Everyone is extra part 1

Cyril : Mettre le bras autour, faire des calins, procalmer joyeuseté, avoir musique box, Permettre l’informatique d’avancer

Alberto : Caring about discriminations, asking other people about their past. Having a lot of empathy. Having colorful hat. Knowing how to party.

Albert/Euchimel : Lancer des cris de joie, taquiner tout le monde dans la rue, s’intéresser à un art

Alice : jouer à just dance, pronocner son opinion, dire non aux photo, peindre.

Arnaud : Faire la mouette, Faire l’homme femme serveuse, faire le comique vulgaire.

Amaury : Entourer le monde de son, Prononcer qch en luxembourgeois donc langue étrangère. Avoir des vidéo drôles

Caroline : Proposer une moralité, voir que les jours sont limités, offrir un cadeau dessin

Diego : Déclarer sa fraternité avec les potes, s’amuser sur des sons idiots, lancer la fête. Apprécier fortement les cadeaux.

Kristian : Manipulate reality with object playing, having fun. Playing Guitar. Getting after what you want. Searching for higher quality living.

Rafael : dis bonjours à tout le monde,high social activities, give food to other people, never negative to other people, s’intéresse aux autres, using social circle to advance, prendre les jeux et retransmettre, gestes hip hop, reconnaitre le vrai truc de l’autre

Sebastien : Wresting moves, animer le groupe, exceller en sport.

Tereza : Doing Massage, Having enormous tact and com issues resolutions capacity. Identifiying cues of attention. Caring for a community. Taking time for oneself. Feminine dress style. Decorating gifts.

Inconnu : amorcer gestes du discours + content sourire large + DO MASSAGES + TAKING PEOPLE OUT +BEING CHEERFUL

Everyone is extra part 1

Construction of community

Comment construire une communauté

  • Valorisation
  • Reconnaissance
  • Contributions
  • Recontacter les autres
  • Avoir un challenge , un ennemi

Real value is

  • co-ocreation , questions , past and future
  • Healing
  • Secrets places
  • New perspectives
  • Total  diff life experiences
  • speaking the different languages

Manger ensemble à midi. OU le soir. Faire inviter des gens.
Faire des activités ensemble, photos, bowling, courses, natations.

Jeunes Agés peuvent se recontrer par des dialogues  ( utilisation technologie, vie quotidienne, regarder les films, jeux de miroirs ). OU encore par le jardinnage, la broderie, la poterie, l’éctiture.

Il faut des conférences sur la créativité, les idées dangereuses. L’utilisation d’internet, les précautions de la sexualité.


Construction of community

Learning by observing the errors of others 6

Reading problem articles instead of solution -> Stop reading, start reflecting.

Not seeing behind the attack, critisim ; the want of help -> behind the sword, a rose or afterwards the rain, the rainbow. Not all criticism come from a malicisious intent

Not searching for job -> If you don’t have a job, you’re not gonna survive.

Download tv shows. and films for nothing. -> If you do this too much, you’re not living.

There not one way to live. and you shouldnt judge. -> Don’t waste too much time on changing others lives.

Thinking you have to read news -> You only have what you want to.

Not using the correct tone when giving informaton > The tones modulates the message.

Focus on the shit, not positiv. yes world bad place but -> You have to live with it.

Worshipping his own ego -> There is no ego to be had.

Wishing someone is like this or that -> You cannot change people, only inspire them.

Not integrating fully the arguments -> Develop mindmaps to do it.

Payer trop tot pour un service -> Reflect on how you use it very well and if you’re really need it.

Refaire à chaque fois la meme erreur -> Write down your errors.

Ne pas être proactif -> Etre actif c’est être en vie

Trying to much to prove -> The only person you need to impress is you of tommorow.

Put the ego too much in forte -> You really need to smash that thing.

Assuming things too much not asking -> Always ask if you can.

Not believing other people -> There are some people you can trust.

Not accepting to let go -> Many things are not permanent. Flow with life.

Not accepting the sentence, the prison -> You choose the prison you want to life in.

Pouring any energy into trying to keep it alive anymore. when it’s not working. -> Forget it.

Ne pas savoir ce qu’on veut -> Somehow you have to know what you want.

Reproduire des schemas -> Analyse your childhood or it will fuck you up.

Separating people , putting people in a box -> People are individuals

Have monopoly on some talent, and then have obligation to do it, bc of no teaching -> Teach it will you can .

Tolerating that people are coming late -> Dont’ tolerate shit.

not trusting people when they know -> Some people know the stuff better than you.

Not recognize the gift in other people -> Praize the talent

Thinkin in terms of power, status, traditions -> It will get you far, but only so far.

Not having solid on ground experience -> Only talk shit about what you know.

Not listening enough to the other person. recuparating advice from elsevwhere -> Develop your own source.

Catching too much popular stuff -> Develop some substance acquisition.

Caring too much about gossip -> Only good if you learn from it.

Not knowing how to detach from the attack, learning -> Gotta detach in life, you know.

Crafting a persona -> Being real pays off.

Always focusing on the same subjects -> There is so much to talk about

Belittling readers -> Your users are your future money.

Not knowing what you want -> Try to guess what you want.

Refuser le debat -> You will be stuck in the road.

Learning by observing the errors of others 6