Learning by observing the errors of others 12

Focus on beauty aspect, aesthetic and ignoring the function -> You will miss a lot if you do that.

Not opening up to the < why the perspective could be very beneficial > -> you miss ton of feedback

Doing everything solo -> Create groups for everything and this permits a tight community.

Not taking up the pool of the youngers, or the elders to put their workforce to use -> This is massive bad management

Not giving purpose and task to young men -> massive bad testosterone management

not having social  media multiples accounts -> dont rely only on platform , have your own website
listening to podcasts -> read articles it’s faster
not searching in another followers base -> you miss a lot
not watermarking -> gotta protecting some of your creation
arguing with people online -> focus on you and ignore the haters.

not saying other what people can disclose or not ->_ you will suffer, be very precise what they cannot say
not using the different mediums -> you dont touch everyone you want. use snapchat, instagram, youtube, periscope, as it’s touches diff publics and it’s compound interest

Getting suck in the contrarian mindset -> do the think on your own.
Not talking about yourself thus being exempt of faults -> put yourself out there do be destroyed.

Learning by observing the errors of others 12

Heal some psychologics wounds

Heal risk aversion -> not everything is going to turn bad and your past doesn’t have to repeat itself. Using generalization doesn’t help

Heal error perception -> you didn’t make an error, it was mistake by your result taking.

Heal external validation -> you can value yourself and invest in healthy outcomes.

Don’t stay in  a circle of abuse -> Going away
There are things you need to heal : addictions, not expressing emotions, not allowing good things to you , being nervous,, panicing, tryint to control others, being impulsive, being to quite, being bad at proces, bad at reframing, juding people, blocked in thoughts, not sharing the problems, sacrificing yourself to much. Being too lazy, being afraid of mistakes, being control freak, not listening to feels.

Eliminate these societal illusions : Big Brother State, Masks, Society, Posesssions, Fear of Death, Loneliness, Without Internet, Trashy Planet, Greeed, Being Rude and Being Selfish, or not talking about big Topics.

Heal some psychologics wounds