lesson of movies


kill the boss when u can < shot in the head if u can
kill someone u love when u can
there are figger bigger ennemies than u

have alliances * wakanda *
for problem solving ask more geniuses > extract the stone of the red man

mortal engines

humans are hard to control
If u kill ur ennemies ur not better than them
use too much technique and u become loveless

lesson of movies

Value giving


Photos of souvenir
-> know poses, clothes, frame, decor scénario polarwid

Boat together
Plngee rogstgee

Christmas present, environnement

Intimate music concerts
Music playlist

Being included In project
Or conversion

Sexy outfit
Duo poses style carifirieis

Talking with someone
Playing music
Eating country food

Have phyical objects

Real value is
co-ocreation , questions , past and future
Secrets places
New perspectives
Total diff life experiences
speaking the different languages
Car Management in a group where people go together in places. Group Food production where people eat together (more social, efficient)
Manger ensemble à midi. OU le soir. Faire inviter des gens.
Faire des activités ensemble, photos, bowling, courses, natation. cleaning, gardening, eating, conversations, sports,giving tools, having blogs, organize workshops
Jeunes Agés peuvent se recontrer par des dialogues ( utilisation technologie, vie quotidienne, regarder les films, jeux de miroirs ). OU encore par le jardinnage, la broderie, la poterie, l’éctiture. Il faut des conférences sur la créativité, les idées dangereuses. L’utilisation d’internet, les précautions de la sexualité.
Ppl need advice for
Video mskinf How long tutorial, howto have platform, hiwto lend materials

Housing, where, how to occupy the room, how to decorate it

Questions for value

question for value

which stag
which skills yo need
what do you search
what is your learning style
what are your struggle
what is pscho profile
what kind of energy do you diffuse ?
which type you want ot make
which dreams

how to create spaces
how to colocation
how to make good dinner together
how to learn beter together


social media agency
festival entrepreneur
producer dj
music trends, festivlas
free lance illustrator, desinger
fahsion photohraphy

Real estate, business consulting, writing, and a bookkeeping biz at the moment.

what ppl like

traveliing ( moto )
cute animals
photoshoots, drawiing, magaine
good entertainemet

Giving Value
What People Value

People are always searching for exchange of value
Mostly it’s about
Sports/Being Fit/Sex ( positions, kinks, fantasies, techniques, TAO)
Money, Job, Independence
Culture (heritage, heroes, games, food )/Philosophy/Language
Fun (doing dangerious things * shoooting * bmx), Travel (hotels – sportinstallations )Arts, Dance, Eating
Mindset (philo, stoicism, absurdism, sufism, etc ) and oppurtinities
organisation minimalism time management
On Insta Age
instage age – filters, god presentation – video editing
internet site building
fashion photo – nude photo – travel phhoto, portrait

travel cheap, travel with people
what to visit, where
clothing – museuum, beauty, installation, unique place, markets, shopping, institutions
find where cheap location : locations for conferences, for teams, for traineing
what do to do on the beach.
finding atttraction park
offering a spectualr ride * helicopter * horse

espace de coworking. endroitde recrute
recrtuers, open callers, donneur de competences
des gens musicaux. de films. de langues. d’exercices
dlcouvrir pour le voyage
apprendre par so i meme


self confidence ( solving social fears, identity problems )
cooperation skills
tech tips (informatic tips). travel tips (Where, with who). product tips (bookcase, travelcase ,ihponecases)
Some of the best gifts
partner for tandem ( language learning )
finding an team for some sport
find a bf or gf for someone
inviting to a really good events
suggesting a good website, youtube channel or resoure online
find quick ways to make money -> permit your friends to survice
know people who can house you or your friends while you’re travelling -> the struggle to have a nice place to rest can be reduced

Pro Social
include young people or old people, rearrange for them.
which things people remember after yeers
compliments, encouragements, help, thank, gifts, being kind, questioning, redirecting in effective ways, sending the adequate material , being knowledgeable, listening, finding the right issue
the extra effect of : calling the person or sending a letter
finding assistant, manager, investor
Some secret desires/wishes people can have

– Find a sex/psycho/mindset compatibile partner
– Joining the right tribe/group
– That some issues/problem/double-standards get acknowledged
– Fulfilling some childhood dreams
– Get help on something that’s troublesome (for me singing)
– Getting that tough/sensitve conversations one needs
– Finding a good website/apps for travel/learning/eating
– To create something, big or not
– To find a way to leave a legacy
– To get help on this or that addiction
– To find out how one’s can maximize his potential/voice
– to inspire hope/courage/creativity/desire
– to learn new things in a easy way
– that the partner understand nuances&points easily
– hearing disruptive/taboo/ »brutal » talks
– to pick up the clues one is leaving, shows consideration
– transmit your possessions to the right person
– understanding and living well with the other sex
– that your works & articles are read before questionning it
– to get rid of prejudices/stereotpyes/biases
– interacting with many cultures and personalities
– to be healthy & finding the right diet
– to live in the right places

finding how you can show your cultural pride
someoneone who makes a movie out of your life

stylists find new materials
Market Research Service
Graphic Design Service
Event creator
Finding places (with lights, good energy, easy to find), find restaurant, having flyiers, transmitting the info
writers -> writing -> platfrom
writers -> selling -< amazon > bookstores
Find apps to telecom ( anyonym) – (group messaing)
Having soft skills
Developing opportunities
Giving feedback.
Complex issues
“How do you balance Novelty and Goal-orientation?”
-> find how interior desing
–> find magazines, buy things, experiments, go online
–> ask a group to design it
-> find easy way
–> know their needs anf make exchange
-> good ultrabooks for working on the go
-> how to get feedback and integrate the opinion
-> how to finance project, platform like patreon

Value giving



Life too fast
Too much tech bias
Not time mark
Thinking you need to do everything
Thinking you need side business
Doing too much
Thinking you need benchmarks
Not having rite of passage
Having too much social media
Not.noticing change in bodies
Thinking you can have the same as précent generation
Repeating the media
Not talking about issues
Thinking you have lots of friends
Using too much social media
Using false words
Getting propaganda
Being spoiled

Critique social media.

To viral
Not distract
Not furythrb discussion
Not putting down screen
Not considering damage of screen social media



To explore

Popular trendz
Classify with algorithms
Discovery culture
Join groups
Have community conversation
Find new places

Not about following girls with sbksiskron issue sorn get tricked

It’s just an interface of reality


Learning by observing the errors of others recap 80-90

not trying in music
not dancing

Not using creativity


Mange virnooeird, à place de fruits ou céréales
Not eating enough
Eating too late

Trademark some of your content
Giving away books
Not updating paradigm
Not deconstruct
Thinking you can’t change

Not speculating in one theory
Not putting theories r9ehtyer


Not giving crystal clear instructions on theory or tech use
Not planning or not intervening
not planing the day


Buying not robust umbrella

Watching movies alone
Not doing something worthy before

not being amial neogh

Too many things
Too many studies


Waiting other to show what to be intereste in
Not perusing interest
Not making plan
Not digging deeper
Not ceding something everyday

Not having balance
Not seeing limits of définition
Not being flawed
Being I extremes

Being ashemd of your scar
Dont hate you concupiscence
Sorn hate romantic thoughts
Don’t pity that you wnst to see someone

Thinking traits are bad, it depends on context and nwccissty and the person involved
Concentré on the miserabe
Not saying no
Having too much patience
Not seeing diversity of models

too impulsive
perfectionnist – not trying enough
Blaming, scapegoating
Not taking responsibility
chanigng too much
Living in fantasy
not taking risk, being risk adverse

You think that you’re a error
Not setting data points, limit date, progress curve


Disliking routine
Not being able to take what is ther
Not planning your life
Not enjoying it
Thinking life starts later
Staying alone
hinking something at the end, while it’s there
Sucking too much for kids
Thinking you can do things later


Staying with someone only there for ressources and sex
Having a réactive stance

Self worth

Not declaring yourself
Thibkking your low status
Thinking you deserve less
Thinking improving is us3llesd
Not knowing your self wit


Not asking about play, their games, their food
Being in some environment whee you can’t sifdrnrktisye yourself
Expecting too much from social events you don’t create
Being persistant for no reason
Not taking on social norms

not particiapitng enough in social settings
not asking dance moves
not asking question to ppl

Not being harsh
Not tellig tthe truth
not confronting ppl
Wait something external to intervene
being sociall obtuse
not communciating
Not solving the problem

Not recognisomf diff expression way, social way, values of oppose gendee
Not seeing the complete person
Assuming desires wants philosophy

Dont be secluded x, be close to ppl
Having external locus
Simplistic solutions
Not preparing solutions now, 9 years research 1 year implementation
Not recoomrcting with nsturd

not getting muscles
not training for dance
not going to gxm

Not learning tine mshsjnrbt
Taking promet of Othe ppl


Not having important documents credit card, permis
Not booking hotel
Not preparing food
Not having a portable console game
Not planning task to do
Not preparing in advance
Not having networking to have fiends everywhere
Going somewhere yiu intéresf level is under 50

Woman 👩 error
Brutal hunor
Humiliating others
Name calling, being too harsh
Not leading them

Learning by observing the errors of others recap 80-90