Learning by observing the errors of others 54

trying to much- trying to get reality
interating too mcuch- not eating enoug
nto understantind the other gender
not follwing your plan, not backing it up
limint your love, expansion, love to one person
being lazy
not being a challenge

summer : too dark clothes. vest. to big back, to much hair, to many books, toot hot
witner : not umbrella, no adapative clohtes

losing language : maybe, possibilites ( not in the terrain)
stly eeroorr : not enough contrast, not wach, not ass, too much revealing
too much same colors

not explaining your expectations
thinking that other see reality like you
just go along, not confronting
– no ppl to train with (no true I was there)
– loss of momentum (dangerous!)
– negligent physio developpement
– no social pressure
– too far away
– lack of money
– lack of energy
– comfort
– no time
no excuses for sport developement
regarder clips youtube
not asking for feedback
not being ready to play with influencers
reading too much
learning tooo many concepts, no coherent logic
stuck in cause-effect (with attendant fear of being ineffective in getting to the effect
Immature? Socially awkward? Poor hygeine? Substance abuse issues? are traps
-> serious -> social skills -> clean -> no druged -> nono violent
-> good clothes -> right place -> interesting/obbie

Learning by observing the errors of others 54