Learning by observing the errors of others 4

Jumping to conclusions quickly and snap at people. Don’t do it, take more time to assess people.

Thinking your psycho concludes everything, but in fact limits. You have less limits than you think.

Dreaming too much not doing enough. You have to see big.

Discussing problems over messenger, too much room for misundertstanding. Discuss every problem in face if you can, at least per phone (voice).

Trying to win against someone who has fas more knowledge. Just listen, then talk.

Not speaking up, tolerating crap. Cut the bullshit as soon as you can. If something bugs out you should speak up.

You’re merely judging him from your own perspective. You need the perspectives of the other person.

Caring too much about problems you cant resolve now. Your life needs to be in place and you need the right people and tools to fix.

Relying on one person for emo support. You need more than one person to fulfill your emotional needs.

Staying in a rs with no passion, no fire, no comittement only bc they dont want to be alone. It’s better to be alone and healthy than ill accompagned.

Begrudged success. Elevate other people.

Underestimating people. Inspire and elevate, focus on growth.

Posting things no one cares about. Post things for the WE more than the I. This includes
posting childish content on social media, repeating the same narratives.

Se cacher ne pas se dévoiler, ne pas montrer la génialité. Show yourself.

Ne pas s’associer avec d’autres personnes. People are everything, gather with them.

Not having the me time. You need alone time.

Not wanting to be taken in photos. You will be not part of history.

Assuming actions of others to protect instead of asking. You’re gonna have a lot of misinterpreataions.

Having pride being egoist. It’s not just about you. You should listen, open up and open up people.

Not considering enough the other viewpoint, writing it down. Write it down, learn by accessing the other world.

Culpabiliser pour qch. Dont put too much negative emotions by yourself, on yourself.

Penser what is for me : insted of what is for we. It’s always about the collective history.

waiting for someone to organize. Do it by yourself.

Not sharing informations to people who could it use more than you. Sharing is caring and improving the world.

Learning by observing the errors of others 4