Distinction + Make the point right



environnment does not change personality, but the possiblities
yes desire in sense of using your potential, more than getting the outcome.
sacrifice who have to be made to get.. sacrifice = self alignement


non attachment – fear of intimacy

attraction _ liking sexy
arousal – get wet, horny

desire and want. genuine desire is marked by a need not a want. A Mother might enter a burning building for her baby.

love is actually a biological psychosis making you want to breed a fertile young woman
love is a virtue , an action or verb

interest-preference-desire. interest – arous intellect, wakes you up. preference – is habit or repeated encounter. desire is the true wanting

sexual fantasy is a fantasy , not a scenario who is wanted to be experienced, showing an impulse somewhere. reality is the situation right now, with freedom and sanity.


just wild and lack self control. And the word emotional is used in place of wild and undisciplined


envy and indignation
envy -> want, desires based, based on desire mostly. based on admiration/focus on others, and not believing in one potential
contempt -> attack, not understanding of the case of others. based on the self, not having enough.
indignation -> destruction of world/earth, unequal, to selfish

happiness-> state
purpose -> long goal, tied with values
freedom -> eco social geo cultural mobility

Fear -> this blocks you of moving, irrational or rational. Being Scared -> you don’t give a try so it’s irrational prevision.

Fear (lack of assistance) or (lack of energy) or (lack of talents) or (lack of will)

>as emotive state or dish
> as indivudal states/worlds

gratitude – being okay where you are in, whatever you move in
ambition – wanting to be in full posssesion of your potential

Workout tired and sedentary tired are two different things.
also creating tired


not being able to detach content and author. content and emotions. prescription description


social withdrawal / unsociability, shyness, anxiety sensivity, socially avoidant, anti-social

celebrity -> popstar, popculture, social agenda heavily based
influence -> hard-work, values, truth, beauty -> based

equal opportunity -> access to resources, ppl, markets
equal outcome -> impossible to attain, bc not same experiences, views, contacts, timing.

voluntary and coercive
voluntary -> your choice
coercive -> under a treath

Multiculturalism » is actually a « Uniculturalism ».
races/ethnicity/tribes can build a multi-cultures zone

rejection of humanity -> life is too much, humans are bad.
rejection, by nihilism -> life has no meaning, no truth
Instead of embracing life, he distances himself from it in order to avoid further pain > dom mage avoidance

Perfection -> ideal
humanity -> relatable to yourself and the rest of humanity

some are just for the info there, for friendship not
distinction need to be made, on intent mostly


risk-aversion : taking no risk, no life essence
risk-management : considering which risk to take and doing it.
realism reward to impact reward


I feel like you’re conflating a person’s agreement with themselves and a person’s agreement with other people. They’re related, but distinct.

might be correct -> needs further studies, not sure if helping (probability). will help -> can be correct, does help

huge difference between a cognitive preference and a habit
cog -> Your conscious differentiation of thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. The groundwork for everything else
habit -> adopted behav feed loop

easy to label (make distinction) but hard to live it(experience). Easy to proclaim(saying someting), difficult to do it with persistence (action).

fear and value alignment
It’s not fear. It’s value alignment. Things aren’t aligned in my life for me to commit my focus.

Avoid thoughts masked as insight
thought 0 connected to reality
insight 0 not tested, not sure

learrning -> apllying
accumulating knowledge -> hoarding, no use, no growth.

true -> objective -> search of wisdom
useful -> can be false, but can help the user, can give him confidence -> search of strategy/usefulness

path to wisdom when seeking knowledge , my tweet was about when two people discuss. indeed there is also analysis paralysis when seeking action..

gratitude = thankful
humility = learnining

the action through your lens. Not through it’s intention.


Personality Types vs. Personality Dimensions – Nature vs. Nurture Interactions – What is “natural” versus what is “right.”

guides than teachers
small population understanding, universal
buffer truth, consistent truth, universal truth
evidence, verification
replication, avaiblitz
ad hoc, post hoc

one needs to hide testing, being an authority

determin, probablistic
feeling obvisous , it is obvious
great, infallaible

physical, mental, emotional, psychospiritual)
psycho (wellbeing, science) – behaviour (choice, awarness)


Prey: attacked. lamb. defenseless

vs predator : attacking, wolf, defending

Opportunité/anger : oppurtinity to growth

vs danger/escape : seeing yourself as not taking the responsability

That’s not exploitation, that’s knowing your audience


Life permits ego stroking, but ego stroking doesn’t permit life.

temperament -> attitude , psychological
your ability -> technical, capacital

lack of it
no existence

reading between the lines, writing between the lines and walking between the lines, there’s science, art and sorcery at it’s best.

You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.


Make the point right

Violence will ALWAYS be in humans. We are lazy, and we are power hungry. It is just human nature
-> Violence caused by lack of money, community and job opportunity, love and growth
-> Violence caused by structures/environment, prejudice, harmfull philosophies
–> can be resolved by meeting the first step of maslow pyramid
–> violence can be re channeled into arts, sports/energetic goals, travel

Distinction + Make the point right

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