Learning by observing the errors of others 27

dont overanalyse -> touch
dont overcompliment -> but justly
dont overidentitify -> you are someone

dont live by standards of others

dont be downer
dont judge
dont do thing in public where people could feed ashamed
dont be blocked by a refutation the first time

simple bounce… this place is kinda lame -> get to other place
NOT to go back in the club… the objective is to MOVE with them.
Just TOSS THE PELLET! again suspend all logical thought.
. You miss some, suffered rejection, miss the relationship, feel like the loser -> it’s over. move on

Blameshifting and projection
spending money in large amounts -> spend small by small, experience, travels
participation instead of performance or finishing the race.
you don’t need a suit -> all you need is to be well spoken, smell real good, walk with confidence, have fresh breath, be in somewhat decent physical shape. and car
believing all bullshit -> want to be courted, they want to be taken out, they want to be…dare I say….dominated.
because of all the options they have ->If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be picky and settle with their choice.

The Ahistoricity And Ennui Of Our Time -> do something about it, be responsable, amp up your life
being dead -> giving them that incentive to risk it all, or in people that naturally like things within life or that enjoy simply being alive

doing the bare minimum -> you get what you pet in there

not having automony on ressources -> build land, build weapons, clothes
not take action -> take the uncomfortable action. change.
keeping an idenitiy/expression style – thinking you have one

thinking in negative terms, not in positive, not in wonderful moments -> think in possibilities

being too much away person -> go towards
refuses to tackle life’s challenges by seeking short-cuts.
not following Symbolic anthropology. jungian geneaology. Neural Ecology aka no curiosity

Learning by observing the errors of others 27

Learning by observing the errors of others 26

not believing yourself
personal accountability.
lack of drive or passion
no vision
no sense of urgency.
without constraints you have your entire life to “correct” your shortcoming
changing for someone

not setting big goals
not redirecting anger
not seeing obstacles as oppuritnities
not having good, looks, status
not getting out of bad things
blaming people
being annoying -> keep composure
cockiness -> have confidence

letting moral and feeling in the way

stopping believing
making up stories for x or y
where based on a piece of what they needed , promixity based(passport, money, security, support) -> value based approach
not having passion for life
not Belonging to something bigger than yourself
not being able to differentiate
sour grapes and or bad intentions
wanting to reign

not testing many times people > friend test, homeless test, stress test, family
not seeing that you are addicted to your addictions
caring too much, not living
denying desire, being in denial
not seeing that you making justification on what you want to believe¨
not searching for the right models of winning
using wrong ways to fill the void
not letting go of childish fantasies
not being needed, used
believing you are against
not using math, science, art, and hefty exercise -> is the only thing that will set one free.
It is driven by perspective, need and feeling just as much as those it scorns.

obeing but not bc you want

being subject to ideological systems that dominate society

not beign dominant with your wife
being subject to pride
not seeing the biases/logic errors/report picking
not seeing the prevalances of

Learning by observing the errors of others 26

Learning by observing the errors of others 25

. familiarity breeds contempt
being with vapid people
not knowing how to talk
what you say you want and what you go after or end up with are not the same.
referencing but not giving examples
not taking a chance
You can be a genius, but if you lack kindness, generosity, wisdom, and some measure of beauty, you might have a hard time attracting anyone.
ou are so narrowminded as to dismiss other viewpoints out of hand.
not being to do it yoursef things
seeking models/consciousness/etc
not discussing viewppoints
not seeing yourself as the prize

wanting to change, not doing it
not seeing reality
seeing the others as ennemy
Be clear in your desires at the appropriate juncture
automatic in-group bias
have extreme entitlement issues
can’t speak your mind without invictive
they do not know their role AND they lack the skills to fill the role if they did know what that role is.
put their masculinity in the hands of the women
wont do shit cause they are afraid she will leave or wont have sex.
Don’t be a JERK or PRICK, but also DON’T KISS HER ASS!
Too much dependency is bad, but so is Independence. -> you need a bit each other

letting people space, but not brick wall
getting with people who are not clear
bottlings things up -> speed the process, speak up fast

not seeing the real person (job, house, habits, friends)
drop unrealistic expectations of
Having conditional love -> you dont get abundance of love of you do that

searching in the wrong places

Learning by observing the errors of others 25

Learning by observing the errors of others 24

not knowkign how to use a tool
not being efficient
not believing in syncrhonitiy
not checking what we buy
not aligned the life in the best way
having information overload -> go out think discuss non digital
being outtraged
being stucked in a echo chambers
not having a mindshift
being subjected to
not thinking about how use your social media
juding on proximity or authority -> judge merit
having bordeom -> contribute to something big
declaring a city as bad -> have the bad circles, wrong intent
judging other people
giving too many tips to people
claiming monopoly of
missing meaning, not being true to yourself
seeking only material successs
thinking that are no oppurtininities
thining that you need much

no taking responsability but blaming another entity
no being unique in your way
not being aligned
having no animla instinct -> Led a hard life, kept it real, took care of himself
being politiatllz correct
not seing yourself as the prize
being in scracity
not removing ideological dream scenarious
not having survival skils
not optimzinzng genetics
staying in a non sexual rs

He was still tethered to the past and afraid of the future.
1) either been living in a boring routine or 2) been walking on a path others told you to walk on, or 3) settled for less.
comforts, instant gratification, easy, sure, secure choices…

selfish, child-like, spoiled, rotten, sadistic
Nagging and Whining 3) Playing the Victim.
staying with cruel peopel

Learning by observing the errors of others 24

Learning by observing the errors of others 23

not believing the overcoming
not planing for birthchild
being envious
not increasing your power aka freedom
losing passion for life
not learning communication
not being serious with the important matter
choosing misery and suffering
living in another frame
being in denial, not truth, not searching further
not doing what you want
believing in technology
trusting psychial mediums
uncertainty of purpose
impostor syndrome

blaming external narrative
stirring drama
not doing muscles building
not doing sports, dangerous dings, travelling, fighting, violence
letting pride, hurt, flawa manifest
not discussing ideast

lack the ability to see the truth and not go blind.
horrible at disassociation

Didn’t prepare enough, wasn’t ready because of this.

Didn’t put enough effort into it, to get what I wanted

Didn’t understand the people around me well enough to properly predict their behavior.

Didn’t find the people who wanted to share in the kind of success I wanted in my life.

not doing it for the sake of humanity, choice, hope
believe only in reaction and not action

not vetting properly, not having good frame
not beig redy for consequqnces
letting past hurt define you
not knwoing the reality of lawas

Learning by observing the errors of others 23

Learning by observing the errors of others 22

using sloppy reasinong – > reassess
keeping up with the joneses
seeking permiision
feeling helpless
being in scarcity
being weak/ignorant, coercing
try to change the system
being in everything
crying for everything
rejecting yourself
waiting it to happen
living in a no world
staying with people who dont accept you
not using authority

having guilt, loss of individuality, or impotence are the only exuses

not setting boundaries
be cautious, but dont alter your life fundamentally
not using things as a weapon
seeking the wrong things

Its just one form of SP going to another.
partenering with someone no comptaiblity
not seeing an opportunity that matches with your talents

using someone, seeing sex as too important or using status to get it -> there are other ways

not using the potential for the people
only using achievements (self) and forgetting others (non-self)
trying to get with 1-2 sd lower intelligences people
trying to get with another socio-ecomic background getting bored
not knowing what you want ? loyal attractive or intelligent ?
expecting too much from other peple
not fiiting in with your friends – or girlfriend friends

not seeing the things in cycles
not seeint that emigration was always there
repeating the same complaint over and over
not deleting the problem, but painint gold over it
not taking advatnages of the crises
repeating the same problems over and over
not seeing the entire map but a portion of it
not saving some amount of money
not looking at Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Panama Argentina, Uruguay

Learning by observing the errors of others 22

Learning by observing the errors of others 21

assuming something -> listen
quiting the gene game, non competing _> competition is awesome,continue, need to give your genes
not being able to draw distinctions -> you will lose
being shamed to do something -> it wont work
putting to much money in someting -> guard your money
not being able to detach content and author. content and emotions. prescription description -> writing is complex

getting into uninformed, pollyanna, shoulda’-saw-it-coming, ONEitis fueled, shame induced, bound for bankruptcy, scarred my children for life, marriage -> marry only for good
needed someone to help you -> help yourself first
not being determined -> have killer instinct. TRY. spread your energ
being to satistied, -> be dissatified -> get angry to get it

rejecting yourself.
Greedy people make poor life decisions
not lign your habits and vision.

believing your right -> engage seriously and openly
bickering, making false claims, insulting and shaming
believe iq is optimum

Waiting Until the Last Minute
Sold Myself Short
Sought Permission

seeking approval
calculating too much

assuming something
quiting the gene game, non competing -> competition is awesome,continue, need to give your genes
not being able to draw distinctions
being shamed to do something
putting to much money in someting
not contemplating
seeking for a role model
using the same lifestyle when not the same personality/values

clining to impermaments things (rs, ppl, job, self, dreams, material) -> cling to permanents (self)
fear is avoiding the future -> prepare the future, give your best.

Learning by observing the errors of others 21