Lessons after a culture festival

You should not separe food, culture and books but bring them together. If you disconnect them, it’s harder to sell. Too many stands confuses the citizen, their needs to be space and clear distinction.

Often the festivals forget to link website / twitter / fb of the represented people, thus the bond is broken between the consumer and the culture stand. So you could prepare some pdf for people who want to know more in the future about them.

Is there a possiblity of creating a virtul culture festival, with virtual centers and chatrooms ?

You have to put the photos fast after the event. Or you will lose a lot of free publicity.
Go to big events to test your talent and to advertise to a lot of people

Lessons after a culture festival

Lessons after a job convention

You have to know exactly what the companies has to offer and what you have offer in order to match quickly and not wasting time. You need to know what you want as salary, as position. You need to be conviced of your value.

The job market is a social market, people talk to people. You need to people to move on faster and higher. There is always great competition if you what you have to offer is the same as the others, therefore growing is essential.

If you want to create a job-website, its needs to be very reactive. For the employee and the employer. Investement on social medias is essential to fast distribution of the jobs.

PHP, java, .net and c# are the most researched languages in many informatic applications.

What separates the leader is confidence, imposing ideas, having legimity and having clear defined goals.

Take some paper to write down the most research skills. Ask a lot of questions, to know more about the job world.

Lessons after a job convention