Learning by observing the errors of others 7

Publishing too much content, tsunami of information, thus no visibility -> publish less and it should be more visible

talking too much for no substance -> talk when you can impact the world

not trying enough with people -> Do your best everday

waiting new year for resolution -> Don’t wait for new years to do something

not diggin in a blog -> you can’t find useful info everywhere
not going trough differents groups and viewpoints in order to deconstruct the biases -> talk to as many people as you can

training in only one intelligence -> train as many , they will be useful soon

not giving others ultimatum -> people only respect boundaries

have always stoic face -> you dont need to protect yourself all the time
not doing as fast as you can -> if you can do it now do it
putting to much trust in young people -> be self reliant and learn the skills
not re-reading what you write -> if you reuse you forget
not supporting full expression of partner and waiting -> dont live a half life
not being rough with your partner, having a not sexual compatibility partner -> sexuality is more important than you imagine

trying to view in the same way as yesterday -> change your perspective every day

not fitting clothes, no bodybuilding -> build that physique

essaie d’expliquer tout -> don’t try to explain everything
commenter trop de choses -> don’t explain everything to everyone, do it one time and then link
perdre du temps sur internet -> use your time wisely

be real, speaking your fuckin mind, dont be ashamed -> Life is only worth when being real

dont push be people away -> Heal yourself, help people dont’ push too fast

dont go too serious, feel free to associate -> don’t try to be to logical or to linear

dont be in the frame of others, to qualify, to wait for reaction -> be your own universe
wanting to tell your story everywhere -> don’t overqualify

hating other people -> there is no reason to
not confronting your ideas -> put your ideas out there
thinking that you are at fault -> you are not always at fault

Learning by observing the errors of others 7