Regrets and correction


Not studying the subjects -> know why you study the subject.
Not getting friends in the group -> dont’ be selfish. ask questions about people.
Not fully searching your style
Not developping your muscles.
Not meeting enough know people.
Not knowing enough place to hang out. Staying in the same groups. Staying in cold countries.
Not organizing enough diners and meet-ups.
Not taking back contact people and not phoning them.
Abandonning sports.
Not loving competition enough.
Not having a precise project going on.
Not moneytizing your talents.
Not making a move on a girl who is interested.
Not using something special for photos outside.
Not learning enough dance.
Losing faith and plunging into intellectualism, and nihlism. Accepting that your life sucks.
NOt taking a job.
Not giving present, not organzing birthdays.
Not taking a big comittement.
not asking permission for the things i should.
Not taking enough trips.
Not joining something , dance or conversation.
Not learning self-defense.
Not purusing something at expert level.
Not learning how to cook.
Not knowing how to camp, wildlife.
Not visiting your city. Not going in nature (bc too much tech)
Not knowing your culture.
Doing something i am not qualified for.
Not throwing away using clothes.
Not preparing enough even we cannot turn out great
Doing things at the last moment.
spending too much time alone.
Not being vulnerable.
Not creating.
staying in touch with people not wanting your best.
Not trying deguisement.
Not asking more questions.
Not showcasing more .
NOt having your hair in order. Not wearing accessoires.
Not taking advantage of your youth. benefical promotion.
Not searching for exchange program.
Not doing enough challenges. NOt forcing enough.
Having bad sleeps . Forgetting to chill.
Not solving problems at the root.
Not learning a new language. not learning extreme sports.
Not meeting the neighbours.
Reading too much
Not being with the people who appreciate me.
Taking too many photos and sorting them out.
Not changing yourself.
Not seeking the righ people to collaborate with.
Being too much in a spiritual plane.
Not searching for event in other cities.
Not seeing and noting all the options.
not being seductive enoughnot taking a drink to meetup
Not knwoing when you are presnt. not having an agenda/planner
not keeping in touch with your family.
Not asking materials from your friends.
not joining teams or popular events.
Not washing yourself correctly. not cutting the beard.
not being sensual enough
Not taking advantage of every moment
Having the same style for too long
staying with unhealthy, uncosious people
Not getting paid for your work

Goood points and continue


Being assertive and taking photos
joining people and doing things
advertising events to people
Asking random things
Reading in a non native language.
Seeing life everywher.
BEing ready to be taken in hpto.
Taking style-objects from other people.
taking photos to remember
not aksing permission

asking amd making massage
beingbold and asking to get somewhere
Being social gracious
GIving advice to people
Experimenting with photos, with objects
pushing people to get up
Going to the events where you want
Giving compliments
Getting to know other cultures. Trying a diff music style than you are used to .
Plan to meet-up. FInd cool spots in a city.
Having varieted cultural space.
Welcoming friends in your home.
Taking photos of the people your meet and who are important.
Saying compliment to people who matter.
Making ridiciulous and bold actions.
Talking back to someone who met years ago.
Did exotic sports(capoeira)
Try to win some internet challenges.
Using objects to alimentate your life.
Take a risk before an audience. (otherwise you regret)
Taking people in photo.
Meeting and learning from old people.
Take the photos I WANT.
Being sponteuse. Meeting a stranger.
Dressing like how I want
Saying no to alchohol, smoking.
Discovering many types of music.
Learning from other people.
Put FB for promotion and helping.
Buying clothes you like.
Learning from children.
Learning to hug.
Climibing on three.
Being patient and kind.
Asking for quirks, strangeness
Doing some absurd things
Buying something for the future.
Building commonplaces.
Not staying with one group.
Going to haiti


Learning by observing the errors of others 29

ne faire que critique
Ne pas être un avec son art
utiliser la base des autres
using base primal instinct for art
not being full it in
not seeeing that your wife is a reflection of you
not taking risk … but also not seeing it
thinking that you can read people
not considering every artistic aspect

being with someone who doesnt’ appreciate themselves, doesn’t try love languages and doesnt undestand sacrifices
not letting go
clinging to routines, to security

a lack of intention towards her, a lack of confidence in the relationship – ora lack of readiness for a relationship beyond fun recreational ungodly dating -> know what you want

beig angry in debates
trying do filll a void
being with too many people
thinking that are a zero sum game
not seeing the importance of face, and style
trying to change people
not apolizing -> resentmenet comes

not checking the past of people
thinking have a partner is key to absolute happiness
Devoid of all hope, reasoning, and meaning

not explaining your needs of solitude/introversion -> COMMUNICATIOn
staying only bc you love -> stay bc you are in love

Having delusions about the capacities of people -> Train them

Learning by observing the errors of others 29

Learning by observing the errors of others 28

being with someone who doesnt’ appreciate themselves, doesn’t try love languages and doesnt undestand sacrifice -> be with the right one, values

not doing -> Thinking positively, spreading love and awareness to those filled with negativity and hate will be in line with the spiritual path and also help fix our world. meaning revolve around taking on responsibilities, making yourself truly useful to the people you care about and to society as whole.

being in survival mode, being in reactive mode
thinking you are special, treating people to special
having too much assistance on your back

Not having my Discontent with my life situation -> you need to go higher

REFUSE to work on those things as a couple and GROW from their experiences.
hese otherworldly expectations for our future partners that we’d rather have our perfect partner handed to ourselves instead of growing alongside our partners and WORKING on our imperfections.
We value comfort and demonize pain way too much.
hat a guided cage is still a prison.
not being to be free witha another person

never be truly happy until, you figure out what you want out of life and summon the drive to go for it.
not having your shit together -> By getting your shit together, owning a home, car, good paying job, you will always be in demand.
giving a /wo)man legal and/or financial power over your life.
xtremist movements do not lead to anything good.

dont’espace, confront -> take responsability, evolve, focus on you, be patient
don’t mix two things, don’t represent falsily -> accept reality, see facts


Learning by observing the errors of others 28

Learning by observing the errors of others 27

dont overanalyse -> touch
dont overcompliment -> but justly
dont overidentitify -> you are someone

dont live by standards of others

dont be downer
dont judge
dont do thing in public where people could feed ashamed
dont be blocked by a refutation the first time

simple bounce… this place is kinda lame -> get to other place
NOT to go back in the club… the objective is to MOVE with them.
Just TOSS THE PELLET! again suspend all logical thought.
. You miss some, suffered rejection, miss the relationship, feel like the loser -> it’s over. move on

Blameshifting and projection
spending money in large amounts -> spend small by small, experience, travels
participation instead of performance or finishing the race.
you don’t need a suit -> all you need is to be well spoken, smell real good, walk with confidence, have fresh breath, be in somewhat decent physical shape. and car
believing all bullshit -> want to be courted, they want to be taken out, they want to be…dare I say….dominated.
because of all the options they have ->If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be picky and settle with their choice.

The Ahistoricity And Ennui Of Our Time -> do something about it, be responsable, amp up your life
being dead -> giving them that incentive to risk it all, or in people that naturally like things within life or that enjoy simply being alive

doing the bare minimum -> you get what you pet in there

not having automony on ressources -> build land, build weapons, clothes
not take action -> take the uncomfortable action. change.
keeping an idenitiy/expression style – thinking you have one

thinking in negative terms, not in positive, not in wonderful moments -> think in possibilities

being too much away person -> go towards
refuses to tackle life’s challenges by seeking short-cuts.
not following Symbolic anthropology. jungian geneaology. Neural Ecology aka no curiosity

Learning by observing the errors of others 27

Learning by observing the errors of others 26

not believing yourself
personal accountability.
lack of drive or passion
no vision
no sense of urgency.
without constraints you have your entire life to “correct” your shortcoming
changing for someone

not setting big goals
not redirecting anger
not seeing obstacles as oppuritnities
not having good, looks, status
not getting out of bad things
blaming people
being annoying -> keep composure
cockiness -> have confidence

letting moral and feeling in the way

stopping believing
making up stories for x or y
where based on a piece of what they needed , promixity based(passport, money, security, support) -> value based approach
not having passion for life
not Belonging to something bigger than yourself
not being able to differentiate
sour grapes and or bad intentions
wanting to reign

not testing many times people > friend test, homeless test, stress test, family
not seeing that you are addicted to your addictions
caring too much, not living
denying desire, being in denial
not seeing that you making justification on what you want to believe¨
not searching for the right models of winning
using wrong ways to fill the void
not letting go of childish fantasies
not being needed, used
believing you are against
not using math, science, art, and hefty exercise -> is the only thing that will set one free.
It is driven by perspective, need and feeling just as much as those it scorns.

obeing but not bc you want

being subject to ideological systems that dominate society

not beign dominant with your wife
being subject to pride
not seeing the biases/logic errors/report picking
not seeing the prevalances of

Learning by observing the errors of others 26

Learning by observing the errors of others 25

. familiarity breeds contempt
being with vapid people
not knowing how to talk
what you say you want and what you go after or end up with are not the same.
referencing but not giving examples
not taking a chance
You can be a genius, but if you lack kindness, generosity, wisdom, and some measure of beauty, you might have a hard time attracting anyone.
ou are so narrowminded as to dismiss other viewpoints out of hand.
not being to do it yoursef things
seeking models/consciousness/etc
not discussing viewppoints
not seeing yourself as the prize

wanting to change, not doing it
not seeing reality
seeing the others as ennemy
Be clear in your desires at the appropriate juncture
automatic in-group bias
have extreme entitlement issues
can’t speak your mind without invictive
they do not know their role AND they lack the skills to fill the role if they did know what that role is.
put their masculinity in the hands of the women
wont do shit cause they are afraid she will leave or wont have sex.
Don’t be a JERK or PRICK, but also DON’T KISS HER ASS!
Too much dependency is bad, but so is Independence. -> you need a bit each other

letting people space, but not brick wall
getting with people who are not clear
bottlings things up -> speed the process, speak up fast

not seeing the real person (job, house, habits, friends)
drop unrealistic expectations of
Having conditional love -> you dont get abundance of love of you do that

searching in the wrong places

Learning by observing the errors of others 25

Learning by observing the errors of others 24

not knowkign how to use a tool
not being efficient
not believing in syncrhonitiy
not checking what we buy
not aligned the life in the best way
having information overload -> go out think discuss non digital
being outtraged
being stucked in a echo chambers
not having a mindshift
being subjected to
not thinking about how use your social media
juding on proximity or authority -> judge merit
having bordeom -> contribute to something big
declaring a city as bad -> have the bad circles, wrong intent
judging other people
giving too many tips to people
claiming monopoly of
missing meaning, not being true to yourself
seeking only material successs
thinking that are no oppurtininities
thining that you need much

no taking responsability but blaming another entity
no being unique in your way
not being aligned
having no animla instinct -> Led a hard life, kept it real, took care of himself
being politiatllz correct
not seing yourself as the prize
being in scracity
not removing ideological dream scenarious
not having survival skils
not optimzinzng genetics
staying in a non sexual rs

He was still tethered to the past and afraid of the future.
1) either been living in a boring routine or 2) been walking on a path others told you to walk on, or 3) settled for less.
comforts, instant gratification, easy, sure, secure choices…

selfish, child-like, spoiled, rotten, sadistic
Nagging and Whining 3) Playing the Victim.
staying with cruel peopel

Learning by observing the errors of others 24