Learning by observing the errors of others 14

not trying to get in with reality, having fantasies -> realism is a must
NOT APPRECIATING WHAT YOU HAVE -> gratitude is key to a fulfilled life.
NOT WANTING TO BE A WIFE, don’t understand how to support their man
feminist ideals -> are you choosing your womanhood or not ?
keeping with jones -> do you not the society ideals
too concerned about keeping her family happy than herself -> one time you gotta cut the cords

I can’t do it myself → lose a lot of times

not creating just absorbing → where is your soul

not reassing if in the right group → losing time in the right ones

do lnot propose solutions improvements → the world sucks bc of you

not valuing yourself more → you are a literal big bang
Judging the other by family past -> the other is not the family inheritance. the other is it’s own product.

not having faith -> faith in yourself is the only way

Learning by observing the errors of others 14