Learning by observing the errors of others 6

Reading problem articles instead of solution -> Stop reading, start reflecting.

Not seeing behind the attack, critisim ; the want of help -> behind the sword, a rose or afterwards the rain, the rainbow. Not all criticism come from a malicisious intent

Not searching for job -> If you don’t have a job, you’re not gonna survive.

Download tv shows. and films for nothing. -> If you do this too much, you’re not living.

There not one way to live. and you shouldnt judge. -> Don’t waste too much time on changing others lives.

Thinking you have to read news -> You only have what you want to.

Not using the correct tone when giving informaton > The tones modulates the message.

Focus on the shit, not positiv. yes world bad place but -> You have to live with it.

Worshipping his own ego -> There is no ego to be had.

Wishing someone is like this or that -> You cannot change people, only inspire them.

Not integrating fully the arguments -> Develop mindmaps to do it.

Payer trop tot pour un service -> Reflect on how you use it very well and if you’re really need it.

Refaire à chaque fois la meme erreur -> Write down your errors.

Ne pas être proactif -> Etre actif c’est être en vie

Trying to much to prove -> The only person you need to impress is you of tommorow.

Put the ego too much in forte -> You really need to smash that thing.

Assuming things too much not asking -> Always ask if you can.

Not believing other people -> There are some people you can trust.

Not accepting to let go -> Many things are not permanent. Flow with life.

Not accepting the sentence, the prison -> You choose the prison you want to life in.

Pouring any energy into trying to keep it alive anymore. when it’s not working. -> Forget it.

Ne pas savoir ce qu’on veut -> Somehow you have to know what you want.

Reproduire des schemas -> Analyse your childhood or it will fuck you up.

Separating people , putting people in a box -> People are individuals

Have monopoly on some talent, and then have obligation to do it, bc of no teaching -> Teach it will you can .

Tolerating that people are coming late -> Dont’ tolerate shit.

not trusting people when they know -> Some people know the stuff better than you.

Not recognize the gift in other people -> Praize the talent

Thinkin in terms of power, status, traditions -> It will get you far, but only so far.

Not having solid on ground experience -> Only talk shit about what you know.

Not listening enough to the other person. recuparating advice from elsevwhere -> Develop your own source.

Catching too much popular stuff -> Develop some substance acquisition.

Caring too much about gossip -> Only good if you learn from it.

Not knowing how to detach from the attack, learning -> Gotta detach in life, you know.

Crafting a persona -> Being real pays off.

Always focusing on the same subjects -> There is so much to talk about

Belittling readers -> Your users are your future money.

Not knowing what you want -> Try to guess what you want.

Refuser le debat -> You will be stuck in the road.

Learning by observing the errors of others 6