Asking for help
Floating in some new shop 🏪
Getting asked difficult questions
Going in some new country
Identifying new kink
Interacting with another personality type
Seeing new way of living
Trying out some new language
Using a less used of multiple intelligence

How to have epiphanies / jailbreaks (hypothetical) 🏷️ Conversate as much as you can especially your like, dislikes, fears/embrassement/shame/guilt, wishes, dreams, skills 🏷️ Question yourself – repond to question of others – Get to the root of everything

🏷️ Use countercultures (independent, rebels, poor, anarchist, skaters/surfers , festivals etc) 🏷️ Visit & interact with artist, philosophs, sociologues, writers, cineastes, musicians etc 🏷️ Take a tour in anthropology, zoology, sexology, economics, gender classes, neurosci

🏷️ Change your body perception : tatoo, perruques, clothes, robot arm, lenses, parfums/Oils, Henne/Skin Colouring, Mirrors 🏷️ Go to conferences, expositions, houses, forests, beaches, volcano 🏷️ Swap the Gender & Age & Ethnicity & Status position to reconsider your position

🏷️ Read & Consider & Integrate : MBTI, Archetypes, Astrology, Big Five, Ennegram, Tarot, Witchcraft to acknowledge the diversity of experiences 🏷️ Have throwbacks (family photos, travels, gd times) but also Futurethrows (Futurism, Blockchain, Trends) 🏷️ Do you balance bro?

Create epiphanies Be in chaos (out of comfort zones, out of intelligences zones, out of socialisation zones), explore new models, go to other events, talk to new group. Take some challenges (social, bold, business, clothing, partying, wants). Confront yourself, confront others. Create or observe creations. Push your limits. Reveal in THE-ONE perspective. Seeing multiples timelines, knowing your dreams, experiment, following, knowing new domains of sciences, new tools, new ways. Go to new places, have new interactions. buy new things. meet new people. ask people about things you already know. Go into a new culture. Have some challenges, spicy

random pages, random questions
other concet of sciences and art

Realize the Loops

Stating personal statement
Not opening debates
Not admitting flaws
Speaking on same subjects
Sharing the same way
Eating at same place
How you greet ppl
Not facing issues
Way of tipping
Which kind of music
Where siiting



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