Learning by observing the errors of others 9

Ne pas repondre parce que pas de mots -> il y a toujours de manières différentes de répondre

Prévoir un malaise future -> se concenter sur le présent

Ne pas penser qu’une personne puisse être interessé ->  Si si il y a aura des personnes qui seront interessé par toi, juste parce que

Reading popular magazines -> Not taking the best info out there

not asking for help, not being truthfull -> Ask for help, show your weaknesses

not searching the right organsiations to help you -> Some organisations can help you a lot if you wih one to contact

Tapping into negativity and hate -> Take the energy and the water from the good source

Not speaking with humility, trying to convince, using authority -> Not getting checked and having bad ego

Not having the full story about someone and judging them -> Try to know the entire sotry beforehand.

Putting personal info online, wanting revenge -> Dont

Not knowing what is BS or not -> Learn to draw the line of truth

Not trying different ways to improve your life -> Change your life as much as you can

hasn’t learned to fully conduct himself and address others and himself in relation to the information -> beware of the info and the gravitas/impact of it, provide the source

Be a slave to your own process.. -> Know how to get out

Proclaming yourself as something -> ACTA NON VERBA
Talking too much about others -> Forget the negativity
Talking too much about the world and culture -> Live , dont just observe
Not vetting enough -> Not asking if the person parents or itself had serious personality disorders, narcissism, sadism, sociopathy, probably borderline or bi-polar
Trusting the dream into the hand of others -> You can only trust your own at the end.
Trusting the words but not observing the actions -> ACTA IS THE VERBA
Not healing the past and the past relations we had -> You will repeat the same loop again and again.
Seeing yourself as a victim and not a learner -> Learn but don’t suffer
Learning by observing the errors of others 9

Learning by observing the errors of others 8

Commenting on politics -> don’t waste too much on things you cannot control

Doing things with no future benefits -> planifiy your future

Talking too many people -> Talk to the essential people, the people who give back

Sharing too much -> Share what is important and relevant

Not asking for confrontation -> Being stucked with the same beliefs

Finding always fault in every situation -> Sometimes it’s not you

Thinking that the event is not for you -> You don’t know until you try

Stopping yourself -> Encourage yourself

Disliking someone for nothing, presuming somethin -> aSK

not taking lesson in daily life -> You’re losing time

Not changing strategy -> Update daily go get in the right course

Not uplifting, but criticising -> The wrong focus, for you and the other

Se comparer -> Compare only to yourself, well mostly

Penser qu’0n est au bord de la société -> Now there is always a way to include yourself somwhere, but you got to position yourself rightly

Justifying yourself -> Just do what you want

Not getting out of the couch -> move or ask for help or plan

Using the false source -> Use the right one, rights intentions

being taken by old habits -> Update them as you go

thinking you’re burden  -> Reframe that quickly

Exiger trop des autres -> be self reliant

pas prendre responsabilité entière -> Take as much as you can

Not really listening -> people want to help you

Spending time entertained -> dont consume too much

Not being congruant -> Be your truth

Forgetting the internal / external -> THere is a balance there too

Not automatizing the process -> Dont repeat the same things for the sake of it

Using always your primary circuit of logic, not being openminded, not seing behind -> Use alternative lenses

Not enforcing boundaries ; accepting bad behaviour

not staying low key -> Take the rest before the storm

not knowing your real value -> REAL

Learning by observing the errors of others 8