show your friends. dit bjr à tout le monde, show appreciation


show aventure
showcase people


meet per online aapp


show your work and your culture

good places
feeding the ducks

to expand and find freedom




social media agency
festival entrepreneur
producer dj
music trends, festivlas
free lance illustrator, desinger
fahsion photohraphy

Real estate, business consulting, writing, and a bookkeeping biz at the moment.

what ppl like

traveliing ( moto )
cute animals
photoshoots, drawiing, magaine
good entertainemet

Giving Value
What People Value

People are always searching for exchange of value
Mostly it’s about
Sports/Being Fit/Sex ( positions, kinks, fantasies, techniques, TAO)
Money, Job, Independence
Culture (heritage, heroes, games, food )/Philosophy/Language
Fun (doing dangerious things * shoooting * bmx), Travel (hotels – sportinstallations )Arts, Dance, Eating
Mindset (philo, stoicism, absurdism, sufism, etc ) and oppurtinities
organisation minimalism time management
On Insta Age
instage age – filters, god presentation – video editing
internet site building
fashion photo – nude photo – travel phhoto, portrait
travel cheap, travel with people
what to visit, where
clothing – museuum, beauty, installation, unique place, markets, shopping, institutions
find where cheap location : locations for conferences, for teams, for traineing
what do to do on the beach.
finding atttraction park
offering a spectualr ride * helicopter * horse
espace de coworking. endroitde recrute
recrtuers, open callers, donneur de competences
des gens musicaux. de films. de langues. d’exercices
dlcouvrir pour le voyage
apprendre par so i meme
self confidence ( solving social fears, identity problems )
cooperation skills
tech tips (informatic tips). travel tips (Where, with who). product tips (bookcase, travelcase ,ihponecases)
Some of the best gifts
partner for tandem ( language learning )
finding an team for some sport
find a bf or gf for someone
inviting to a really good events
suggesting a good website, youtube channel or resoure online
find quick ways to make money -> permit your friends to survice
know people who can house you or your friends while you’re travelling -> the struggle to have a nice place to rest can be reduced
Pro Social
include young people or old people, rearrange for them.
which things people remember after yeers
compliments, encouragements, help, thank, gifts, being kind, questioning, redirecting in effective ways, sending the adequate material , being knowledgeable, listening, finding the right issue
the extra effect of : calling the person or sending a letter
finding assistant, manager, investor
Some secret desires/wishes people can have

– Find a sex/psycho/mindset compatibile partner
– Joining the right tribe/group
– That some issues/problem/double-standards get acknowledged
– Fulfilling some childhood dreams
– Get help on something that’s troublesome (for me singing)
– Getting that tough/sensitve conversations one needs
– Finding a good website/apps for travel/learning/eating
– To create something, big or not
– To find a way to leave a legacy
– To get help on this or that addiction
– To find out how one’s can maximize his potential/voice
– to inspire hope/courage/creativity/desire
– to learn new things in a easy way
– that the partner understand nuances&points easily
– hearing disruptive/taboo/ »brutal » talks
– to pick up the clues one is leaving, shows consideration
– transmit your possessions to the right person
– understanding and living well with the other sex
– that your works & articles are read before questionning it
– to get rid of prejudices/stereotpyes/biases
– interacting with many cultures and personalities
– to be healthy & finding the right diet
– to live in the right places
finding how you can show your cultural pride
someoneone who makes a movie out of your life
stylists find new materials
Market Research Service
Graphic Design Service
Event creator
Finding places (with lights, good energy, easy to find), find restaurant, having flyiers, transmitting the info
writers -> writing -> platfrom
writers -> selling -< amazon
> bookstores
Find apps to telecom ( anyonym) – (group messaing)
Having soft skills
Developing opportunities
Giving feedback.
Complex issues
“How do you balance Novelty and Goal-orientation?”
-> find how interior desing
–> find magazines, buy things, experiments, go online
–> ask a group to design it
-> find easy way
–> know their needs anf make exchange
-> good ultrabooks for working on the go
-> how to get feedback and integrate the opinion
-> how to finance project, platform like patreon


Learning by observing the errors of others 50

having povertz midnset -> want that money, strategy, spend better
not demaning better
not being empowered to search solution
being intimaged bz somehing
not seeing the real thing
rejecin feeling
not trusting
not taking action
(a property of an idea directly translates to another idea) and like-for-like relationships.
dressing like shit
abandonging your art
not givint the max
not having faith
Because it’s not aligned with what they see as reality.
not taking it easy
ynicism is a shell that’s protecting this tiny, dear part in them that’s still alive
not being ambigious
not making it personal
not admitting the flaws, onwing yourself
not doing your own things, your unlesh yourself fully
simpyling htings~
not staying true
being too much theorist, conceptual
not rethnking your position
not being able to pay
picking the wrong pppl
thinking things are free in life
Not having a funnel to express towards

Student loans
Expensive wedding
Ridiculous honeymoon
Credit cards
Leased cars
Overbought house
Day care for kids
Gave up hobbies
Gave up friends

not being honest with your love capacity. what you want to try
being withrequires requires non-stop praise and constant, specific emotional boosting. ppl
one sided love, not praising her
not being at the same stage, thus not mathcing
repeating emotioan scenarious over and over
not having a dealine- be extreme with it
addiction to porn, info
be sloth, laziness -> more discipline¨
having too high standards -get along with everyone

not taking action , not making list, not reflecting while reading the book
not doing more
not calling ppl out
take too much time to adopt tools
not seeing big enough

ne pas augmenter son style
trying to have to have
not being capable to discern
not being readigng
not admitting what you ve done and who you are
trying to doge the anser

Learning by observing the errors of others 50

Learning by observing the errors of others 49

projecting gender reasinogn into the other (status, hypergam, nice, money9
being terrified of what you might say – not revealing
see the tool as problem not how you use yourself (responsabiity)
mot cooperating
trying to perceive, to conceptualize, to understand, to name, to control
being hasty, trying to see the outcomes
trying to be fast, and shortcuts
letting fear, hesitation, panic control you

Excellence—or Paralyzing Perfectionism
primitive instincts can compel us to bring others down to the same level.
it can turn into obsession, a pursuit that dominates all else and occupies the mind to an alarming degree.
They don’t make waves very often. And therein lies the problem.
collaboration can also lead to diffused accountability
But the pursuit of balance is itself the cause of much imbalance
ork-life balance, today’s preoccupation, is probably the greatest mirage.
compensatinf for not achieving
thhinking you have to do everything
desperer and thus over-working

Bad process
being too materail
revisit thinking & emo process
focus on lakck & posessions
focus on correctness
trying to predict

-he is unemployed (and doesn’t work for himself) -he has no goals  – no house – no decision -> work for it

dont evitate questions -> welcome them.
knowing how to fix things

not geting over your tramuas
not hav expe in rs
projecting your experience
thinking ppl will be perfeect
People who pursue social survival place fitting in and social value over relating.
not adressing the issues
being tuoo cirous
-And finally, relying on technology too much.

Learning by observing the errors of others 49

Learning by observing the errors of others 48

stopping to reach
nt having the discipline, the attitude
notbeing ready to sacrifice
we idolize in TV
Don’t give up,
not focus on what makes you happy
wasting time
hinking that it’s ok to do a job that you hate your entire life.
not changing mindest
not working hard
not seeing your market, not knowing how to market, wich platform
not keep in touch with technology¨
not blocking ppl
blocking ppl who might be benefical
not giving love first to ppl
nt intiative conv
not visitng social groups
not going out
se limiter à son propre pays
ne pas regarder sur d’autres sites
ne pas demander l’aide
afraid of life
being afraid of love
not becoming a baby again
regarder des choses qu’onn connait deja
chercher une reponse
ne pas unir ses forces
ne pas chercher un travail
ne pas sauter sur l’occasion
jugding without knowing

Learning by observing the errors of others 48

Learning by observing the errors of others 47

ou’re always worrying that others may have gotten a better deal than you
end to over-personalize all life experiences and interactions with othe
unaware of the impact your emotional nature has on others.
you offer unsolicited advice or give compulsively
You can confuse your image with who you really are, engaging in a form self-deception
greedy hording of yourself, your time, your energy or your things.
to withdraw into your ivory tower of ideas. Others may start to see you as arrogant and unfeelin
are gluttony, overdoing and seeking stimulation until you collaps


Being reactive and critical, overly involved in operational details, opinionated, and inflexible
Being overly relationship-focused, having difficulty saying no or setting boundaries, and being too involved
Being too competitive, abrupt when stressed, impatient with lengthy conversations, and over-working
Being too intense or moody, over-emphasize feelings, over-sensitive, and withdrawn
Being detached, remote or aloof, overly independent, discomfort engaging others, and overly cerebral
Being too wary and cautious or too risk-taking, too compliant or too defiant, and projecting feelings and thoughts
Being impulsive and unfocused, avoiding difficult issues, rationalizing, and lack of thorough follow-up
Being controlling and demanding, agitated with slow pace or lack of big action, and being highly over-extended
Being unassertive, conflict avoidant, overly accommodating, and being indecisive or low energy


Learning by observing the errors of others 47