Learning by observing the errors of others 17

wanting a arm candy and not a partner, real human -> why, authentic is key
thinking that you are smart than everyone else -> it’s an illusion, padawan
expecting what you can’t give -> you can’t receive it, bc you dont know it
needing to much comfort -> discomfort is the key to life
not making efforts, slowing down -> you need to lose control
having happiness as only metric -> seems very shallow and not heroic
believe that single is worth it, all your life -> question yourself every year if it’s worth it
not taking challenges -> you need to grow
being resistant to society all your life -> you are part of it, don’t forget that
lying to yourself -> reveal the shit about you
being convinced that it wont work -> try maybe
not understand civic morality -> ethic is one key to happiness
not talking the marriage out, how it should be -> COm is the key
thinking your solution works for everyone -> you need to find your own
not making your partner financially independent -> resolve the money issue if you want a happy partnership
relishing in pathology -> Heal and choose the right model. You are what you are consume.

Systemasing everything or not systeming at at -> Don’t over do it

No putting the long term investing in someone -> think humanity or compound effects

having contempt -> empathy is good you know, ask before
assaulting someone -> hug that person.
defining everything -> you are not a dictonnary
see something as a problem -> search for the solution
look-up for pop-culture -> cut iff of completly

blaming old generation -> it’s your turn
overculturing (hoarding knowledge) -> keep only the useful
not oursourcing -> if you want to manage do it.
giving exuses, but, if -> no exuses , do the work

managing too many things -> one by one

stressed and smoking
not stratégiste
stayting in a bad society
responding to everyone

Learning by observing the errors of others 17

Learning by observing the errors of others 16

dimishing the accomplishment of other genders -> elevate the others
denying yourself the love opportunity -> give yourself some love
putting someone on pedestal -> get that right, respect or consideration
not using brain, heart gut together -> you are powerful
not standing your ground -> keep that respekt
having legal and financial entanglements -> no trouble in ya way
trying with the old instead of the new -> new methodes, new life
Seeking external justification for being frustrated because you still struggle with the anger phase just perpetuates the problem -> internal -> all
Life’s too short and fragile to be small -> dream big, act big
having fomo, comparing -> it’s your lane
not having time constraints -> you get more done
not playing the number game -> onto to the next
talking about everything -> be select
thinking that you understand some person easily -> trying to understand someone
isolating yourself -> get out of that house
not making the other responsible, mature demanding -> co-creation, interdependent
having idiotic standards, such as style -> don’t close doors
not joining/creating tribe, community -> you need one to elevate yourself
over intellectualizing/universing -> stop
engaging in gender wars -> both are right and wrong
not getting feedback -> do it and your grow
talking to soon about something -> declare when war not before

usinng people as projects -> they are on their own

not understanding that people have different standards and clashing bc of it -> be ok with it

making the some point again and again -> no , innovate man.
reading to much books,relying on science -> rely on yourself, once your know critical thinking.

Learning by observing the errors of others 16

Learning by observing the errors of others 15

Saying no to relationship forever -> It’s a big miss, don’t before 50.
Taking comments on how you valuable you are -> Only you know your own value

Trying to fit in -> What for
Thinking faith and wealth are enough to achieve in the game -> The game is complex

avoir des modeles -> Only you know
trop de sources d’information -> Action and relax and thinking
trop debattre -> Focus on your life
avoir le focus egaré -> Thinking about what you want
critiquer qch ou qn, mal-parler -> It isn’t worth probably
trop penser -> Get out of the house
se concerner de la culture populaire -> Make your own culture
generalizing -> The picture is incomplete
hangin with the bad crowd -> You need to find your tribe or create the tribe
commmenting on other people life -> Fix your life beore
bad use of social media, constant posing, making threads -> Don’t waste to much time in it
not updating beliefs -> You have to or you will be stuck
looking at popular culture or politics -> What for
learning too many science -> After a while specialize
not organizing big, no deliver proper way to help -> Think and plan for the best way of helping
showing down on insta -> It’s for business mostly
talking down -> Elevate, up not down

putting in money in someoone who hasn’t – dont. they need to put their money, to cherish it
getting married before doing anything you want -> Get married not before 35 or 50, depend on the laws
having child to soon -> Only when you are ready, enough money
having a fat wife, not working wife, or making far more than you -> everbody needs to work
not becoming a minimalist -> Do you possess the things or they posses you
buying a house -> If no kids, it’s not worth it, after also, except you know exactly how to use it
being with a lier, a flirter but not sleeping, had hook-ups, had abortion, being a gold digger -> Fix your values

moving too fast -> take your time
staying too loong with someone -> quit the shit fast
trying with the old -> renew
being with egocentric, inconsiderate¨, passiveagrissve, selfish, jealousy, backstabbing, entitled, irresponsabile, boring ( not naughty), bad parents/ bad boyfriends, slutty
outgoing -> it wont work

not introspecting, no knowledge -> no essence
searching for quantity, not quality -> quality is always the answer
trying to be friends with no equals, value leeches -> cut it

Learning by observing the errors of others 15