Experience Design


Audio environnement
portable, loudspeakers, instruments, environnement
mp3, symphoine, orchestra, improvisation

Perspectives (zoom-afar) . Multitude-multicouches. New Material.
Own synthesis. Decomposition.Imposing.
Using multi.media to enhance
artists, black, illusions, sfumator, light, size, immersion,
touch malax, want cold, softnes, hardness, reass
smell- naturel, symboituqne
interact – assiat, revolt, englage
accompagn – garden, troops, music, costumes, scultupes, video, parfums

USH TO THEMAX: Architecture + Own snythesis , Dresses + Musique + Art + Parfum + Video + Subject Perspective/POV/Philosophy/ + Revolt/Unity/Combat + New Concept/New Way or OLd way (retrocameras)/Solving a Big Problem, Compiling the Ressources
Vulgarizing the hardness + Inventing the Future + Ask question at the border of the known + Inveting new field of science + Inventing a Prod/App/Mobile + Inventing a language + New Way of Organ/Transport/Production/Integrate (bio-hack)/Express

authenticity, personification, synthesis
problem solving – restriciting
having different lenses
using different tools

energy / emotions / message
archetypes/ heroes/ villains
fruits/nature/vegatables/ animals
culture/ comics/tatoo


other exp
other good
other position
other age, gender
other domain of science

experience design

using the five senses
also smelling
adaptab to the body, to the charter
use obscure of one sense to augment the other one

xperience design : wall , colors, meuble, scent, taste, pp,, costumes
ligth, fahsion, costumes . ligh – air
ground (water, sand, earth )

Glamour, beautiful discourse




imposing + immersion + renversal + applause + sensical + detailled
Mode + Style + STatue + Specactle + Theater + Music + Video + Scenism + 3D/4D
celebration, beauty, reflection
hope, conflux, vivacity
Unique, fiesta
fragilité humanité
nouvelle vision, avenir, modulation
colors, fyling
process shwoing
fluidity, fast, hard
technique in arts : bille, eponge, sable, paillete, paper, craie, feutre, glass
technique aniamation : puzzle, construction, graff, assemblage, roulement

flip expxerience
reinverse of protagansit, perspcetive
filling the senses
heroic taks
alone in the dark
solve problem
confront gigantism

full potential
good future
sick of situation

nature, tech
subjects : machin, relfect, project, identity, possibliti

Novel Essence

go the opposite, or the parelle.

info -> sensation. intellect to beauty, sensation, arts.
not moving -> going out. home -> out . alone -> with friends

have new friends, have new places, have new games, have new questions
jave new conferenes, have new taks, have new inspiration, have new jobs by skills
have new habits, have new push, havign new lesson by new perspectibes, have new equipmeent . have new culture

clothes -> exchange, change style, design
eat alone -> eat together, organise brunch.


plonge dans l’inconnu, tourbillon de de sensations, monde parallelele,, enfoncement dans les angoises ,retour dans les passé, conquete de territoires, ambiance majeustuex, couleur en vrac
land – animals – concepts – emotions
planet – numerics – architectures
perpsectifes – illusions
plants – delcicios


-> know the places
-> know insta
-> know tw
-> know maps
-> know events

-> prepare activities
-> prepare medias



Confusion : Not knowing what is coming next
Intrigue : A glimpse of explosion
Fear : Using the primal gears
Anticipation: Knowing what will happend or atleast think
Excitement : Full participation, something bigger than ourselves
Deception : The after of anticipation
Obstacle : Having to do something to attain it
Perspective : Not the usual perspective
Re-channeling : Directing something which was intend for something to another thing
Body of experiences : What you experience and retain
adrealine + horror + unpredictability + foreign, invasive, helpless

You can change the speed. You can change the location. Covering or not the senses.

Confusion : Trusting someone by being blind. Then seeing that there is another person in place.
Perspectives : Seing with VR-AR headsets + Seeing with alchohol glasses + Seeing with colored glasses (or trough a prism ) + Seing from above, from the side, from behind, in or out. Yoga ; imagine yourself in another world.
Rechanneling : Compose a playlist of music for the food you will eat, or when you clean (or the other activies).  Dance while whipping the floor. Put books in the Airport and Train Station. Write on your wall, on your floor. Eat on your bed, in the train, on a sheet of paper.
Rechanneling + Confusement : Eat in the toilet while shiting. Drinking while peeing. Have sex with you are putting clothes again on you. Dance like an animal, object. Take the energy from something differnent, not only you but the other things. Give a few cameras to others so you know how to live the moment. Give the kids a camera to see.
Body of experiences : You can journal the smell, the taste, the colors, the moods, the playlist, the atmospheres, the speed of people. Feel the cold, feel the warm, feel the dust, feel the pain, feel the intense desires. Play roler.-derby, play rugy. Jump into the cold water or the sauna.
Antipcipation : Play hind and seek. Play geo-caching. Going into a forest without lights.
Intrigue : Surrenender yourself to the other. Let him guide you trough the city or doing a massage, or painting some back. Or taking photos but not knowing directly the results.
Excitement : Play an orchestra in the street. Put some bottle on your bike to do the moto. Do the meeting of neighboorhood.taking strangers on moto -> taking strangers photographer on moto, taking musicians on moto. Rollers skate with music box.
Obstacle : Play life escape games (finding a key, resolving a puzzle). Do IQ Test. Play chess.
Confusion : Surrender with the gravity launch. The sensory box. While dancing : Dance around some body parts, and gravitate towards it + Dance like a plant, or animal or something different + Dance not mentally but about vibration + Dance with bare foots + Write your name with your body
Intrigue + Confusion Dance with the eyes and ear closed (contact improvisation). Eat while the eyes closed. Shut down the senses.
Fear : Go into the woods, while not having a lot of lights. Go into a street you don’t know.

Rechanneling : Put white paper on your walls and paint it wit new things
There was an art install with impro+random+teamwork. another one with music+ speed + silence

Experience Design

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