pe jobs = réactive fast impression
Entertainer, actor, theater, social media manager, photographer, co-ordinator, game player

Pi jobs = réactive slow synthesis
Story writing, critique, philopzhsr, sociologie

Ji jobs = réactive slow ethical
Teacher, philosophie, judge

Je jobs = réactive fast order
Cop, entrepreneur, ceo



natural artist
personality developper
revealer of dreams

Enfp job
Cultural guide. Photographer. Meetmatchr. Cultural afjudter
mass popularity mass enthousaism

People gather, tourism guide

Most natural artist. Prêche

System revision. Dysfunction psychologist

Enfp infp

Interview mode they got on
Use some general questionsas back up

Emo regularly
Radio ? présenter
Aesthetics mixer


Np sports

Forsst running
Figure skating
Rhymtic gymnastic
Table tennis
Pole dance

Te buying system + ni how you use it eg telephone, TV, house, contract
Ti réfléchir pourquoi ne lpste et ni à quel but, Which platform (weakness ans strengths)
Combinations :
ni fe : sharing, trendisigint
ni te refine your aguments to come a sppecif conclusio
fe + te : explain useyourself
Se + Ni : Do a Theater to piece on how you see yourself when you’re old. predicition consequeces of the habits, constructing erotic scenarios, imagining the outdorr dangers
Ti + Se : Do fast and get feedback while at it. Act your thinking.
Se + Te : Ask people on the street. Learning from street to dress better, taking photos.

Si + Ne : How does your past extrapolate to your future.
Fi + Se : Express your opinions in the ways you want.
Ti + Ni : Write your predictions down.
Te+Ni : Thinking about how you will be a certain moment, marriage and how you manage, by retro-futuro thinking.
Fe + Ni = you know what the other will need before they even they say a word about it.

Se+Ti+Fe = Group assistance and learning. Each member has a specific task. Lead the group to something specific.
Develop se ne : Changes clothes, Play roles, Have challenge against hour

Si, Fi, Ti women don’t have précise goal
if you associate with a dom Se do you think, there can be a transfer of mindset ( you getting more Se mindset ) thus more balanced

Sp inject positity action
Nf inject talk and dreams
Sj inject tradition, rules
Nt inject improvement theories


Bioogiv, cultural, social influjnece
Depression, posiitivy, social circles value forming/conditionnent stimulates furthers
Biology mothers, dad sense in environnement what is needed

how can you convince/influence ppl

nf by dreams with
sp actions, sensuality
sj rolemodels

to type
Logical train
Jumping of topics
Smiling ☺
Eye tells
Dress sense
Crowd connection
Story telling are the signs


Push vocalness

Favorite subject

Relating with people

collective individuals
own answers, collective
collectve exp, indivudl experiences
way of answering
way of finding info ; collective feeling (fe), situatals, environnement, frame
single focus (ni), pluri focus (ne), ppl focus (n) technical focus (ti,te)
conceptual , anecdotual
refinement, over

intje deconstruction a vsiom
Intj vision deconstructed

mtii default


Not religious secrets
exagérées standards, lack of social interaction
Belied in fix points
Not elaborated enough
Tok tranchent

Hyper efficient

Reframe everything
Long as thrdd
estless, not proud, no anchor
Never showing weakness, blingspots, , not considering other perspectives, thinking ppl are weak, have high standards for nothing, see everything as to fight, analyse

Hyper ventilism, , lack of structure and cohesion
Not taking higher info

Not engaging in thought, perception

Hype morality

Intp, critize but no solutions, too much in mind

so they can
Mbti development

Enfp : every behivoiru can be refined
pro tip : slow down – reflect more , use more criterias

Ne you need to get some ideas in head, find new possibilities

Distress then transmit to possibly and ambition to work or inspire yourself
Or dance ans put musx on

Training the trickster and daemon

Ne isnt made for reading but watching or insta,???

Fi learn to say no

Entp – Évry définition can be refined

use of

Si history
Fe connexion, in u est fi3nd
Fi choose bc of specifically reason
Te optimise Road, bagage
Se d’un places, Food, equipment to go trough
Ni choose when you come. How it interconnects with vision
Ne what do need next time, how 5o make more enjoyabwle
Ti caladute cost

Develop cog processes

develop fe → call your friends, organize meet-ups, put people together, carea bout somone, listen to interviews. connecting your ideas to people. find people as interesting as ideas. asking feedback for ideas. Use social apps, put people together, go the places where people are. Go outside. Ask personal questions.ssoul, conv, clarifiyng, giving value, inspiring, collabs. social games, using snapchat and instagram
social customs : dance, ritualsgreeetings
find where people could work for their wellbeing
service people. hug people
make christmas cartds
invite to castle, table, hotel
phone call 1 week. mutual help about progression

excellent fe
writing letters, compliments, appreciatin
spenidng time outside and taking photos
seeing the particuliarities of evveryone
launching a collective games

find national days

diff types of ppl, motives, sacrifices

social groups

palaym mvoies, concets

interact with ppl before them you do yo

cultural fe
knwo when to celebrate christams & important dates. know to hug kiss in diff countries.
develop se → do volunteering, help, make instant jokes in the street, go big places, interact with many, reuse things in another way. Se, observation, acting on flow, joking, dancing. use tactical arts, use body language to respond. imitate children. being snowball. use objects around you. slide and surf sports. listen to music together. take someone on your lap. take care of your body. having blast of colours
using different medium
acrogym, yoga
dancing whene
fully breathing, inhalation of the energies, feminine/masuline
totallx acceptance of sensical nervosit
seing diff colors
touching diff materials

develop se

enjoy traavel, fun , degeuisement, sports, memories. have fun, see spectacle, cooking, dj, experiment with new. approach more people
print thing out, materailize them
write & create
try differet styles

hiking, noticing the different of trees, champignons, paths
fixing creating handwork

taking care of the skin, eye, nair
buying sex clothes
Go out sport
Have go pro take vidéos
? Swim
Yogae acrobatics
Estimate distances

develop si
Analyse mistakes, changes, write down
Understand dresms

develop ti → redefine your blog, words, goals, relationships, processes. Being Asked to clarify, structuring arguments. testing your ideas. Less cryptic ideas. seeing the paradoxes, the reverse effect, nuances, structures, learning from 1st principles, arguments. Search Logic and truth. Developing your own unique style. Develop your critierias. historic-logico – paradoxical – combined – conflicted – oppoosing views -context, interrelation, timescale
Debate, critize


develop fi : select books better. do what you want. reconnnect with your resoleve

what is the ideal. need to verifiy- need to rehinkin everyting → to start at the base

no real needs for you. bneficial, non destructive, cooperative

develop ni ( THESE WORDS : Ni train
Lapses, fills/void, jumps, breaks, velocity, appear/illusion/frame, moves préparation, anticipation, away, resonate, continue, volatuty, Proxy, ideolufy, concepts, trend, flux ) → pourpose your way, express yourself, deliver. Life by intution, aspiration, love. predict your future. see how your clothing style will change. feel the oppurtnities arising. consequenences of choices. Predict the avent of apps, technologies, cities.
strategy , concoidence > snip shooting, flexing narrative

develop te → planifiy, execute, ask feedback, revision, stragetize. Change places, change following. Delete unuseful things. Change your information sources, processes. strategy / vision / timing / planning -> following entrepreneurs. Prepare are about your future housing / kids . Prepare info system and master them. Develop fun, food, people, culture system. Ask yourelf where you belong the best. put to in your phone
put , write plans, print, leot other people write their plan, copy suggestion on paper, email, note
Charts graphs articles, second blog
Useful apps, tech, plan, visoknn
Regorup argument à

develop ne -> seeing how things combine. where the energy could be put in use where is not. agriculture, spiral dynamics, and this combined would be a more human more respectual earth agriculture, thus permitting better humans to live. aka imagination function. basically It’s I am DJ with words and let’s mix a with it, it’s hilarious


perfect se :

product > brand all for all pppl

you > mastery of colors

skill > dance

perfect si

product : apapted-human apps , design, colors, personality

you : recognize failure, habits, food intake

skill : history briding

perfect ti

proudct : crystal clarity, conditions -> book of law, logic, industrialism

you : perfect defintions

skill : world builduing, cutting each description

perfect te

product : fifa street up

you : plan to save earth, festivals everywhere,

skills : vision and organisating, collab vision


product : museume of possibility, exchanging clothes, sound by air waving

ni : vr seeing in the past, seeing inside the body, seeing like plants

skill : vision


friend with everonye

festivals of self exploration


knowing how you trick yourself

fault thinking and how you develpx

own avator, own scripture, own food, own experiemnts


Infp, from wallflower to glowing light in the room

ENFP, from weirdo to the cabinet of curiosity

Mise en route

Mise en route mbti

Activation et agitation recontextualisation
By aller dehors, nouvelle action
Prendre une douche ?

Voir de nouvelles choses
Voir de nouvelle tête ?
Voir. Des nouveaux jeux ?
Converser avec différentes personnes

Musique favoris
Parler avec qui on ? bien

Aller dans une pièce et se remoree
Retrouver des anciennes Musiques, fils photo

Ne ideas, activité, diversity
Fi model inspiration, values mission inspirational

Location training

Cinema – Ni . Public park – Se.Conference – Ti. Malls – Fe. Airport – Te. Swimming pool – Fi Therapy – Si. Museum – Ne

Locations differ in expectation / training / attitudes / possibilities and mobility

simul train

Group critique
Intj : non ce n’est bien, pas assez grandement exécute
Entj : ça manque de collaboration, de structure
Infj : quel impact social cela avoir, comment comptes tu convertir le monde
Entp : est ce que ça augmente ton pouvoir ta perception, ton entraînement
ENFP : qui on va inciter à venir qui est partant pour de créativité
Esfp comment on s’y immerge, quel pâtir physique est utilisé
Esfj comment on partsgr pour une Immersion commune et ✌️ pratique
Enfj comment on utilise cela pour apprendre aux ustrs
Intp on parvient à quelque chose de correct d’utile
Isfj ciment cela aide à sergir les autres
Isfp comment ça va divertir les autres
Estj quels sont le opérations nécessaires pour cela
Istj comment ça aide nos capacités
Infp est ce que ça faire du bien dans le monde

Inferior anima dev
Esfp to make long lasting art, book form, statue, arechitrctusL, rearrabde spaces
Estp to produce accurate statement
Intp to system for the world
INTJ be a leader
Intp a humane sysyem
Entj render the system humane
Enfp new norm for lifestyles, reconsider traaditiojd


cog advice


Empathy, sublime
Meaningful life, energy, connected
Nefi chaotic wild imagination, quirkiness

enfp rebirth child wonder

Do lsss, skier, repeat, focus
Do the boring stuff
Ask for feedback
Implement idwas
Measure profess, gesoh
Discern 9nr subject
Dont escape enjoy routine
Have care routine

Fi fairy like
Deep empathy
Truth of life
Attunement purification
Emotional palate
Dinner essence
Créateur like
Idiosyncratic self-expression

Fi ne
Meaningful life
Énergies understanding




Have eating tothe
Have something for evening
Show places
Sove problems

Photos of souvenir
-> know poses, clothes, frame, decor scénario polarwid

Boat together
Plngee rogstgee

Christmas present, environnement

Intimate music concerts
Music playlist

Being included In project
Or conversion

Sexy outfit
Duo poses style carifirieis

Talking with someone
Playing music
Eating country food

Have phyical objects

Real value is
co-ocreation , questions , past and future
Secrets places
New perspectives
Total diff life experiences
speaking the different languages
Car Management in a group where people go together in places. Group Food production where people eat together (more social, efficient)
Manger ensemble à midi. OU le soir. Faire inviter des gens.
Faire des activités ensemble, photos, bowling, courses, natation. cleaning, gardening, eating, conversations, sports,giving tools, having blogs, organize workshops
Jeunes Agés peuvent se recontrer par des dialogues ( utilisation technologie, vie quotidienne, regarder les films, jeux de miroirs ). OU encore par le jardinnage, la broderie, la poterie, l’éctiture. Il faut des conférences sur la créativité, les idées dangereuses. L’utilisation d’internet, les précautions de la sexualité.
Ppl need advice for
Video mskinf How long tutorial, howto have platform, hiwto lend materials

Housing, where, how to occupy the room, how to decorate it

Questions for value

question for value

which stag
which skills yo need
what do you search
what is your learning style
what are your struggle
what is pscho profile
what kind of energy do you diffuse ?
which type you want ot make
which dreams

how to create spaces
how to colocation
how to make good dinner together
how to learn beter together


social media agency
festival entrepreneur
producer dj
music trends, festivlas
free lance illustrator, desinger
fahsion photohraphy

Real estate, business consulting, writing, and a bookkeeping biz at the moment.

what ppl like

traveliing ( moto )
cute animals
photoshoots, drawiing, magaine
good entertainemet

Giving Value
What People Value

People are always searching for exchange of value
Mostly it’s about
Sports/Being Fit/Sex ( positions, kinks, fantasies, techniques, TAO)
Money, Job, Independence
Culture (heritage, heroes, games, food )/Philosophy/Language
Fun (doing dangerious things * shoooting * bmx), Travel (hotels – sportinstallations )Arts, Dance, Eating
Mindset (philo, stoicism, absurdism, sufism, etc ) and oppurtinities
organisation minimalism time management
On Insta Age
instage age – filters, god presentation – video editing
internet site building
fashion photo – nude photo – travel phhoto, portrait

travel cheap, travel with people
what to visit, where
clothing – museuum, beauty, installation, unique place, markets, shopping, institutions
find where cheap location : locations for conferences, for teams, for traineing
what do to do on the beach.
finding atttraction park
offering a spectualr ride * helicopter * horse

espace de coworking. endroitde recrute
recrtuers, open callers, donneur de competences
des gens musicaux. de films. de langues. d’exercices
dlcouvrir pour le voyage
apprendre par so i meme


self confidence ( solving social fears, identity problems )
cooperation skills
tech tips (informatic tips). travel tips (Where, with who). product tips (bookcase, travelcase ,ihponecases)
Some of the best gifts
partner for tandem ( language learning )
finding an team for some sport
find a bf or gf for someone
inviting to a really good events
suggesting a good website, youtube channel or resoure online
find quick ways to make money -> permit your friends to survice
know people who can house you or your friends while you’re travelling -> the struggle to have a nice place to rest can be reduced

Pro Social
include young people or old people, rearrange for them.
which things people remember after yeers
compliments, encouragements, help, thank, gifts, being kind, questioning, redirecting in effective ways, sending the adequate material , being knowledgeable, listening, finding the right issue
the extra effect of : calling the person or sending a letter
finding assistant, manager, investor
Some secret desires/wishes people can have

– Find a sex/psycho/mindset compatibile partner
– Joining the right tribe/group
– That some issues/problem/double-standards get acknowledged
– Fulfilling some childhood dreams
– Get help on something that’s troublesome (for me singing)
– Getting that tough/sensitve conversations one needs
– Finding a good website/apps for travel/learning/eating
– To create something, big or not
– To find a way to leave a legacy
– To get help on this or that addiction
– To find out how one’s can maximize his potential/voice
– to inspire hope/courage/creativity/desire
– to learn new things in a easy way
– that the partner understand nuances&points easily
– hearing disruptive/taboo/ »brutal » talks
– to pick up the clues one is leaving, shows consideration
– transmit your possessions to the right person
– understanding and living well with the other sex
– that your works & articles are read before questionning it
– to get rid of prejudices/stereotpyes/biases
– interacting with many cultures and personalities
– to be healthy & finding the right diet
– to live in the right places

finding how you can show your cultural pride
someoneone who makes a movie out of your life

stylists find new materials
Market Research Service
Graphic Design Service
Event creator
Finding places (with lights, good energy, easy to find), find restaurant, having flyiers, transmitting the info
writers -> writing -> platfrom
writers -> selling -< amazon > bookstores
Find apps to telecom ( anyonym) – (group messaing)
Having soft skills
Developing opportunities
Giving feedback.
Complex issues
“How do you balance Novelty and Goal-orientation?”
-> find how interior desing
–> find magazines, buy things, experiments, go online
–> ask a group to design it
-> find easy way
–> know their needs anf make exchange
-> good ultrabooks for working on the go
-> how to get feedback and integrate the opinion
-> how to finance project, platform like patreon


High value

Worksop in space places
Produce concert
Find nice places, villa


Explain tech process
beauty prodvus rex, book rec

Clothing, sport, attendance events