Learning by observing the errors of others 11

Not checking in , what happens in your body -> Your instinct tells you

Not asking friends to check you -> You will die bc of yourself. And not asking for solutions for your problems.

Holding grudges against someone -> You don’t want that, stop it as soon as you can.
Don’t have regrets or IF situation -> You didn’t know at the time.Excuse yourself and let go.

Not pushing or not pushing the action/responsibility of the other person -> Push the other person
Not seeing the difference between asking to explain and illustrating one situation -> If you go defensive , its up to you.

degrade and dismiss people that aren’t up to whatever standards you think strangers should have when approaching you -> dont dismiss people so easily

only being with yes men people -> people should be able to criticize you

‘keeping tabs’ on ppl, having big ties with the past even if it never work out -> focus on you

acting of desperation -> dont
not having balance -> try to
thinking you cannot go with another social circle, ejecting yourself -> yo can join whatever you want
not valuing yourself  -> love yourself
repeating the same thing over and over -> learn other things
focus on things you cannot control -> focus on you
trying to prove and proving yourself again and again -> you dont have to
listen to podcast, instead of articles -> stop wasting time.

Talking too much about defintion/wanting to define, politics, religion, color issue, social media, pop psychology, commenting other ppl lives-> Be inspiring, be positive, learn diff materials

Staying with someone loose principles -> be a good one.

Using only the emotional lense to analyse a situations -> It’s not a good idea to only use one tool.

Thinking that you are not worthy and that you are not enough -> You are worthy of love whatever your situations is.

Thinking your life is not fair -> it’s not fair for anyone.

Pushing the repeat button for every bad emotions -> Stop it.
Not being capable to settle -> Maybe you can or you have to.

Being too much ambition-driven, solution-driven, improvement-driven, image-drive -> The drive has it’s place.

Thinking there is a need, there is a destination, there is just a higher self -> Just enjoy the road, smell and roses and improve a bit.

Thinking there is a need, wants, goal, purpose, desires, final -> No, there is only the present and what you work for. Everything else drop it.

Thinking that you dont need anyone. -> Maybe one day you will realise the help and that high agency is not worth it. Do it together

Thinking that you are seperate from the population ? You are not

Always something bigger, something higher, something greater -> Greed is a sin.

Not letting go. JUst

Not coming from place of welcoming and appreciating whatever is -> Do it

Learning by observing the errors of others 11

Learning by observing the errors of others 10

Reading and repost the same thing -> Don’t be a copycat
Not seeing the red flags in someone’s action -> Don’t be blind, people can infect you
Not listening to your friends, having too much pride, and then committing a big mistake -> People did warn you
Not asking feedback about your character, or not taking it in -> Character crafting is pretty much everything
Rejecting any science which is non western, rejecting beliefs without examination . -> Try it
to not hold ppl accountable for their actions because biology -> Hold them accountable whatever

Staying with someone who is not on the same wavelength as you -> Ask the question early. Do not invest too much

Thinking that you are not enoug -> You are . And you are sexy 😛

Not explaining something which makes you mad -> ppl are not telepathist. tell beforehand what could bug you

Thinking that you can not teach your relatives something and that you have to deal with it -> Not teach ppl as you can about the thing you do

Not enforcing the boundaries enough -> You will suffer
Marrying for the wrong reason , namely a child -> Do it for the right reason
Not letting go of dreams -> Let go

Not searching for a correct way to handle a situation which comes often in your life -> Find the correct solution early

Having too high expectations on yourself considering your past circumstances -> Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Having too much pride on a paradigm -> You have to change everything.

Not having structure in your life -> YOu will fall

Going back in the past -> Focus on the future

Attaining needs by artificial means -> It wont replace a natural cause

Focus on too much yourself and your thoughts -> Connect with the world.

Focusing on your wants instead of your needs -> Don’t do it.
Not being in peace with your story -> Be in peace, release it.

Wanting to talk too much, relax a bit. -> YOU will talk once 😉

Not drawing the line with the past and having a job tied to it. -> Stop it, one time.
Healing yourself time and time again in the same topics -> Stop you dont experience the life state of the variety
Thinking that only love is the biggest thing on earth -> It’s true limiting
Climbing in the same waters time and time again -> Go in the forest

Staying in the same demographics and sharing the same content -> Do you

Feeding your narcissism for silly reason -> Why ?
Doingsomething only bc it’s popular -> Do it bc you want it, not waiting for others.

Hating on other ppl on internet -> Grow up

Having the bad focus on things -> Focus on the good

Having only the focus on Your Self and Your Country -> The personal and base intent is not the best. IT must be selfless and universal, not dismissing, nor separating.

Not searching for good role models out there -> They elevate you

Thinking it is very to cry. -> Crying is good
Thinking that you do not deserve kindness -> Everyone deserve it

Learning by observing the errors of others 10