Learning by observing the errors of others 47

ou’re always worrying that others may have gotten a better deal than you
end to over-personalize all life experiences and interactions with othe
unaware of the impact your emotional nature has on others.
you offer unsolicited advice or give compulsively
You can confuse your image with who you really are, engaging in a form self-deception
greedy hording of yourself, your time, your energy or your things.
to withdraw into your ivory tower of ideas. Others may start to see you as arrogant and unfeelin
are gluttony, overdoing and seeking stimulation until you collaps


Being reactive and critical, overly involved in operational details, opinionated, and inflexible
Being overly relationship-focused, having difficulty saying no or setting boundaries, and being too involved
Being too competitive, abrupt when stressed, impatient with lengthy conversations, and over-working
Being too intense or moody, over-emphasize feelings, over-sensitive, and withdrawn
Being detached, remote or aloof, overly independent, discomfort engaging others, and overly cerebral
Being too wary and cautious or too risk-taking, too compliant or too defiant, and projecting feelings and thoughts
Being impulsive and unfocused, avoiding difficult issues, rationalizing, and lack of thorough follow-up
Being controlling and demanding, agitated with slow pace or lack of big action, and being highly over-extended
Being unassertive, conflict avoidant, overly accommodating, and being indecisive or low energy


Learning by observing the errors of others 47

Learning by observing the errors of others 46

dont to things for obligation
dotn forget to be stern
not beie real
not havine enough empathy
not considering other options, timeline
not following the ten trends
not using social media
thinking about status, money not it’s about indivudation (character)
asking what is for me
the drive to control
not doing more. doing it just for money
taking advice from someone not being in the field or did resing from it
having no need is repulsvie
not being able to give
waiting for ppl to create your life
not going out
not take for your health
an addiction to low quality food.
Trapped in Guilt
They seek to alleviate their discomfort.
Don’t Be Afraid to Have a human Be Mad at You.
Needing to be Fed:
Comparisons, Passive Aggressive Behavior and Insecurity
The Need to Be “Alpha” at All Times
Need to Impress
want something that others don’t have
Lifestyle inflation is probably the most sinister issu
he’s all brain and not enough cock and balls.
doing things for zy
thinking calm is good when agitation sis better
you have to outsource entertainment

Learning by observing the errors of others 46

hard truth

you neeed to take a job before you can create your own
you need to speak to many people to know what they want
you need to have a lot of discipline
you need to move from the city you are

you cannot read all the books you want
u cannot know everything
learn less but better
il faut une bonne présentation ( vêtement + language + site interet + education ) pour impressioner

not that many ppl really like u for u. too much effort ? selfishness ? complexity ? time ? not avaible ?

you can’t have both. you have to deal with ppl

if you dont make the move , soeone else will

you only get what you put in
it takes a lot of work
you nned other ppl to amake it
your need to see harsh reality
your looks mattters a lot
you need status, confidence, body, money
you need to be proud
focus on you and giving backs

why not nut succedding
bc block of other sex
network too large
reluctance of responsability
not allowed too

you are only holding yoursel b ack
you dint life forever
if you dont value fs, they wont

You can not change cause you didn’t prove your self, arguments weak, no plan, no vison, no réputation
Without sensixal imprimant aka physical mémoires, youivf as a ghost
Without critics you love as eternal rebel child
Without reflection you make the same. Mixktske

Behaviour doesn’t change, only culture, tribalism, money and incentive
Don’t correct ppl on morality, sex
Refusal of photos is denying humanity memories
Shitty childhood makes some dream not possible but you can still. Learn
Many ppl are hypocrites between broken psyche dreams famil
Life doesn’t go fast but methodical

Truth wisdom service, long term game
Not everyone can react in same way, not same experience
Sexualité and moralité dont mix

Ppl buy art for meaning, impression, développement, sensing
Multivariate forms are needed for diff feelings, mood, idealisation , libérations

women can’t admit fully truth – distorsion betwween truthful and being rejected
diificutl to have exntened compassion for males – need emo involvement to understand something

hard truth

Learning by observing the errors of others 45

chasing, seeking
not punish and rewarding good
attach your sense of self-worth or ego to
not having your life together
assumed that
not taking charge
don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be afraid of anything
downgraodging your standards
spoiling ppl to much
not putting the foot own
comitting to something you dont want
having children to early
being too vocal (control)
being sinister
being a pushover
not discussing problem direclty

limiting yourself

not seeing beyond

not doing the important task

not thinking outside the box

not being crazy

not getting a job
living out of your means
blaming the wrong things
not having a plan
not seing the real issue
campainging over many things
getting used
not subsbrigint to the right channels
not seeing your shadow side
not removing the grip of the parents
wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, soy, color agents -> instead veg, fruits, water, fresh meat, eggs
shutting down friendship -> dont if you can
Failing to care for oneself
Compromises integrity and honesty.
Denial of your emotional truth
Places material considerations and security above self-empowerment.
Compromising your vision to make it more acceptable.
Selling insights to the highest bidder.
Playing the Victim for positive feedback in the form of pity.
Fear of facing your own demons¨
not being nerdy

Learning by observing the errors of others 45

Big Topics & Their arguments



if not many partners is it a choice
choose after expriement or on belief
you wont be added
dont give up freedom too sonn
one emo partner, many sex

choice based on selfess, proud , disciplined, creative


with ready, not loved
intention to have it to function
if not for love, for what
not if there is pressure ??

is possiblity, fulffuing, matturiyn, opennes, agrable

same path, sharing, human

detached, yet engaged
high dis/goals for you not others
few friends, many collegue
create you community


family. place to party.
having a home, nice feeling
depot of objects
can resell it later
friends can use it. couchsrufing

need to clean. to big ??? stocking up objects. being cadey by it


if pressure
for childre, to say
if high ethic, high discipline, high creavity, high introspection, owns life
ex drive, need for variety, need for thrill / stimulation, etc.
with community
childen occupy the woman
uses crafting
VERY agreeable personalities – and high consc for the man
high mission, high support woman
stay at home woman
direct speaking
strong bond
magicail narrative
fighting for the best

no societal/religious pressure to keep most people together.
too much ex drive, need for variety, need for thrill / stimulation, etc.
bad mood (melancholic, phlegm)
everyone wants whatever they can’t get
no more excitement, no more NRE, she doesn’t swoon over him
formed a dependency.
no control
no freedom ( for what)
trauma of others
entrapement ( bad partner)
mulitple plartner

less happy
support costs
dont know what happens
dont know how to raise them
Stress will go through the roof
Your freedom to travel on low to mid season will be gone.



will not work

if no friends
if no real passio
if no interest in science , art, progress
if no self developpement
if not resolving issues


high degree of temperance, communication, sex, beauty


too many books ( https://twitter.com/Kairon01/status/966136063898128385-)

kairon I would disagree on the premise that books if done correctly explore an idea thoroughly. Providing well reasoned arguments for or against an idea.

Tweets are oversimplifications of these ideas. While blog posts are better, they lack a certain richness.

remi walle Is this a socialisation thing to read that many books ? What does it do ? Imo Blog Articles > Tweets > Books. And reading too much puts too much focus on the Intellect. Forgetting Aesthetics, Community Living, Sports etc.

yeah, pure curiosity is not good either. Must be bound with social engagement, refining, and how can use your creativity for the best output and platform. I see many curious ppl not joining the right groups and talking to them.

Big Topics & Their arguments

Learning by observing the errors of others 44

see primarily the “unfair power
not understandting the dynamcis
really hate the game.
that all their frustration with women stems from them.
being violent, selfish dick monster
he imagined value of
not being discreet
having the Thing that others want but can’t get.

being with someone who doesnt respect himself/herself – or someone who loves money

not thinkg that you desrve. not givig it to yourself. -> you are a good god

hammering yourself -> be kind to yourself
seeking approval , asking for permission , exusing .> command and do
not trusting yourself
not wanting the best life

ne pas joindre danse populaire
perdre ses notes
prendre les choses des autres -> s’occuper de soi meme
ne pas se coucher tot
ne pas annuler les rdv
ne pas prendre soijn de soi
assimlating knowledge -> its a dead end
thinking its all for me
blaming other ppl for your problems
not going for it
not having a plan
waiting too long
notthinking it will change
pleasing others
not doing sport
being depend of some person
partying too much
not being with the right tribe
not making massages

not releasing your full energy
spending time with uninereste pppl
not touching more ppl
not havig a cool haircut
giving too easy compliments
not leading the submssive girl

Learning by observing the errors of others 44

Learning by observing the errors of others 43

verbalizing the secrets, mysterious -> let^s mystery
talkimg aboit things ppl dont hve intrest -> find other ppl
telling the reason of thejoke
backing down too easily
not taking feeback
hating on ppl
only believing in ppl who did it
nt looking for problems in xx
giving in too eastily

arrogant and naive
hard to change my perspective of

putting ppl on pedestal

nto being in control

buyign usefuless shit

putting ideals on ppl
expecting thanks

trying to play other ppl game
he thinks he won. He thinks the game is over -> not get complacent. Don’t be happy with what you have, ALWAYS strive for better and constantly improve your position in life.
anxious about losing things . Fear engenders fear and prevents its dissolution
spend much time commiserating with a woman -> Abandon your fear, kill it if you have to, live life inside your frame, progressing and getting everything you want in life will also be x10000 easier

ppl dont want all nice and empathc but tiger
of pressure on them by asking for commitment.
saying how much money you make

beleivng in hyperrealities – trends, movies , superpolishement/ superbeauty/ superlife / invicibility

believinng in nice words like freedom, education, governement, media
virtual reality, entertainement
living with simulacras : insta, twitter, vr, videogmames , spectacles -> you have to touch, to feel, to be it real
living in simulacra of productivity : email, twitter, reading, watching, hearing
having simualcr of improvement : books, twitter, conference -> mediatation

if one always acts like « the parent », the other one naturally takes the role of « the child ». This is just unfair to the one taking all of the responsibility.

Learning by observing the errors of others 43