Unique feelings


When someone illuminates your eye with a lamp
Seeing blurry when asleep when lamps are in front of you
On a table, seeing your own eye from your own glasses

Unique feelings

Learning by observing the errors of others – Style

Bocking movement instead of mouvement
Only piece of material – not enough for thematic Jean
Having light color above
Not having differential shoes
Not using natural combination
Not upgrading hair
Not having muyoolt shoes on actin plans
Having to timid colors
Having a too gender absence abstained
Having scradr masking neck

low selection of clothes, having reversed clothes
graphic shirt
not assicuatve material
not cutting the beard
having holes in pants
not having a nice haircut

Not cutting your beard
Having a beard when it doesn’t suit yiu
Having too. Much Vic crvatste colors
Over dressing

Buttoning to the top the shirt -> have some air
Have a t-shirt under v-nick thin pullover -> remove the t-shirt
Having black & grey square shirt -> Have more elaborate, less boring
Wearing easy jeans and or hoodies -> don’t wear easy clothing
lack of petulant clolor
buutons sickenning, no aire -> open up
constrict -> have fitting clothes with enoug fluidity
pantalin froissé
dress poorly
not having muscles masses
ceinture enfantine
rose en dessous du rouge
grez doesnt work
pink pastel doesnt work
Pink, Fuchsia, Cool Berry colors, dusty cool pastels.

rose ne va pas avec le roux

blanc et teint rosé fait très pale, pade couleur qui reinforce la peeur
Pas d’obscur en dessous

le hoodie fait très jeune

ne pas utiiser que la sombritutde

faire attention au surchaffue : graph 9+ colours

rich and neutral not reall working

Easy looks

Black pants + grey pull or kaki pull or red pull or white shirt


Reverse : Pink in, black out.

Clothes categories

Motif : natural ( branches, trees)

Learning by observing the errors of others – Style

Job crafting

Big five
Open experience 90
Agréableness 90
Compassionate 77
Assertive 77
Art 90
Cheerful 90
Exciting 66
Fr 69

Lexical test twitter
Self expression

Fp reporter
Fi artist
Np rebel

237,469, 459

Self control
Right brain 72
Left brain 40


Offbeat 81
Vital 6p0
Inquisitiveness 63
Emo stab 74
Unconventional 88
Intellect 83
Dynamism 67
Romanticism 66

Intrsintell 69
Intrr 59
Linguistic 67

Innocent , joker, magician, wise 🧓 man, seeker destroyer

Sx arcg
Primal 87,dom 81,rigger 80, brat tamer

Archetype branding
Innovation passion, rockstar

Competition22, indépendant14 service19 création 14

Empathu, inclusive, individuation, relater, connector, positive, adaptibility, signifiant, ideation, learner

Réviser, abstract, op change, self reliant,

Asi, à se, sai
Esthétique 16,contact 14, literate 14

Dom45,influence 20, stead22

Job crafting

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 70-80

Afraid langues, hypothetical probleme
Natural disaster

Not admitting fears
Thinking you can go all drections
Not. Focus on winning

Being In not aired place!

Not setting limits, being strivyrd
Beig too much in mama mode and not activity hobby papa mode


Dunning syndrome
Not focus on something

Not seein limits of heuristics, thumbrules and not seeing the condition of parties in
Not seeing that the situation changed
Not counting older roots


Not getting up Dirlcty
Not getting goof or energy in morning


Ordering shitty food
Ordering too much
Asking for sugar drinks.
Not fasting
Eating too fast

green tea, chips, chocolate, milk, lemon
latenight snacks

Giving up

Reading unnecessary thing
Giving up. To. Soon


not committing to one things
Not being ware how much you bull’s hit yourself
Not self regulating
Quiting your fitness plan
Thinking you have to do society’s way
Knowing limits of life, décision making
Not kowing the system
Not having insurance on important stuff
Possessing too much

Wrong focus of person, forgetting central


Using electronics too late
Not checking the path wanted in daylight
Not checking the hours. And the price for it

Use something to compensate
Thinking things change
Not getting aware
Not believing in yourself
Thinking you can change what’s happening
Putting yourself in everything
Not knowing why you need power or truth or money
Thinking that success or fail means some thing
Not having stable identity being eternal child
Denying yourself
Thinking you have to be the best in something but. In definind
Getting too much stimulés
Not posing structure the energy intake

Disregarding nerds desires and their voice. Not playing and challenging your boy inside

Not accepting your reality
Felling hesitative over impressed
Not saying no
Not being ecstatic


Not realising how ppl love you
Not determinimg frame condition you want to go
Not pressing for rs answer

Not choosing right language or Com platform
Not selecting ppl to socialise with wanting to all do alone not accepting suppoey
Not standing right
Not projecting voice
Judging ppl by appearnecd
Not seeing the potential
Discussing but not for solution
Not thinking something is wrong by tit still has consequences
Thinking in relativism
Not getting person intention
Not speaking up
Having dismiisve langues
Too brandy
Not finding your own style
Waiting others to make a mkbe
Over standard
Project standard into others
Damaging reputation
Not having a proper social system
Go against music trnds
Not learning dance
Tyring too hard
Being too abrasive
Not preparing logistics
Not talking with friends on phone 📱
Stating too long with dance
Not letting the joke and interrupt it
Being too precise
Not asking for feedback, not asking for honest, not delivering it
Not being with real person
Not being with good people
Not listening to the grief
Trying to change perception not moving forwards
Asking for permission
Sharing too much
Feering rejection
Tring to impress

Not testing, teasing challenging, leading
Treating her like your daughters, fr
Not being enough stricts with your boy or girl
Thinking have same interest, and learn the same

not iniating more contact/danse with ppl
not saying hi to more ppl
not complimenting enough ppl on style – on bag, clothes, hair
selfguarding position
not readapting for social moves
having bad social circle
not making a move
not beinf focused
not being relaxed for photos
Not dealing issues with person
Psycho analysing everyone
Using insults being disagreeable

Not finding tbe right ppl
Not going with ppl
Not partying
Not practicing karaoke 🎤
Adressing sick sad confused ppl
Telling desires to facts
Not 0ffering
Not joint selfie joining
Doing sptudi shit that can damage reputation
Not doing 1or3 conversations
Don’t order ppl
Don’t mock other ppl because of language
Not taking ppl around u
Not jumping on Sensual occasions
Taking toomuch stuff

Social media
Reading too many feeds
checking too much insta

Not using your time in social gathering, not having a mission to occupy

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 70-80



Publish on your timeline

Having an mission and courage or ask model oragatzinss
Being self referential
Profit from other resources apolllo
Dancing under the rain
Being grateful for those build before
Motivate yroeuself by love glory sdx
Revise goals ans why not working

Having big muscles
Having courage for nude
Funny clothing
Embodying concepts
Eating well
Morning yoga
Going out
Sexual knowledge
Workout to solve problems
having traditional clothes

Lookin up random concept, or page an dyergrusd
Use random concepts of fields to tie in self improvement

To have a rope to play
To have portable games
TO know dance

Planify postings

Wanting that everyone is happy
Presenting well
Good langue skill
Know culture
Joking good food
Promote ur friends
Go ot funny places

Playing other gender
Hugging touching taking selfies with ppl
Showcase in video whee u go

saving vif links articles

doing challenges

Using different archetypes



5d cinéma

Lord of rings
Odour of tree ur UK hai bows
Have ventilator
Have poerlslebwl chair
Have armure
Break at clifhanger

Evenr beauty
Shampoo, manucure, masc

Event macro
Jour à des jeux foudmis
Regarder q001 fourmis

Event conte 🦄
Théâtre poupée
Gâteux magique

Event fish
canard canne a peche

roman event : grape, amphreo, fruits, scenerie, casque
reverries ( jeux de foire, bullet, monocyle, cerceau, manege, ecrasement de grape de vin, Hae mariotnnete, jugnle speed, diabolog, savon)



Bol made by clay in snake 🐍 from
Mini spider with ficelle on glsses
Grasshopper 🦗 with chocolates
Glasses with sugar worms
Witch hat, wand
Make up
Paperform worms spider
Deceor kurbis fumée cimetary

Déguisement critique, cerbère, maison hantée, dechetrrie, bouche kraken


Spinach grass
Tomate volcano lava
Riz snow
Jelee water
Moule hutte falaise
Marzipan arbre
Brande à sucre arvree
Cacoo earth
Sugar stones
Eblee stones
Fish grey ricks




make up, glitter
soap making + candlemaking + atelier parfums
badewanne + soap bubbles + swim suite+ maincutre + good music
coiffure, cutting hair, washing bateau
shaving someone


The spaceship

Needed : Costumers, Scene-Man, Color-Man
Photographers, Musicians, Videoman
3D Imprimerie, Cooks
Materials Scientist

but pedagog

questionner l’avenir et le présent- préserver la terre

comprendre d’autres systeme vivants,

melanger bio – sythèse

voir autrement

créer un langage

communiquer autrement ( casq micro

avoir un vaisseau de commandement ( report de mission, remise de prix)

avoir un laboratoire (désablage, déseoufage, experience vr sécousse )

avoir une salle de visionnage

avoir une salle de mouvement, entrainement

Plusieurs équipes

  • Solarpunk, Moonpook, Féerique, Fantasique, Robotique
  • besoin de badges, iconographie (couleur, philo, symbole, taille)

besoin de fleche pour expliquer le chemin

exploration galaxie noir, couleur,

besoin de projecteurs, projecteurs astre, d
de musique extratterrste (daft punk, boise noise)

cinema 4d

siege qui bouge, odeur, jet de liqiuide, toucher, gouter alimement

besoinde siege type balancoire, pistolet a eau,

sc1 aragine sc2 froid glacial, sc3 désert, sc4 jungle sc5mange verre de terret

tapis roulant, piscine de bulle



atelier : chaise

explication : construire de chaises pour le vaissea

besoin de : masque blanc, de medecin

frigo monstre maqueette ?

grande maqueette

besoind de bois , toile, planque, aroidse

atlier cvve aquatique :
besoin de : maillon, bain, bombe bain, sirop rosé, make-up, nailmartien

atlier : radio
explication : immmiquer une attaque terrestre : la fin des mondes (spielberge, orson??)

atlier : pokemon trouver

aliter cuissne future
symtem du froid, imprimer la nourtiture


trouver dans ls able, ioche, epsce, documenter


-> maquette -> plat -> crématique, pioche pour cassser, trouver la beauté

documentter avec carnet

créer l’art du futr
explicat : intsruement midi, flute iphone, inst bjork

aterlier : créer atmopshere terreste, design urbain, design désert

explication : type diaoram, résine, plastique

atelier : céer des transformers avec voiture plastique,

explication : coller ensemble des voiture, tête de transformers

atelier : créer des réliques, artefacts, drapeaux

atlier : créer pti monstre

bseoein de : Polystyrene pur oiseau

ateier : diorma nourriture,

alier : Monsstre

explication : comme dragon chinois , mais reptile, ou bubble créature
besoin de carton , couleur, plume

aliter : portait de monstres,

explication : desssiner des monstres, ou caricature de personnes sur monstre

altier monstrodex

bio assimatleur, capsule coffe reclyca

montre en fuméée : projecteur de fumme

montre lett : en fils de jaridn

montre en ombre chinaoise

??? vetement intelligent

salle de fête

atelier : photo shoot scénique
explication : scène d’apolcalyse, quotidienne, nature, héroique

possiblité : galaxie, milky way, sirene sur rocher, dans les profondeurs, fée sur une branche

besoin de

course de drone ???

laser dance ??

atelier : theate pouréée

explication : recustomeriser les poupées

besoin de : poupée

atlier : combat de sabre de laser

combattre : comme dans star wars

besoin de tunique:

atlier : guidance vocale

explication : être guidé par un micro

besoinde : micro et écouter

atelier voiture télécommandé
explciaton : customisation de voiture telecommuncate

besoin de vr : mini cam, disco boule

atlier : théatre de lumiere


spiral dynamics body painting – about to discover new Land – TABLE OF PHILSOOPHERS – LAND OF Sensualities – Land of Confluences . UNITE WITH ANDS ON ALL – DECOR CREATOR

promots of mearning : force , strength

sirene . flow of anmials .balade primteps

summer : games, mmusic raison,

animals : cohon, chat, oiseau, tortue
→ avoir piscine, roche, et sirene (minipisicine et rocher pour sierene, et eclabasoussre)
→ avoir fond multiplle, ordinateur et retouche (plus maquillage)

type of workshop


atelier : make up


besoin de

atelier : body painting


besoin de

atelier : collier


besoin de

atelier : collier


besoin de


atelier : collier, oreilles :

explication : faire des bijoux, colliers, ornements

besoin de : fils, plume, cube, dés, ambre, dent, planeté

atlier : chaussures

explication : customers des chaussures

besoin de : chaussures blances, perles, maille,

atelier : l lunettes couleurs

explication : une autre vision avec des lunettes

besoin de : prisme, vr