Learning by observing the errors of others 33

set standards too high -> not everyone is going to have the same as yours
too altruistic -> give yourself a gift
impractical -> be realist
dislike dealing with data -> learn logic
take things too personally -> enjoy conflict
very private -> open yourself more
not having children when is your destiny
waiting , having expectations
thinking that there is a secret, an order
not knowking how to accept frustaation -> you need patience, strategy, feedabak, truth
not knowing that everything is chaning
clinging, craving
not realizing that there is more objectivity

not giving what people want -> tranfer to them prestige, plesaure, experiences, money, job

thinking people are rational -> they rationalize more than you think
not doing what you suck at
not moving quickly on
agreeing to sexless life
not reporting accurately history
not lifting heavy
not having boundarie
focusing too much on feels
verba but no acta
not seing the manip methodes (angers, tears)
thhinkign that you can have 2thing at the same time
staying with people you despirse
basing happiness on another person.
not using fear, dread
trying to many things at once
not pushing enough
not strategish enough
not stretching enough
not having enough work ethic
not having vision
not elevating your ambition
not using your free time
not reinvesting his money
Dressing sloppily
Random internet browsing
Laying in bed
poor hygiene and cleanliness
working too much /reading too much
shy and often prefer stability

Unwillingness to become involved, tendency to be an observer rather than a participant, and use of a verbal defense that often hurts others.

Indecisiveness, the tendency to procrastinate, and being very difficult to motivate.
Unwillingness to become involved in deep relationships, tendency to be an observer only, rarely self-sacrificing, unemotional and inexpressive.

Rigid, inflexible, sensitive to failure, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, apt to be a rebel and procrastinate.
reject people, set standards neither they nor anyone else can meet, develop habits that are very hard to break, have suicidal tendencies, low self-esteem and are pessimistic.

Learning by observing the errors of others 33

Learning by observing the errors of others 32

Life is not stressing enough -> Put more things on your plate
not touching
not complimenting
not taking risks -> taking moderate ones
not asking for help
not having positive emotions -> do something about it
not upsetting people
not using the adequte intelligence towards xy
not using the correct words
not wanting to translate
wanting the top , but not doing something about it
laughing at your jokes
talking too much and too fast

let another man’s success or failure effect your own self worth.
letting society negative terms to be only considered as negative ( Overconfidence and self-assuredness, arrongant, cocky, self-confidence etc)
staying with down people
that think they have a say in how you should steer your life should be ignored.
letting other people take out the fire out of you
not thinking that you are a choosen for somethigng specific
not putting yourself first
not dreaming
not taking risks
not doinb bad things
not investeing
forgetting that people mind social perpcetion
letting what other people find diff block you
not pushing the enveloppe -> your life depends on it
forgiving people who’ve done bad to you
Not being tested enough
Not confronting women enough
being in a fake thing
believing you dont have it in you
working for the wrong industry
thinking zou hve an identitz even cultural
not listening to the prescribed as dangerous
* what is dangerous ? *
not seeing that people use diff words to express the same thing
wasted a lot of energy and time on people who didn’t deserve
not doing it no matter what sit/environne
not putting money in enjoyement, hobbies, pleasure
not diversifiing money gains

believing in hiearchies
getting stuck by culture£
being affected with anger/fear/hate
being with self-delusion
men leading
lacking concret explanation
mistaking truth and meanining
being something without reaison is oppresive
Hindsight bias in combination with attribution bias make for a deadly kind of self-indulgent arrogance.

Not exploring enough your art * having western production bias/instrument/effects/subjects

Learning by observing the errors of others 32

Learning by observing the errors of others 31

always wanting more
listening to someone who doesnt know history
not knowing the circumstances change the person
not knowing what you wanted to be enjoed for
the qualities becomes quirks

being too much present. being too much away. providing too much.
spending time with unconsous people
not having values and virtues
not kwowing what love is
not asking questions
letting other people make you feel inadequate

not taking a day off
being alwazs wary
missing sides of life, not allowing zourself to indulge, or being too strict/discplined with zourself
have nilism in strides
consuming outrage
having second class attitude

taking everything to heart -> take time before react
splashign everywhere -> be calm
being agressive inflexifble -> be like water

not giving counsel -> giving counsel and hard if it’s not to be
not doing better than your counself -> improve the world.

while travelling not planning
Not reesting
Not taking the lead
Not dating people

not expressing yourself

ne pas vouloir mieux
wanting to control everything
Wanting always more
attacking -> reflecting and defend also

not trying
not adapting

Philosophing too much


Learning by observing the errors of others 31

Learning by observing the errors of others 30

afraid of mistakes
being intolenrant
over questionning
eveloping a spiritual ego, instead of dis-identifying with it.?
develop a superiority complex, compensatio
seeking. try to find info, medi, ego/identity. running away
escaping. denying. comfort. surviving. wanting to get. wanting to get.-> be still
having the bad environnement
not talking to a group
having a shitty writing
not saying something what you have in mind
not recoginzig blindspots, not asking about them
not readjusting about the environnement
Logic is dismsing bc the value structure, or relationship
liking simple colorful general explanation
being extremly contrast.
not using your potential
being too naive. not getting hurt.
making another person the point of the adventure
not being resolute and impervious
projecting values into people
letting people dispose of zou, giving them everzthing -> make people earn it
not knowing separeating users of lovers.
misattributing competition -> cooperation is the true winner
being ok with pressure of someone
not putting Honesty, trust and respect
following people using narcissism and idiocracy and dramaa
getting hypnotizse by words
considering people who have too many friends, too much on phone -> waste of time
trying to please others -> please yourself and fuck expectations
not cleaning correctly for the other people _> people care about hygiene.

not being patient -> be ready to wait ten years for something.
Idealizing the person -> see where they are at, see the real person. If you don’t talk about the past and issues, it’s probably not real.

Not seeing the red flags (smartphone, glamour,
Not responding to a professiona request.
Not giving the photos

Not puttting yourself out there.
Trying to be perfect _> be ok with who you are

saying no to technology
using too much cynic realism
no saying no to people
having weak persusasion skilss
not understanding the opposite sex
not finding a connector/ distributor



Learning by observing the errors of others 30

Learning by observing the errors of others 29

ne faire que critique
Ne pas être un avec son art
utiliser la base des autres
using base primal instinct for art
not being full it in
not seeeing that your wife is a reflection of you
not taking risk … but also not seeing it
thinking that you can read people
not considering every artistic aspect

being with someone who doesnt’ appreciate themselves, doesn’t try love languages and doesnt undestand sacrifices
not letting go
clinging to routines, to security

a lack of intention towards her, a lack of confidence in the relationship – ora lack of readiness for a relationship beyond fun recreational ungodly dating -> know what you want

beig angry in debates
trying do filll a void
being with too many people
thinking that are a zero sum game
not seeing the importance of face, and style
trying to change people
not apolizing -> resentmenet comes

not checking the past of people
thinking have a partner is key to absolute happiness
Devoid of all hope, reasoning, and meaning

not explaining your needs of solitude/introversion -> COMMUNICATIOn
staying only bc you love -> stay bc you are in love

Having delusions about the capacities of people -> Train them

Learning by observing the errors of others 29

Learning by observing the errors of others 28

being with someone who doesnt’ appreciate themselves, doesn’t try love languages and doesnt undestand sacrifice -> be with the right one, values

not doing -> Thinking positively, spreading love and awareness to those filled with negativity and hate will be in line with the spiritual path and also help fix our world. meaning revolve around taking on responsibilities, making yourself truly useful to the people you care about and to society as whole.

being in survival mode, being in reactive mode
thinking you are special, treating people to special
having too much assistance on your back

Not having my Discontent with my life situation -> you need to go higher

REFUSE to work on those things as a couple and GROW from their experiences.
hese otherworldly expectations for our future partners that we’d rather have our perfect partner handed to ourselves instead of growing alongside our partners and WORKING on our imperfections.
We value comfort and demonize pain way too much.
hat a guided cage is still a prison.
not being to be free witha another person

never be truly happy until, you figure out what you want out of life and summon the drive to go for it.
not having your shit together -> By getting your shit together, owning a home, car, good paying job, you will always be in demand.
giving a /wo)man legal and/or financial power over your life.
xtremist movements do not lead to anything good.

dont’espace, confront -> take responsability, evolve, focus on you, be patient
don’t mix two things, don’t represent falsily -> accept reality, see facts


Learning by observing the errors of others 28