Simple Bias Training

Understand the bias + ( + + + + + (

Socio + + +
+ professional evaluation : -

millitary bias

and in writing
- +

personality traps
having a melancholic/choleric/phlegmatic/sanguine bias
having a blue/gold/green/orange personality bais
having a ying/yang or feminine/masculine bias
having a Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness bias
having a 8 Intelligence – 8 Cognitive function Bias
having in a Enneagram , an Archetypes bias, an Chinese Element bias
it blocks the development of your personality and the assessment of the truth
Also true concering the music we listen, the type of clothes we have

overriding thinking , full ni

western bias, shame and guilt bias
hyper tech believe bias
popularity bias, success, materialistic, competition bias
laxism, comfort bias, repression bias
activities bias, usual location bias

Bias de sélection culturelle lié au système culturel proche et facile mais aussi l’habitude
Bais de non croyance, du non possible
BIAS Du genre, superior et limit, representation et limite

ppl are not really ready for original thinkers 1) disruption of realities 2) divergent thinking 3) unpredictability 4) dont know to welcome them. Also much of contemporary knowledge is false 1) not time tested 2) bias of the culture 3) intent/psychology of the author
delete comfort, beliefs, exuses, separation, greed, arrogance, selfishness, fear and doubt

Simple Bias Training

Experience Design


Audio environnement
portable, loudspeakers, instruments, environnement
mp3, symphoine, orchestra, improvisation

Perspectives (zoom-afar) . Multitude-multicouches. New Material.
Own synthesis. Decomposition.Imposing.
Using to enhance
artists, black, illusions, sfumator, light, size, immersion,
touch malax, want cold, softnes, hardness, reass
smell- naturel, symboituqne
interact – assiat, revolt, englage
accompagn – garden, troops, music, costumes, scultupes, video, parfums

USH TO THEMAX: Architecture + Own snythesis , Dresses + Musique + Art + Parfum + Video + Subject Perspective/POV/Philosophy/ + Revolt/Unity/Combat + New Concept/New Way or OLd way (retrocameras)/Solving a Big Problem, Compiling the Ressources
Vulgarizing the hardness + Inventing the Future + Ask question at the border of the known + Inveting new field of science + Inventing a Prod/App/Mobile + Inventing a language + New Way of Organ/Transport/Production/Integrate (bio-hack)/Express

authenticity, personification, synthesis
problem solving – restriciting
having different lenses
using different tools

energy / emotions / message
archetypes/ heroes/ villains
fruits/nature/vegatables/ animals
culture/ comics/tatoo


other exp
other good
other position
other age, gender
other domain of science

experience design

using the five senses
also smelling
adaptab to the body, to the charter
use obscure of one sense to augment the other one

xperience design : wall , colors, meuble, scent, taste, pp,, costumes
ligth, fahsion, costumes . ligh – air
ground (water, sand, earth )

Glamour, beautiful discourse




imposing + immersion + renversal + applause + sensical + detailled
Mode + Style + STatue + Specactle + Theater + Music + Video + Scenism + 3D/4D
celebration, beauty, reflection
hope, conflux, vivacity
Unique, fiesta
fragilité humanité
nouvelle vision, avenir, modulation
colors, fyling
process shwoing
fluidity, fast, hard
technique in arts : bille, eponge, sable, paillete, paper, craie, feutre, glass
technique aniamation : puzzle, construction, graff, assemblage, roulement

flip expxerience
reinverse of protagansit, perspcetive
filling the senses
heroic taks
alone in the dark
solve problem
confront gigantism

full potential
good future
sick of situation

nature, tech
subjects : machin, relfect, project, identity, possibliti

Novel Essence

go the opposite, or the parelle.

info -> sensation. intellect to beauty, sensation, arts.
not moving -> going out. home -> out . alone -> with friends

have new friends, have new places, have new games, have new questions
jave new conferenes, have new taks, have new inspiration, have new jobs by skills
have new habits, have new push, havign new lesson by new perspectibes, have new equipmeent . have new culture

clothes -> exchange, change style, design
eat alone -> eat together, organise brunch.


plonge dans l’inconnu, tourbillon de de sensations, monde parallelele,, enfoncement dans les angoises ,retour dans les passé, conquete de territoires, ambiance majeustuex, couleur en vrac
land – animals – concepts – emotions
planet – numerics – architectures
perpsectifes – illusions
plants – delcicios


-> know the places
-> know insta
-> know tw
-> know maps
-> know events

-> prepare activities
-> prepare medias



Confusion : Not knowing what is coming next
Intrigue : A glimpse of explosion
Fear : Using the primal gears
Anticipation: Knowing what will happend or atleast think
Excitement : Full participation, something bigger than ourselves
Deception : The after of anticipation
Obstacle : Having to do something to attain it
Perspective : Not the usual perspective
Re-channeling : Directing something which was intend for something to another thing
Body of experiences : What you experience and retain
adrealine + horror + unpredictability + foreign, invasive, helpless

You can change the speed. You can change the location. Covering or not the senses.

Confusion : Trusting someone by being blind. Then seeing that there is another person in place.
Perspectives : Seing with VR-AR headsets + Seeing with alchohol glasses + Seeing with colored glasses (or trough a prism ) + Seing from above, from the side, from behind, in or out. Yoga ; imagine yourself in another world.
Rechanneling : Compose a playlist of music for the food you will eat, or when you clean (or the other activies).  Dance while whipping the floor. Put books in the Airport and Train Station. Write on your wall, on your floor. Eat on your bed, in the train, on a sheet of paper.
Rechanneling + Confusement : Eat in the toilet while shiting. Drinking while peeing. Have sex with you are putting clothes again on you. Dance like an animal, object. Take the energy from something differnent, not only you but the other things. Give a few cameras to others so you know how to live the moment. Give the kids a camera to see.
Body of experiences : You can journal the smell, the taste, the colors, the moods, the playlist, the atmospheres, the speed of people. Feel the cold, feel the warm, feel the dust, feel the pain, feel the intense desires. Play roler.-derby, play rugy. Jump into the cold water or the sauna.
Antipcipation : Play hind and seek. Play geo-caching. Going into a forest without lights.
Intrigue : Surrenender yourself to the other. Let him guide you trough the city or doing a massage, or painting some back. Or taking photos but not knowing directly the results.
Excitement : Play an orchestra in the street. Put some bottle on your bike to do the moto. Do the meeting of neighboorhood.taking strangers on moto -> taking strangers photographer on moto, taking musicians on moto. Rollers skate with music box.
Obstacle : Play life escape games (finding a key, resolving a puzzle). Do IQ Test. Play chess.
Confusion : Surrender with the gravity launch. The sensory box. While dancing : Dance around some body parts, and gravitate towards it + Dance like a plant, or animal or something different + Dance not mentally but about vibration + Dance with bare foots + Write your name with your body
Intrigue + Confusion Dance with the eyes and ear closed (contact improvisation). Eat while the eyes closed. Shut down the senses.
Fear : Go into the woods, while not having a lot of lights. Go into a street you don’t know.

Rechanneling : Put white paper on your walls and paint it wit new things
There was an art install with impro+random+teamwork. another one with music+ speed + silence

Experience Design



Women gain less bc of social préoccupation

What can you eliminate to have less problems, housing, cars, marring, owning, fame

If everyone was nicer, they would be less hotel 🏩
Style, how you present, get perceived, organise present, change
If personal relations, change, affect, the content is more powerful, more inducing

Music (everytime playing) makes ppl less social iincetive


not having science, spir, friends, mission, focus and too much focus on sex


u would live totally different in some other places, with other problems, glory
why do u prefer the way u live now

if u dont know transform psz into animal psy



Sense of community

And here is how you can construct a community :

Comment construire une communauté
Recontacter les autres
Avoir un challenge , un ennemi

Subject, issues around x rap ressions role models good places
commaunauté par le badge le podcast le drapdeu

Empathy Basics

High level

Professionals have an image to represent, have to portrait this image while they are out. An obligation to conform to the standards.

Say what is right instead what is wrong 🙂 Reassure there is no shame to have, no blame and it’s okay. IT’s your path


A pressure to perform. There is constant recognition of the person/image but not the fragile/vulnerable one.


You cannot be to fast. You cannot be too intense. The person needs to be comfortable with it. You cannot be judgemental or give a sense of correction, but rather encouragement, guidance and patience. Need time to get better, and fast results are not realistic if it’s for a long term recovery.


Severe trust issues, anger issues and codependency resulting in insecurities, it was VERY HARD for to let go of what I had build my « reality ». The only way of survival for the problems i have encountered in my life, because I’ve never been taught how to be strong&vulnerable.


Sometimes when you are conditioned to put your own happiness behind the one of those who you care for -> bc of not wanting to hurt.

Comfortable with these « expectations -> Ppl get very pressured.

Psycho – analytic

Ppl dont want to be over analysed. People want to feel comfortable, want you to share and want to be an equal level ( thus you have to be vulnerable ). People want you to care and to engage with their emotions, even if negative. Ppl dislike no contact.
Give ppl the right to do, and to feel. Don’t act tough.


they are addicts
cause they
dont have support system
succumb to social pressure and expectations
put too much pressure on themselves
not constructive feedback
Mal-adapative psyche
F > options, permission, security, assurance, money, living old, wants.
Intention, screening
Thoughts, Feeling, Weakness, Relationships, Memories
house, entering, have dinner
fairytaile, mysticism
protest -> pain and not understanding
rules and freeness. want to join by herself, coming from an invitation of love, and not forcing. not being slave, but partner.


Not everyone has the same paths as you

Not everyone has the same maturity as you

Not everyone has the same values as you

Not everyone has the same foresight as you

-> Just try to understand before judging others. Allow ppl to take their time.

Dont push on the difficulties of other people, it’s childish and hurtful. Be supportive.
You can create a higher plane of cocreation (respect of each other creativity), co-entering ( respect of the respect the world of the other person ), content of fun, love, creation, serenity.

diff types

Diff types of men


Diff types of women

Artstic , sophisticate, sensible, dreamy
Empathic, caring, listening
Neurotic worrying

Sportif, active, healthy, forceful

Sense of community


events Creator


Essentials oils :

tranfering tech to another domain

there are many army tech or open patent for that

bringing back trends


Master Manager

What Skills compound?
People Skills : People Selection (best fit for you), body language, emotional assessement, motivation, tribe/job placement, games,
Survival skills : Fixing car, gardening, making clothes/knitting, martial arts
Therapeutic methods : plant medicine – eastern medicine (yoga) – hypnosis
Being more specificas
Social media manager
how to decorate a room – how to make a dynamic room
where you can give

manager – it’s not about one rat, it’s about the ratpack
and some actions benefit us and can benefit other people simultaneously. tweeting good insight is an example. but I could be reducing clothes and giving them. giving compost to the farmers. or being at a conférence at tweeting it. take feedback of one conferences and distrubuting to another one at the same time.
Block the tabs. Which consumes time.
Why do you go there ? 1) not full focus 2) distraction available 3) habit
Write what you have to do every 30min-3h-day- For 1-2 day or for the next houors. Write down why you need the internet.
Write small goals, achieve one, then another one, gradually increase the size and the difficulty. Write on the wall, write on the mirror your goals to engrain them.
Have positive peer presssure. Have accountability. Find the work companion.
DO the hardest things in the morning. By the way it’s not really hard, it’s just that you are not use to take action.
Cut the screen off. Cut the music off. Cut the wifi-ff. Go outside to not be tempt.ted
In your team you need
Promoter – podcaster, local influencer, conference organiser
Nerd – new services finder, find automation, writing code
Writer – writing , publish, preparing speaks.
Photographer, Videographer
Doctor, Trainer.
Well mostly everyone. But then you need to bring value to everyone.

There is big oppurtunity in management
Women/Oestrogene -
and Men/Testoterone -
Softness , Brute-force, Intuitioun and Intellect are not directed in a good way. But they can be.
If you want to manage society : it’s by laws – groups – arts (music with diff themes, intercultural painting) – new methods – impact – role models(social media) – communities.
share materials, locations, car, money, friends, accounts. builiung houses, gardens
- « as many people as we can, important ones, and shift the movement of society « -> need promotion of youtube channels, info sites, experts, tw accounts, singers, etc
using this + this + this
Musicians can change it – there is  » magic « with music you can change the mood with chant you can inspire hope with horns, you can rally. well beautyyes but also good mood socializing
Having a website to collect the lessons, the tragedies, the beautifulness
Having a website to collect info aka and twitter
Having a website to put people on a mission, helping them to grow their masculinity, feminity and how to love each other
Having a website to travel better, to find co-partners, to get food, to get toys, to find events
Having a website to find inspirations, diverse activities, new people rising up, learn from different cultures
So a manager
to get info services
to get games
to ontact news networks
to fasten everything
People who always be searching about products/rating , saving/making money, having the philosophy, character, living/explorating, developping a business/possessing skills.
These duo were often together
the forgotten dynamics with massive value: Introvert & extrovert ( Extravert have the mission to bring out the introverts and introverts to propose a vision ), old & young, autistic & caring , artist & businessmen, clowns & doctors, etc
can you manage
eating and workin. travelling and working. festival and working
eros and wokring, laughing and working ?
Management concerns also
Food/Leftover/Waste Management
House-Location-Space Management
Time/Efficiency Management
There with tools to collect the goals of of the people, to collect common needs, how to share space, collective mindmap, find productivity tools, online tools, share tools, mutlim media curate tool, multi social media tool, multi media communities. And tools for efficient browsing, addons for discussing. And pack of bookmarks, pearltrees. You could do it very fast.
what could you manage for people, book, clothing, space, money time
create fb/meetup groups for books, objects, events
Little Hack : online tool+ tablets+ team + conférences + little gifts = many answered questions.

solve problems together
finding inner peace -> join, create, invite people to spirititual events or youtube channel
Improve Your Career and Job-Situation -> help people at open office, coworking, or twitter accounts for it
Eliminate Negativity and Be Positive -> show them meditation, yoga, non-violent com
Find and Live Your Passion -> encourage people, help them to find a market
Find and Improve a Relationship -> find the good leaders about that, share the post, and the books
Improve Ability to Focus Clearly -> find the books about minimalism, productibity, flow, distractions
Develop the Mindset of Personal Growth
Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence
Improve Your Money Situation + +
Using apps
apps utilisable
Baconit, Evernote, Flow, IFFT, Pocket, Telegram, Trello, Voicy, Yerde, Tomighty, Overcast, Powernap, Workhard anywhere
Media use
Use meet up, use what’s upp group
Use insgram to form collective with some hasht
Use twitter use hastag, put useful list for them, use of tt, find general tweets to promote
Use mail list
Use snapchat
Use fourquesre
Use youtube mini reports, event captre, exploration of important concepts

Gathering & Event Management
Lessons after a job convention
You should not separe food, culture and books but bring them together. If you disconnect them, it’s harder to sell. Too many stands confuses the citizen, their needs to be space and clear distinction.
Often the festivals forget to link website / twitter / fb of the represented people, thus the bond is broken between the consumer and the culture stand. So you could prepare some pdf for people who want to know more in the future about them.
Is there a possiblity of creating a virtul culture festival, with virtual centers and chatrooms ?
You have to put the photos fast after the event. Or you will lose a lot of free publicity.
Go to big events to test your talent and to advertise to a lot of people
Lessons after a job convention
You have to know exactly what the companies has to offer and what you have offer in order to match quickly and not wasting time. You need to know what you want as salary, as position. You need to be conviced of your value.
The job market is a social market, people talk to people. You need to people to move on faster and higher. There is always great competition if you what you have to offer is the same as the others, therefore growing is essential.
If you want to create a job-website, its needs to be very reactive. For the employee and the employer. Investement on social medias is essential to fast distribution of the jobs.
PHP, java, .net and c# are the most researched languages in many informatic applications.
What separates the leader is confidence, imposing ideas, having legimity and having clear defined goals.
Take some paper to write down the most research skills. Ask a lot of questions, to know more about the job world.
Lessons Apres Portes Ouvertes 1535
xy : IL faut etre une expérience (pour style : avoir un photographe, pour studio : des dessins, etc), que les gens se rappelent.
xy : Il faut un film multi-promotionel.
yy : On peut inviter des gens de tout millieux
yz : Il faut créer des masterpieces, pas de pieces de merde. Il faut utiliser les cinq sens. QUand on invite les gens on soigne le décor/odeur/lumières/aliments/couleurs/ambiance/loobook/thématiques
zz : IL faut inviter un max de feedback.
? Peut on vendre de facon ambulante. ? comment lady gaga et andy warhol ont réussi à gagner ?
to sum up my ideas into something more realistic and achievable
-> what you can expect : creations . meeting new people – open your thinking
-> what you can’t : to be a top model … it ‘s take a bit more work
which materials do you have ? books, ebooks, paint-camera-make-up
which .. ask this to participants in advance
find partner ( financial one ) ( companies )
find software partner
or association partner
How can augment creativity in these types of environnement ?
Selection for groups / indivuals
Performance driven. The vision had to be in the blood already before. Systems improvers (reframing capacity), presenting the best of others. Group ego > your ego. This means tribe centric.
Knowing your
communication style
psycho profile, MBTi, BIG FIVE, ROCAI, explorer, builder, negociator, director
test and ( independence or together first, Invest-in-the-Future-First oor live in the moment first, predictability or spontaneity first , slow to upset or readily upset, problem solving first or understanding first )
knowing which tasks you like or dislike. Your stress management level, your extroversion level
Good com talk and listen and persuasion. Analytical skills, critical think, questioning skills.
You need to put yourself out there. You need google focus.
You need info provider, info provider.
Holistic integration, marketing, involvement, communication
Cultural intelligence, Intercultural implantation.
Experimenting with games, with com and interactivity.
Body and voice expression
Event helper and organiser. Event inspiration designe
Sharing contacts, sharing music podcast, video, podcaster and places
Sharing locations initiatives , information, definition
Active involvement and assertiveness
Helping other get involved
Creating sustainability
Knowing how to work in a group and knowing how to to be alone
Being curious about everything. Being curious about others
Comfort and caring skills
Introspection, and being aware of your paradigm
mobile app or excel file
knowledge in
projects needs, art, website, fb, , twitter
searching for
wants to collaborate
needs material
searching for job , placement
search people with similar values
which partner organisations : into the circle, influence, likaba,
which organisation to promote
which places : hariko mesa, 1535, maisons de jeunes

Master Manager

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 60-70

Thinking specific advice is enough, no you need to know conditions
Offering too many options, this getting stuck

having bad posture
have bad hand posture, not warming up in the morning, have shitty posture
not cutting beard, mouth grimaces in excess, heads looking too much down
bad gym equipement, use of qty, not using full followrn, having rapid clothes
conserving the body trauma,
Not using blood 🆎 test, not giving blood
Not warming up the body
Taking too long shower 🚿
Listening too much music
Trying to do too much

sexual anxiety
-> stress
-> hyper perf
-> shy
-> not believing in yourself
-> issues with the body


Being houses cars for nothing
Buying too many books at once, and not checking if it exist in orhe place
Buying popular funny thimg


not being kind
responding with memes


Don’t have hoodie they ruin
Don’t have light socks 🧦 in winter

Reforc correction with humor and agree amplify
Misunderstanding the mockery
Communication truth and deep with someone who is not ready

Too. Many clothes
Not checking weather
Not having detachable clote


limiting imagination
not having curiostiy topics

Not having routine job
Living with parents

Not preparing eating
Not eating beforehand
Not having enough water with u


not knowing what is gender
not augmenting voc, focusing on sematnics, intent, focus

not augmenting voc, focusing on sematnics, intent, focus

Old age
Not knowing new tech
Not transmitting new knowledge
Not letting go the old world
Not believing in the young
Not participating in the generational discussion

not planning, not doing to do lists
errible movies, lack of foresight, and plannin
buying too muuch and too fast
Not looking correctly at the indication, not reading the terms of agreement
Putting things in your pocket (they can Fall)
Not having assurance of worthy material

reading too fast
not seeing face signals
too much complex
not using visuals
not taking inatative
not nuanced, depth

Not work outside when good weather
Having too much material at home 🏡

-> lack of goals
-> daydreaming
-> fun
-> lack of proritiies
-> too much abondance

being to resistant, not opening up, putting yourself little, excessive self centering
Underestimating yourself
Defending yourself
Trying to do everything alone
lying to yourself about your niceness
being weak – choose power of them
Identifying even if not certified
Not going deeper in the knowledge
Not believing in yourself enough
Not exposing yourself
Not using intution
Not believing something is possible
Not owning desires

Not doing writing lists
Not doing actions list

manque de libido
manqe de source
Fidgeting, complaining Judging
Talking at, not with
Not learning from errors, not taking action, not approaching, not gong out, not approaching, not retesting, having excuses, not showing intention not closing, not standing, not being present
Not admitting what you want
Not having intimacy
Not settingling

not talking to pplm, being too hesitatvie, not learning languages, , speaking too fast, question unuseful things, not asking questions, joking while serious, thinking you can make it alone, thinking that you are independent

Trying to shut down ppl
Not following the right ppl
Not using the right platform to be
Underestimating your influence, power the change, possibly to happen
Ne pas accepter les invitions
Ne pas avoir qqn à côté de soi pour être remis en place
Ne pas essayer des choses sociales
Ne pas saisir les moments

being too far from a group
explain too much = cognitive blocking blocking
trying to save everzone

bonding issues
-> not the right people
-> not trusting the process
-> not knowing how

making public statement
changing ppl into what zou want
not acccepting peole
explaining yourself
shaming ppl
supporting ppl no matter what
denylinve lvoe compassion
not using the wwill for others

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 60-70