1 be delibirate
2 take less mental notes
3 find the right profile picture
4 dont think they are boundaries
5 be wary of religion
6 dont think too mcuh
7 reveal yourself
8 be confident
9 share your mission
10 ask for supoort


Deal and resolve

no skin in the e game
no gain
no car

-> poor self image
-> overdrive
-> lack of self compassion
-> compulsive (lack)
-> lack of friendshi
-> impossible to rest
.> lack of internal validation

no self control

no goal
no mission
no form
no plan
no drive

not doing sport
no support
no approoitires sport
no personalitiy fiting one
attack on the body
lackk of fun

no sex

not going out
not beign fresh
not having lifestyle
not trusting other gender

not oging out
nt calling someone
not imrpvog

external locsu
not doing
not planning

-> lack of goals
-> daydreaming
-> fun
-> lack of proritiies
-> too much abondance

poor self esteem
-> lack of actions
-> lack of succcess
-> lack of body hygeine
-> lack of freedom

issues with authority
-< lack of understanding
-> lack of psy integration

sexual anxiety
-> stress
-> hyper perf
-> shy
-> not believing in yourself
-> issues with the body

bonding issues
-> not the right people
-> not trusting the process
-> not knowing how

Deal and resolve


now : twitter – new ; forums, irl, youtbe
now : intro – new : extraverted
now : easy food – new : food preparation, reciples
now : shower normal – new : disco ball, mmusic

oppope the bubbles

no madenss, no savour
no expansivelanague
no real appreiation

pattern to interrupt
not talking in bus
eating with same ppl
not bieng creatie
not creating
not sharing the tools
not talking to ppl you dont knw
not giving your best
not using brain cells

break cycles

of non dialogue
of non awarrness
of stupid inteface
of stpidi intent
of contra-> i need -> want -> will do -> iam -> AM


Learning by observing the errors of others 56

oppositional frame
not understandng
not learning the theory well enough
not stopping useufl debate
promothing instead of yorself
not having a community
not using your mentor
not having advesarey frame
being addicted to sugar
addcited to not doing
not having hobbies
watching too much entertainement
not getting real
not having right priorities
falling into traps
letting other ppl lead you
not having your conclusions
not knwoing what you want
not working on your body
not creating
being contra-flux
defending yuorself
revealing too much avout yourself
getting too rigid
being into masichismo frame
havint too many discussions at one
not using your atributed intelligence
not moving forwards
ne pas sauter sur loccasion
being loyal to ppl who dant want it
not excerzing your extraversion
being too much in one archetype
being polarizing when there is no need
being too mcuh polariting
confusing map and territory
not going full in
having too mcun concepts
not having hubris
alway pdeonring
not streching musclies
streching yourself to thin
using hesative langauges
not reiatiting its a jouey
ne pas changer
ne pas se challangeer
too many books, too old
not having anger
not prusuing tyur menmtentum
using too much
lire les sciences
ne aps noter
lire trop vite
chassutes qui debode
not using your ego
ne pas pratqiue rles bonnes exerccdse
refusing friends
trying to be perfect
using intelliigences you dont have
being in naive idealism
staying at home bc rejected
being boring
not training the opposite functions

Learning by observing the errors of others 56