Learning by observing the errors of others 5

Not having same parenting principles -> If the kids part doesn’t work, the future will suck.

Trying to have a point while the other part can be right. -> Try to consider the other point of view.

Not saying your standards -> this result in shitty encounters

Worrying too much about x or status or y -> Status or image is a false construction.

Ne pas associer les bonnes couleurs -> knowing how to combine colors is knowing how to present yourself.

Ne pas s’intéresser aux affaires du monde -> knowing to have humanity.

ecouter plus son monde que celui des autres -> you dont have two ears for nothing.

not having enough discipline -> lack of discipline is lack of success.
playing the i know it all -> you dont know shit. listen carefully

Stressing before camera -> relax , take control of your breathing.

Using the wrong words to describe phenomena. -> Use the right words  so you lose less time explaning.

Souscrire à des illusions -> Truth is your saviour.

Croire qu’un indépendant est bien -> Creating a co-space is far more beneficial.

étalé sa richesse sur les réseaux sociaux -> Knowing gives a shit.

Declarer un probleme de facon agressive et ne pas donner de solution à l’autre personne -> Comprendre. Proposer une solution. Encourager

Avoir un problème et se rapporter a qn d’autre sans confronter direct –> Hurting himself by not telling

Not demanding favors to others -> you dont ask, you don’t get.

Asking permission -> just do.

Dont overlook overlook evidences in order to keep the relationship… -> Red flags are red flags for one thing.

Accept too fast fb friends -> have minimal overview of fb.

not being comfortable with sexual fantasies –> Talking about sexulity is importnat and so is fullfulling wishes of partner

N’aimer que la passion, pas la bienveillance -> Dont fill your life with the wrong things.

ne pas dévoiler les faibllesses. -> Showing weakness is strength.

Not spreading knowledge -> Spread what you have in you.

caring about status of others -> Care about yourself with you.

Not welcoming new people or staying with same group -> this is not full experiencing life.

Croire que l’amour a une fin -> Only if you let it.

Negating the critics -> People are giving your truth. You truth. The truths.

Negating the hygene basics -> You need some image.

Making presumptions about someone -> Ask questions.

Using too much , checking too much social media -> Social media is not life.

Not keeping in touch with people -> Life is about people.

just taking up music -> listen to the music you can.

Mais directement douter et nullifier une idéalisation c’est pas top -> Try to undestand.

Not using some attack or questionning for growth. -> Maybe the people are right.

Learning by observing the errors of others 5