Learning by observing the errors of others 11

Not checking in , what happens in your body -> Your instinct tells you

Not asking friends to check you -> You will die bc of yourself. And not asking for solutions for your problems.

Holding grudges against someone -> You don’t want that, stop it as soon as you can.
Don’t have regrets or IF situation -> You didn’t know at the time.Excuse yourself and let go.

Not pushing or not pushing the action/responsibility of the other person -> Push the other person
Not seeing the difference between asking to explain and illustrating one situation -> If you go defensive , its up to you.

degrade and dismiss people that aren’t up to whatever standards you think strangers should have when approaching you -> dont dismiss people so easily

only being with yes men people -> people should be able to criticize you

‘keeping tabs’ on ppl, having big ties with the past even if it never work out -> focus on you

acting of desperation -> dont
not having balance -> try to
thinking you cannot go with another social circle, ejecting yourself -> yo can join whatever you want
not valuing yourself  -> love yourself
repeating the same thing over and over -> learn other things
focus on things you cannot control -> focus on you
trying to prove and proving yourself again and again -> you dont have to
listen to podcast, instead of articles -> stop wasting time.

Talking too much about defintion/wanting to define, politics, religion, color issue, social media, pop psychology, commenting other ppl lives-> Be inspiring, be positive, learn diff materials

Staying with someone loose principles -> be a good one.

Using only the emotional lense to analyse a situations -> It’s not a good idea to only use one tool.

Thinking that you are not worthy and that you are not enough -> You are worthy of love whatever your situations is.

Thinking your life is not fair -> it’s not fair for anyone.

Pushing the repeat button for every bad emotions -> Stop it.
Not being capable to settle -> Maybe you can or you have to.

Being too much ambition-driven, solution-driven, improvement-driven, image-drive -> The drive has it’s place.

Thinking there is a need, there is a destination, there is just a higher self -> Just enjoy the road, smell and roses and improve a bit.

Thinking there is a need, wants, goal, purpose, desires, final -> No, there is only the present and what you work for. Everything else drop it.

Thinking that you dont need anyone. -> Maybe one day you will realise the help and that high agency is not worth it. Do it together

Thinking that you are seperate from the population ? You are not

Always something bigger, something higher, something greater -> Greed is a sin.

Not letting go. JUst

Not coming from place of welcoming and appreciating whatever is -> Do it

Learning by observing the errors of others 11

Empathy basics

High level

Professionals have an image to represent, have to portrait this image while they are out. An obligation to conform to the standards.

Say what is right instead what is wrong 🙂 Reassure there is no shame to have, no blame and it’s okay. IT’s your path


A pressure to perform. There is constant recognition of the person/image but not the fragile/vulnerable one.


You cannot be to fast. You cannot be too intense. The person needs to be comfortable with it. You cannot be judgemental or give a sense of correction, but rather encouragement, guidance and patience. Need time to get better,  and fast results are not realistic if it’s for a long term recovery.


Severe trust issues, anger issues and codependency resulting in insecurities, it was VERY HARD for to let go of what I had build my « reality ».  The only way of survival for the problems i have encountered in my life, because I’ve never been taught how to be strong&vulnerable.


Sometimes when you are conditioned to put your own happiness behind the one of those who you care for -> bc of not wanting to hurt.

Comfortable with these « expectations -> Ppl get very pressured.

Psycho – analytic

Ppl dont want to be over analysed. People want to feel comfortable, want you to share and want to be an equal level ( thus you have to be vulnerable ). People want you to care and to engage with their emotions, even if negative. Ppl dislike no contact.
Give ppl the right to do, and to feel. Don’t act tough.


they are addicts
cause they
dont have support system
succumb to social pressure and expectations
put too much pressure on themselves
not constructive feedback
Mal-adapative psyche
F > options, permission, security, assurance, money, living old, wants.
Intention, screening
Thoughts, Feeling, Weakness, Relationships, Memories
house, entering, have dinner
fairytaile, mysticism
protest -> pain and not understanding
rules and freeness. want to join by herself, coming from an invitation of love, and not forcing. not being slave, but partner.


Not everyone has the same paths as you

Not everyone has the same maturity as you

Not everyone has the same values as you

Not everyone has the same foresight as you

-> Just try to understand before judging others. Allow ppl to take their time.

Dont push on the difficulties of other people, it’s childish and hurtful. Be supportive.
You can create a higher plane of cocreation (respect of each other creativity), co-entering ( respect of the respect the world of the other person ), content of fun, love, creation, serenity.

Empathy basics

The Power of Introspection

Introspection social

je ne sais pas quoi dire -> prendre qch de l’environnement
je ne trouve pas d’intérêt commun -> en créer un (genre pokémon go), ou prendre une réference populaire
j’ai peur de déranger -> c’est bien moins le cas qu’on pense
les habits ne me convenient pas -> c’est plus l’énergie et l’autorisation qu’on se donne à nous même qui compte
PEUR DE PERDRE -> perdre quoi, la vie c’est pile ou face
PAS DE BOULOT -> le boulot ne fait pas une personne
FEAR BÊING TO CLINGY -> une fois assez d’assurance en nous, ce ne sera plus le cas and the FEAR OF BEING REJECTED -> tant pis pour les autres, le père noel que passe qu’une fois

introspec amusement
je n’ai pas d’hobbies -> je ne suis pas amusant. qui a dit ça ?
peur de l’embarassement -> la vie est un gros jeu, et parfois il faut plonger

introspec dance

je ne prendre pas l’espace -> je n’ose pas m’affirmer -> je peux m’affimer
je ne danse pas avec tout le monde -> je fais une crise d’oppurtinitsme -> dancer avec tout le monde

je ne danse pas avec elle car j’ai peur qu’elle me rejette ou elle m’impressione trop -> c’est le meme cas pour l’autre personne probablement, donc autant essayer

je ne fais pas de de danse sexuelle -> j’ai peur de m’affirmer sensuellement  -> la sexualité est une partie inhérente

how to

journaling : thoughts, feeeling, exprience, creativities, poems lists , moments, achtats, constuctions, anchors the past, complilments, special art, gift, speical place

The Power of Introspection

Everyone is extra part 2

Ayana Divine Foster

honoring the ancients/roots cultural heritage, wearing the roots style, using candles, using ancient comics


encouraging people to write. having a blog. always being someone and evolving.

Iskāh Avaya

Encourage love, reflection, responsability, art, gentleness, dance. Having animals, creating things, participate in festivals


decorating the room with goals, books, having the board. appreciating every person in life with selfie


teaching sexual mediatation. teaching self amusement with voice, clothing. doing competitive games and cooperative. simulating drunkness.

Objective Guts Tribe

– giving conference and – jumping with people and – singing with the singer, be on scene
– read books and – have katana, having animal masks,possess what you want and – funny activities, slopping activities and – using the body of other people and – film,record your lilfe

Everyone is extra part 2

Learning by observing the errors of others 10

Reading and repost the same thing -> Don’t be a copycat
Not seeing the red flags in someone’s action -> Don’t be blind, people can infect you
Not listening to your friends, having too much pride, and then committing a big mistake -> People did warn you
Not asking feedback about your character, or not taking it in -> Character crafting is pretty much everything
Rejecting any science which is non western, rejecting beliefs without examination . -> Try it
to not hold ppl accountable for their actions because biology -> Hold them accountable whatever

Staying with someone who is not on the same wavelength as you -> Ask the question early. Do not invest too much

Thinking that you are not enoug -> You are . And you are sexy 😛

Not explaining something which makes you mad -> ppl are not telepathist. tell beforehand what could bug you

Thinking that you can not teach your relatives something and that you have to deal with it -> Not teach ppl as you can about the thing you do

Not enforcing the boundaries enough -> You will suffer
Marrying for the wrong reason , namely a child -> Do it for the right reason
Not letting go of dreams -> Let go

Not searching for a correct way to handle a situation which comes often in your life -> Find the correct solution early

Having too high expectations on yourself considering your past circumstances -> Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Having too much pride on a paradigm -> You have to change everything.

Not having structure in your life -> YOu will fall

Going back in the past -> Focus on the future

Attaining needs by artificial means -> It wont replace a natural cause

Focus on too much yourself and your thoughts -> Connect with the world.

Focusing on your wants instead of your needs -> Don’t do it.
Not being in peace with your story -> Be in peace, release it.

Wanting to talk too much, relax a bit. -> YOU will talk once 😉

Not drawing the line with the past and having a job tied to it. -> Stop it, one time.
Healing yourself time and time again in the same topics -> Stop you dont experience the life state of the variety
Thinking that only love is the biggest thing on earth -> It’s true limiting
Climbing in the same waters time and time again -> Go in the forest

Staying in the same demographics and sharing the same content -> Do you

Feeding your narcissism for silly reason -> Why ?
Doingsomething only bc it’s popular -> Do it bc you want it, not waiting for others.

Hating on other ppl on internet -> Grow up

Having the bad focus on things -> Focus on the good

Having only the focus on Your Self and Your Country -> The personal and base intent is not the best. IT must be selfless and universal, not dismissing, nor separating.

Not searching for good role models out there -> They elevate you

Thinking it is very to cry. -> Crying is good
Thinking that you do not deserve kindness -> Everyone deserve it

Learning by observing the errors of others 10