The Errors of MEN / 20

Most men dress like shit -> playboy
Most men are out of shape -> hugh hogan
Most men have poor posture -> dont’

-anorexically skinny -> eat
-unkept hair/beard -> shave and get a cut
-tattered clothing -> refresh clothing
-horrible posture

Often Start With Paths they drivel . They Make the Same Mistakes -> choose the right path. write about your mistakes
Don’t Really Want To Change. They Place The Blame Elsewhere -> full responability.
They Often Need To Be Bailed Out Of Bad Situations -> it’s up to you
They’re Slightly Dysfunctional – Behavior That At Times Is Awkward or Irrational -> change your behaviour
They Live Day-to-Day, And Don’t Think About the Long-Term -> think in long term

-Anxiety -> life
-Indecisiveness  -> just go
-Lack of Planning -> write
-Lack of direction -> question yourself
-Instability -> eat better
-Moodiness-> chill

I was focusing on the imperfection of others in order to avoid the fact that I know every single one of my imperfections…
requiring one thing I lack: Discipline.

Their reality is weak, needy, supplicating

No leadership, no vision

bored -> do more
inspired -> get to highest level, collab
frustated -> angry, fix. angry, get to a better life

And cant handle chaos

—-> replace by


So Hot, I love the wild side of Clark, OMG so…so… in control, going after what he wants. Totally sexy. Bring on red Kryptonite.

– NoFap -> talk to girls
– Cold showers -> stop that warmth
– Aggressive affirmations
– Yelling/war cries
– Boxing/MMA
– Business

Propose these roles :

1) Resource Provider
2) Anchor
3) Entertainment
4) Status
5) Validation

super men

using super-confidence
insecurity -> doing better than the rest
impulse control -> know where to spend
responsability . stresss enduring

better intention. life changing event
challenges. risks.  being ready. away from natural and from tech. weapons
Primal cry. busy. rapidy, planers, forsee
tkae action, lead. sexy, healthy, bolo,d, craziness, learningliess

uilt like a quarterback, works as a bouncer and looks like a model. He’s deep, and thoughtful, understanding and kind. He’s got insane social proof as he knows everyone in the club and music scene in the city. He works part time within construction and is handy around the house. Well adjusted without any major criminal conviction but has been in fights and can carry himself really well. Allegedly, he’s hung and fucks like a bull and isn’t emotionally available all the time.

men do


martials arts
put money in their account
solve childhoood problems
dress well
do spots
learn body language
speak up more
sleep more
dont slouch
have presented
be ponctua
use good products
have a woman
Not dark colors
Some swag
Fiiting clt9hes
Has. A babd
Has a mission
Hair well cut
Spe8dlaoxw in something
Dual black color

The Errors of MEN / 20

Learning by observing the errors of others 19

Writing everything down -> feel it, let it sink, forget it
preparging too much -> just go
putting wealth before health -> health is wealth
not anticpating breaksdowns -> prepare emergence fund
keeping up wit the dramatics -> focus on you

believing the fantasies, not seeing the cost -> know the cost of the realities
not believing in our greatnesss -> multiply your vision
being afraid to make a mistake -> make the mistake and laugh about it

having analysis paralisy -> breath, plan, do. dont be depressed
having a comfortable life -> life troughh discomfort, make it happen
having limitations -> analyse your patterns, break them, live

not seeking out better source of info -> seek better source, they should put your in delith
hoarding and filtering -> don’t, not often, once a year, otherwies create
fear-monging -> do not fear, prepare. or prepare
fearing violence, intimiadation -> be strong
following pupular people on twitter -> contact only people who can respond back

not publishing popular topics -> either publish popular or really independnet
not having your own platforms -> have your own website
not being the change -> do something about it

not using your natural talent -> use it
focused on losing, on hating -> win

being not consistent -> more routine
not asking out -> just say hi

ruling out people, thinking they dont have the same interest -> you need to try
not trying multiple times to talk to people, women -> try again
not dressing well -> dress to the best
discussing with people who cannto do it -> discuss with the worthy
being too intellectual, not enoug sexual -> be a beast

not using the intelligence i have /| use it perfect it
not publising on the righ site/ search for the right platform

having bad shoes , having coloured shirts when not mastering it -> master the basics

dont trust anyone with agenda (race, power)
not reflecting on the multiple/variety of money use -> think -> reality

not sleeping -> sleeping is important
not simplifiying -> you will crumble
not searching for solutions -> just do it
not trusting each other -> trust makes the world rond
not using the tools -> find the right tools for your work
not having the purpose -> have a big one
not applying for job -> either be employed or search
not appearing for photos -> photos are memories
not being aligned with the gaols -> step up and realign
not having valid reaons -> stop making exuses and do it now
not applying the learning > know foresight, desire, strategies to use it
running away from problems/strucutre/cycle -> you have to deal with it

one thing at the time -> less is more
being resistant at something -> accept is it right espiecally if done by older people
not being aware of the consequence of life -> choice = consequences
not redefining standards -> you will drown in life

not seeing cautioanry tales > other makes you learn
using different perspectives -> use yours
lacking intellectual rigeur -> develop ti
resisting things, not asking -> try the method
whylistening, reading is not enough -> doing aka results is what matters

do not be impressed -> value yourself
do not distance yourself -> give them something
don’t have social greed -> open yourself to others, make them join
forget the individual opinions -> talk or enjoy your life

evilish : taking things from other people/doing the same thing/opening many tabs/dismissing other people opinions

being pedantic, over precise -> let people slip
not having fireworks in you -> be furous, engage, social, furious

Learning by observing the errors of others 19

Learning by observing the errors of others 18

thing there is a bad situtaion out there -> everyhing about perspectives
lifestyle choices and poor decisions, its built on apathy for themselves and self-hate. That’s why people conform -> choose your own
hyperstressing, hyperbol, not dealing with confusion -> learn to master your emotional state
such a lack of focus, that anyone can suddenly change > FOCUS
Using psychological awareness or on intellectual dishonesty as a weapon -> Don’t
expecting sometone to be this or this emotional state -> let people be
not walking the talk -> you wont get respect
lying about people -> be honest
Your past is an excuse. You’re lack of confidence and determination. You are too depressed -> get up
paralysis by over-analysis. not making a choice -> act
not owning yourself -> do it
doing things which don’t resonate with you -> do only your vibration thing
look in the past ->go the future
using false premises -> coming to false conclusion
believeng people with no scientifc validation/percetion -> careful
Committed the twitter mistake of chiming in w/o reading the whole conversation -> read first.
who martyred their lifestyle and health for ‘success’ and this is where normies mistake -> Health > Wealth
thinking that you need to be in hurry -> slow down
thinking that reading or listening is improving . no you need to plan, to act, to change, to delete. -> action and planning or nothing
seem subsconously go out to people to get you -> it’s not the case
only judging people by looks -> wont’get far
waiting for the ideas -> go get it
not taking the shoot -> you miss 100 of 100 the shoots you dont take
not bettering the transmission of info, the proces of learning, the values -> better it, more outcome
saying obvious things -> stop. use complex things
looking up to another person -> be your own
watching things when you know the lessons -> watch yourself
believing only in utility -> how do you define it
questionning, framing, defining -> let it be
delete people, who can be succeful after this -> don’t delete, just don’t contact
self loathing -> dont do, raise yourself up
using revenge, hatreed, resentement -> bad negative emotions
letting the hubris cloud your vision -> keep that in check
being too arrong or confident -> you will make mistakes
putting too much energy on someone -> not worth it
having meaningless fury -> calm
being anitculture -> be pro-culture
conversing on twitter, not mastering the tool -> if you use a tool, master it
giving exuses of uglines, no confidence -> improve yourself

Learning by observing the errors of others 18