Learning by observing the errors of others 13

Not taking feedback, not reading comments -> you miss a lot by not hearing the others.
not going to the core -> cut the fluff
not trying the both extremes -> it’s kinda the only way to win
not cutting the explanation, not going raw -> cut the fluff
doing thins alone -> take a lot of time, less stimulating . find people
seeking but not confronting -> wasting a lot of time

not seeing the point of the other -> that is what is about
being reigned by anger and null examples -> try to find the good people
being drown in the political -> forget that shit
not seing other option -> bye
not forcing yourself for a job -> is it worth it ?

Not reflecting on the use of twitter or any tool- > you will lose a lot of time if you don’t.
Believe there is one way practically way to attain truth -> there are not many path and truth is not the end of all

Not writing down your arguments. -> Bad presentation
Clinging and attachment is the problem -> Be fluid
Repeating the same arguments over and over -> Stop that.
not showing the examples you life -> no proof, difficulty to believe

thinking truth/wisdom is the absolute to find ->> perhaps it’s more help others, having memories and experiencing realities

resting on laurels -> do more than expected.
interest in celebrity culture -> you are going to be president, you will be known.
not owning yourself -> well.

seems to attract the dogmatic in search of simple solutions to complex problems.
shutting the debate, making assumptions
being influenced by counter-narrative or social group
just showing one side -> there are many
only doing promotion for your company -> not opening to the maximum

Marrying attractive but incompatible women  -> comptability matters more
Comparing yourself to others, whether accurately, optimistically, or humbly -> isn’t the best basis for finding validation

Reading news, commenting news -> Why ?

Learning by observing the errors of others 13