Learning by observing the errors of others recap 70-80

Not focus on something
Not. Focus on winning

Afraid langues, hypothetical probleme
Natural disaster

Not admitting fears
Thinking you can go all dirxiorn

Being In not aired place!


Ordering shitty food
Ordering too much
Asking for sugar drinks.
Not fasting
Eating too fast

latenight snacks


not committing to one things
Not being ware how much you bull’s hit yourself
Not self regulating
Quiting your fitness plan
Thinking you have to do society’s way
Knowing limits of life, décision making
Not kowing the system
Not having insurance on important stuff
Possessing too much

Wrong focus of person, forgetting central


Using electronics too late
Not checking the path wanted in daylight
Not checking the hours. And the price for it

Use something to compensate
Thinking things change
Not getting aware
Not believing in yourself
Thinking you can change what’s happening
Putting yourself in everything

Not choosing right language or Com platform
Not selecting ppl to socialise with wanting to all do alone not accepting suppoey
Not standing right
Not projecting voice
Judging ppl by appearnecd
Not seeing the potential
Discussing but not for solution
Not thinking something is wrong by tit still has consequences
Thinking in relativism
Not getting person intention
Not speaking up
Having dismiisve langues
Too brandy
Not finding your own style
Waiting others to make a mkbe
Over standard
Project standard into others
Damaging reputation
Not having a proper social system
Go against music trnds
Not learning dance
Tyring too hard
Being too abrasive
Not preparing logistics
Not talking with friends on phone 📱
Stating too long with dance
Not letting the joke and interrupt it
Being too precise
Not asking for feedback, not asking for honest, not delivering it
Not being with real person
Not being with good people
Not listening to the grief
Trying to change perception not moving forwards
Asking for permission
Sharing too much
Feering rejection
Tring to impress

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 70-80

Language play

Yes check my pictural archetype thread again
It’s interesting I should try some mini thread abut language deconstruction and remix
Slay keen
Lay Queen 👑
Slime Queen, saliva Queen, mouthful Queen

Raise it

Language play


Using different archetypes

Having big muscles
Eating well
Morning yoga
Going out
Sexual knowledge
Workout to solve problems

To have a rope to play
To have portable games
TO know dance

Wanting that everyone is happy
Presenting well
Good langue skill
Know culture
Joking good food

Producing music with poto
Waking up sunlight

Not lindy
Music in headphones




roman event : grape, amphreo, fruits, scenerie, casque
reverries ( jeux de foire, bullet, monocyle, cerceau, manege, ecrasement de grape de vin, Hae mariotnnete, jugnle speed, diabolog, savon)



make up, glitter
soap making + candlemaking + atelier parfums
badewanne + soap bubbles + swim suite+ maincutre + good music
coiffure, cutting hair, washing bateau
shaving someone

The spaceship
Needed : Costumers, Scene-Man, Color-Man
Photographers, Musicians, Videoman
3D Imprimerie, Cooks
Materials Scientist

but pedagog

questionner l’avenir et le présent- préserver la terre

comprendre d’autres systeme vivants,

melanger bio – sythèse

voir autrement

créer un langage

communiquer autrement ( casq micro

avoir un vaisseau de commandement ( report de mission, remise de prix)

avoir un laboratoire (désablage, déseoufage, experience vr sécousse )

avoir une salle de visionnage

avoir une salle de mouvement, entrainement

Plusieurs équipes

  • Solarpunk, Moonpook, Féerique, Fantasique, Robotique
  • besoin de badges, iconographie (couleur, philo, symbole, taille)

besoin de fleche pour expliquer le chemin


exploration galaxie noir, couleur,

besoin de projecteurs, projecteurs astre, d
de musique extratterrste (daft punk, boise noise)

cinema 4d

siege qui bouge, odeur, jet de liqiuide, toucher, gouter alimement

besoinde siege type balancoire, pistolet a eau,

sc1 aragine sc2 froid glacial, sc3 désert, sc4 jungle sc5mange verre de terret

tapis roulant, piscine de bulle



atelier : chaise

explication : construire de chaises pour le vaissea

besoin de : masque blanc, de medecin

frigo monstre maqueette ?

grande maqueette

besoind de bois , toile, planque, aroidse

atlier cvve aquatique :
besoin de : maillon, bain, bombe bain, sirop rosé, make-up, nailmartien

atlier : radio
explication : immmiquer une attaque terrestre : la fin des mondes (spielberge, orson??)

atlier : pokemon trouver

aliter cuissne future
symtem du froid, imprimer la nourtiture


trouver dans ls able, ioche, epsce, documenter


-> maquette -> plat -> crématique, pioche pour cassser, trouver la beauté

documentter avec carnet

créer l’art du futr
explicat : intsruement midi, flute iphone, inst bjork

aterlier : créer atmopshere terreste, design urbain, design désert

explication : type diaoram, résine, plastique

atelier : céer des transformers avec voiture plastique,

explication : coller ensemble des voiture, tête de transformers

atelier : créer des réliques, artefacts, drapeaux

atlier : créer pti monstre

bseoein de : Polystyrene pur oiseau

ateier : diorma nourriture,

alier : Monsstre

explication : comme dragon chinois , mais reptile, ou bubble créature
besoin de carton , couleur, plume

aliter : portait de monstres,

explication : desssiner des monstres, ou caricature de personnes sur monstre

altier monstrodex

bio assimatleur, capsule coffe reclyca

montre en fuméée : projecteur de fumme

montre lett : en fils de jaridn

montre en ombre chinaoise

??? vetement intelligent

salle de fête

atelier : photo shoot scénique
explication : scène d’apolcalyse, quotidienne, nature, héroique

possiblité : galaxie, milky way, sirene sur rocher, dans les profondeurs, fée sur une branche

besoin de

course de drone ???

laser dance ??

atelier : theate pouréée

explication : recustomeriser les poupées

besoin de : poupée

atlier : combat de sabre de laser

combattre : comme dans star wars

besoin de tunique:

atlier : guidance vocale

explication : être guidé par un micro

besoinde : micro et écouter

atelier voiture télécommandé
explciaton : customisation de voiture telecommuncate

besoin de vr : mini cam, disco boule

atlier : théatre de lumiere

spiral dynamics body painting – about to discover new Land – TABLE OF PHILSOOPHERS – LAND OF Sensualities – Land of Confluences . UNITE WITH ANDS ON ALL – DECOR CREATOR

promots of mearning : force , strength

sirene . flow of anmials .balade primteps

summer : games, mmusic raison,

animals : cohon, chat, oiseau, tortue
→ avoir piscine, roche, et sirene (minipisicine et rocher pour sierene, et eclabasoussre)
→ avoir fond multiplle, ordinateur et retouche (plus maquillage)

type of workshop


atelier : make up


besoin de

atelier : body painting


besoin de

atelier : collier


besoin de

atelier : collier


besoin de


atelier : collier, oreilles :

explication : faire des bijoux, colliers, ornements

besoin de : fils, plume, cube, dés, ambre, dent, planeté

atlier : chaussures

explication : customers des chaussures

besoin de : chaussures blances, perles, maille,

atelier : l lunettes couleurs

explication : une autre vision avec des lunettes

besoin de : prisme, vr




give tea, make bed, prepare food

Cleaning table, bringing water

reflect and create
new way
say the unsayble
use your imagination
use craf
more open
more vision
more drive
more action
more inative
more chaing
more gathinerging ppl

innovation, renovating

new platform. own website


complete integration

shre daily thoughts, family phorotos

contemplate pop and contemp culture
tell your experienes, play football, bakset ball, have own gestures, ask about other cultures
ask about some banalities
call, skype, linkedin, tw, fb
likedin, famly, boyfriend
past future
going out
want the best-seflsufficient-collaboratve-compassio
hard time together- suffered
uplifiting, understanding
high moral, high empathy, high friendliness
high philosophy
explorer niche, questionning, things, discover new music
push limits, ask question, new fielf of science/art


funnyness, fun

knews comedian, absurd things, clown, gags

stupid songs, stupid games, pranks
Coming at some window
Juggling with good.
Dancing in kitchen

inspire, resurrect, reformulate, structure your li

out of brain -> go , walk
lack of productivity
wrong settign
wrong friends
wrong mission
not going forwars
question narratives, jump with your insctict
reinvet and create trends
inten, intolernane, persistene
refuse authority


high cognition – system-thinking – perfect tools – adequate environnement

lead, pause, react – reduce the cost£
give way protoypes
mentor ships, leadership, contrashi
plan the day, strategize, use mangement, hae good mindset

find truth, go to the crux of it
find the absolute truth, search for years
how to read a book
take note 1 page – 1 note, 20 words, diagrams
synthese, metasnytghese
imporants wants
connected author and books
science domain ??
talk about it, dance about it, draw it, explain it
know magic words : geroscience – lifespan – crispir –

join group, eat together, ask questions, remember good times
put music on, cook together

sexual visionning
compoound effect
health decay
cause and effect
convergence of money
money mindset
network of organisations

have courage, defend, take the lead, defedn the causes & morality
help the sick, sleep enough, know the hositpials, give good, give gifts

erotic intelligence + service intelligene
info finder
designers, magz, photo, video > beauty
magz, university, libraty, festivals > culture
startup, entrepeneurs, investors, robotics > tech
dj magz festivals > music


I teach you – you teach me

Girls teach to boys

Having cute animals
Posing for photos
Using make up
Giving them a baby in hands
Use your body
PUT delicacy in your sensuality
MAKE it scene
Don’t hurt other ppl

Boys teach to girls

Very long conversation
Confronting yourself
Taking social risk
Combining things
Societal consequences
Sexual owning


Spanish girls

Talking it our

French girls



I teach you – you teach me