The modern traps

Junk food is not for your health. What you eat makes you.
Video games is often seen as a false accomplishment.
Porn: trap. Your sexuality is far better with intimacy and real fulfillment , experimentation.
Uni degree/debt: trap. It’s a trap if you don’t know how to use and where you go.
Celebrity pop culture: trap. A trap cause you should focus on yourself.
Hanging out with people who fall for the trap: trap. YOu should use critical thinking to be aware who lumps in another trap.
Social Media, TV, twitter: the biggest trap and time thief. It’s a trap giving dopamine of a false set and seems like work but isn’t.
drugs. if you dont use them in a smart way, you can lose yourself.
hangouts, try to be with peopel who permit you work to flourish.

even reading is an escape. read the important things. then the enjoyable.
news, politics, false flags are also traps watch my man

then don’t:
then don’t:
Alcohol and drugs, television, porn, videogames

The modern traps

Reflections on Twitter use

after you did go , I was questionning myself
I have many lists delete them

i think we have to know where to end, or what we achieve with twitter

rp and things community is generelity very limited with the topics they handle
except 1-2 goldmund, wall street play, ludwig

there is too much bragado
it’s egotism speaking mostly. sometimes I have this impression

it depends really on how you use
I think i has to be minimal also
Like limiting follow accounts max 150 ( dunbar number ) even 50 is a lot

some accounts are very good
like producthunt to find good internet tools
buffer and quora

It’s good for local lists
for businesses. or readlists for readers

I think it can be good If you have heavy following and then u can promote lots of good things !

i made a lists
for transition movement, my new passion ( well a bit )

there u find new info
about how to change society, improve exchange and commerce
it’s very change , value and meaning oriented

few talks about this … lol

I think all communities online suffer from a big big confirmation bias
so if u dont navigate many you suffer
and talks about the same times all the time
Artfulman did make this remark some time ago, but him himself suffer from it on twitter
I dont know about him, not online he could be very diff, but often genuine people dont change their discourses

it’s a tool
for sharing mostly ( well that is how i see it, it should be selfless )
for ego confirmation 😕 yeah but it’s more boy psychology ( refering to king warrior etc )

so I think you could use it


1) promote gd accounts like @LudvigSGM or @yunawinter2) promote pos masculinity/feminity3) promote beauty, truth, culture, healthRT THIS 4) promote discovery @NatGeo5) promote gd apps @figmadesign & @ProductHunt6) promote way of living @P2P_Foundation & @IPvoices

_ many differents communities
– rt good shit and supports artists, writer, activits
– make some lists for people

do not

– and do not fall for presenting an image on twitter
– and no complaining, no drama, no analyse on women, society and religion lol

twitter is good for things but you have how
to use it. i think it’s very interesting for holistic view of
_ personalities
– travel places
– apps
– humor
– universes
– actions you can do
– marketing tricks

– it’s has to be like your spirit, focused, but also very funny sometimes

Reflections on Twitter use

Learning by observing the errors of others 13

Not taking feedback, not reading comments -> you miss a lot by not hearing the others.
not going to the core -> cut the fluff
not trying the both extremes -> it’s kinda the only way to win
not cutting the explanation, not going raw -> cut the fluff
doing thins alone -> take a lot of time, less stimulating . find people
seeking but not confronting -> wasting a lot of time

not seeing the point of the other -> that is what is about
being reigned by anger and null examples -> try to find the good people
being drown in the political -> forget that shit
not seing other option -> bye
not forcing yourself for a job -> is it worth it ?

Not reflecting on the use of twitter or any tool- > you will lose a lot of time if you don’t.
Believe there is one way practically way to attain truth -> there are not many path and truth is not the end of all

Not writing down your arguments. -> Bad presentation
Clinging and attachment is the problem -> Be fluid
Repeating the same arguments over and over -> Stop that.
not showing the examples you life -> no proof, difficulty to believe

thinking truth/wisdom is the absolute to find ->> perhaps it’s more help others, having memories and experiencing realities

resting on laurels -> do more than expected.
interest in celebrity culture -> you are going to be president, you will be known.
not owning yourself -> well.

seems to attract the dogmatic in search of simple solutions to complex problems.
shutting the debate, making assumptions
being influenced by counter-narrative or social group
just showing one side -> there are many
only doing promotion for your company -> not opening to the maximum

Marrying attractive but incompatible women  -> comptability matters more
Comparing yourself to others, whether accurately, optimistically, or humbly -> isn’t the best basis for finding validation

Reading news, commenting news -> Why ?

Learning by observing the errors of others 13